Jujutsu Kaisen EP 32 The Shibuya Incident Breakdown/Review *Spoilers*


Jujutsu Kaisen EP 32 The Shibuya Incident has delivered a very gentle start. I totally kept away all of my distractions so that I could enjoy every second of this much-awaited episode. It was a genuinely good beginning to the conspired incident.

But yes, the episode has too many significant explanations that are integral for the advancement of the Shibuya incident. I will break down every point whichever I understood just to make your Jujutsu Kaisen EP 32 watch a relaxed one.

On this note let us get going with-

Things Which I Liked About Jujutsu Kaisen EP 32, Which You Might Also Have Liked

The episode begins with our beloved Gojo who is keeping an eagle eye surveillance on the non-sorcerors who are forcefully stationed under the basement of the Shibuya Hikarie Shinqs BF3. Now Gojo’s narration reveals that the exact location beneath the mentioned area is the center, for the miscreants, who have dropped another veil which is identical to the one outside, to trap the civilians.

This charming young man always acts extra while taking care of things with his unique style. He steps up and reaches the top, levitating, and perceives a slight knowledge behind the entrapment. He gets mentally prepared for playing with the supposed problems whatever they throw at them.

Just then we are taken to Ayoyama cemetery where Mei Mei, her non-sorceror little brother, and Itadori are waiting. So we see that Itadori is totally shaken by the situation. He can’t accept that Gojo is asked to manage the whole chaos singlehandedly. Just like a good student would react, it was expected of him.

But Mei-Mei assures him that, that is why they are on their way to Shibuya to assist him.

Now, I was amazed watching Mei Mei’s baby brother. He is cute and has a special charm of his own. He regards his big sister as a divine being and keeps on praising her. However, the dynamic was abnormal. It was shockingly abnormal for Itadori to witness their normal conversation too.

After a small call, Mei Mei and Itadori leave for Meiji Jingu Shrine Station where another identical curtain has been dropped like the Shibuya.

So, as soon as Gojo lands on Shibuya station BF5 platform’s track line he is confronted by Jogo, Hanami, and Choso. The words exchanged really sounded competitive, isn’t it? No one was going down on the other’s intention.

Here comes the 1st explanation of Jujutsu Kaisen EP 32 where we see an assistant supervisor details down whatever is happening inside the subway to Yuji and Mei Mei. So, the curtain engulfed the whole subway captivating the civilian. Around the platform of the 5th floor underground in its inside, another curtain is dropped which does not allow any sorcerer to enter the ground.

The curse spirit or the curse user who pulled down the curtain is standing in between. According to the assistant supervisor, the curse user/curse energy is not outside, because it might risk their capacity to amplify the strength of the barrier.

She also adds that, already two assistant supervisors are defeated. I really hope that she means that being defeated means being injured here in this context. And further, between the curtain she speculates that there are transfigured humans walking around. This information was ghastly for Yuji. His experience with modified humans was disheartening. So, his expression was kind of understandable.

After realizing the presence of a cursed spirit, the question thrown towards Itadori about what steps would he choose to handle this situation was deep and serious. Judging Yuji’s nature, Mei Mei also, understands what measures would he take.

Here comes the second explanation- Now, modified humans are roaming on the fourth floor underground, and these are attacking the civilians too. As per Mei Mei, the general public is stationed on the fifth floor of the underground. She is sure because her crows got killed before entering the fifth floor underground.

She adds that the miscreants must have pushed the civilians to the fifth floor underground because it was only possible to go down and not up. The crows got killed between the first and second floors underground. Therefore the curse spirit/curse user is right there.

So, Mei Mei decides to take exit Seven which goes to the fourth floor underground to rescue the entrapped people down there.

This was a pressing portion of Jujutsu Kaisen EP 32. Whatever Mei Mei keeps in front of Yuji is worth time investing in. Since he is a generous human being, he listens to whatever his seniors have to say patiently. I liked this area from Jujutsu Kaisen EP 32 since it throws significant light on the storyline at a deeper level.

We know what Geto, Jogo, and the rest are up to, but the sorcerors are struggling to understand the accurate purpose behind entrapping the civilians. The meticulous steps engaged in entrapping the general public along with Mahito’s exact location are unknown. Any reckless step can harm the regular people trapped inside.

Mei Mei was hopeful about the outcome though.

So, Yuji takes the second floor and finds out a cursed spirit, which looks like a huge locust, that is feasting on a civilian. I guess he is a rail station personnel and I really hope that he’s not an assistant supervisor. The encounter was sudden and Yuji was disappointed, but he was absolutely ready.

Jujutsu Kaisen EP 32 The Shibuya Incident Source Mappa
Jujutsu Kaisen EP 32 The Shibuya Incident Source Mappa

This portion of Jujutsu Kaisen EP 32 was a funny and action-packed sequence, which I enjoyed thoroughly. The curse spirit was adamant about proving that he was Clever to a Jujutsu Sorceror. It might have been suffering from intense insecurity.

It was competing for the entire time, showcasing his supernatural strength to a human and assumed intellect as well. And every time, Yuji answered it normally, the cursed spirit was impressed, shocked, and devastated. Yuji was dumbfounded on these minute corners as well, as to what was happening.

But undoubtedly, Yuji’s full-on explosive punches were pretty captivating. Those were fast as hell, too. The Locust Curse was wondering as well, as to what was happening…

I really liked this part of Jujutsu Kaisen EP 32.

Now, how much did you appreciate the explanation of the birth of Lucust Curse Spirit? I totally loved the idea because people like me, who lack the time to read Manga can understand the origin of such a spirit effortlessly, isn’t it? It was simple and quite understandable.

So the explanation is here- Locust plague is defined as a sudden arrival of locusts that causes large-scale damage. Their arrival damages crops, paper, huts, and clothes. In the process, they devour all the plant-based items.

As per reports, in a single day, a locust can consume an amount equivalent to its own weight. To make it more clear, a ton of locusts can eat enough food for 2,500 people in just a day. People can actually hear their odd chewing sound all day long.

Now when the creatures leave, the land that is left behind is nothing but a distressful sight which is enough to give birth to several hateful emotions. People typically fear, hate, and curse such demonic creatures, which is sufficient to produce these curse energies.

Another small explanation of Locust’s physiology was arranged to simplify Yuji’s intellect in handling this quick situation using his wit. So, when locust lays their eggs in the soil, the insects contract their abdomen. The process requires hardening the front portion of the abdomen, which extends it three times which is more than its usual length.

The gap in strength and intelligence eventually defeats the Locust curse, breaking the seal, and pulling up the curtain.

Yuji never fails to impress me, I love how good this individual is. He pays respect to the dead which I really liked.

Now, Mei Mei and Itadori reunite to get to the fifth floor underground together. On their way, Mei Mei expresses her ardent respect for Yuji’s performance. She was doubtful about Yuji. But now she considers Yuji equivalent to a Grade 1 sorcerer, similar to Kusakabe from Tokyo High.

The humble kid however thinks it the other way. He believes if it was Mahito then he wouldn’t had the chance, which I also find true. But the small kid won the spotlight here. His cold remark forces, Yuji to accept the praise with an open heart, which he even does spontaneously.

So, they arrive at the 5th floor underground and find a civilian with a frozen and devastated look on her face.

Next, we are all taken to Gojo where Jogo is trying his level best to trap Gojo sealing every possible exit. He is thoroughly following Geto’s order. But, Gojo after some minutes and seconds understands what this volcano head is up to. He figures out that blocking the exits ensures blocking his views, where he is unable to understand the exact location of people on the other side.

Now, Geto summed up how to defeat Saturo which is-

Satoru Gojo can employ his greatest strength when there is no one around, which is obvious. Typically other Jujutsu Sorcerors would just get in his way. So, it’s likely to surround him with civilians.

The minimum output of Cursed Technique Reversal is twice that of Lapse. So, Satoru won’t be able to use that method, without harming any civilians in the area. The situation is similar for Azure Glow. Gojo won’t be able to increase his power to a certain level which will make his attacks effective. Besides, he will be unable to use Azure Glow to move around at exponential speed.

The civilian would be around blocking him from using his full power because if he does, it will surely kill the mass. So evidently he would resort to defense mode.

But, what about unlimited Void? Geto answers, that the only ones who will remain unaffected would be Satoru himself along with those he touches. For instance, if Satoru is able to trap Jogo inside his domain, then the civilians surrounding Satoru will be crushed between the curtain and the domain.

Seguru confirms that Gojo won’t deploy his domain, which Jogo won’t as well. Now if a large number of the general public somewhat enters the domain, Gojo will deploy and give them up. Also, there is no chance of winning if domains clash.

So Jogo will have to allow Gojo to focus on defeating the villains and saving the public. Keeping Gojo busy only for 20 minutes will be enough since after that Geto will take the spotlight with Prison Realm.

Accha tell me now, how did you react watching Mahito, Hanami, and the other one playing with bubbles at the park with children when Geto was summarizing the plot to Jogo? Their out-of-character sequences really drop me off the seat every time.

Also, Gojo did not react as he should after watching those civilians die in front of him. People were massacred and burnt to ash in front of him. But he was super chill planning his next move. Judging by his constant calm expression I can say that he wondering what is wrong with his spirits in any way, like what are they up to. His last sentence was enough to confirm my speculation.

Sadly he doesn’t know that Jogo is just a distraction and something deep and dark is lurking behind.

TOTT’s Take On Jujutsu Kaisen EP 32

So, this is my breakdown and review of Jujutsu Kaisen EP 32. I was totally hooked on EP 32. I would say that I got a bit bored during the fight between Yuji and the Locust. But it’s okay. The fight sequence was choreographed neatly and the monologues at the back added depth to the montage.

It was an intense episode which I must say I enjoyed thoroughly. Waiting patiently now for Shibuya Incident – Gate, Open.

So tell me now, what did you like and dislike about Jujutsu Kaisen EP 32? Write down in the comment section below.

But, this is it for today, hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication.

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