My Happy Marriage EP11 My Mother’s Legacy Breakdown And Review


My Happy Marriage EP11 was released on 13th September’2023 which throws significant light on Sumi Usuba’s life. The audience along with Miyo learns alot about this beautiful and elegant lady who suffered a lot in her last days. The episode was more about family values and mother’s love.

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Things I Liked About My Happy Marriage EP11 Which You Might Have Also Liked

Yoshiro Usuba details down why Sumi married Miyo’s worthless father, giving a smooth start to the legacy context of My Happy Marriage EP11. It all started when Tsuriki Trading experienced a massive setback causing the firm to go bankrupt. The Usuba were forced to get help from a notable family in exchange for Sumi Usuba’s hand in marriage.

Now, if we perceive the situation from Sumi’s POV, then any responsible adult would have joined her in her mission to save her dearest family from debt in the industry. Well, it was very thoughtful of her. However, her decision not only hurt his father but also caused Miyo 19 years of mental abuse.

Sumi suffered alot herself. It was both physical and mental abuse since the duty of carrying on the bloodline of Saimori was heavy on her feeble body. And it was the primary reason why Sumi’s father was totally against agreeing to the marriage proposal.

He was looking forward to spending the last day of Sumi’s life together. Further, Usubas are against sharing their bloodlines with any other family, particularly to keep the lineage pure. So, I assume that Sumi was promised to her brother, who is also Arata’s father(I am not sure, nothing has been put on the table as of yet).

Now the Saimori’s were not good people at all. After getting what they desired for a long time, Sumi was pushed to birth, to carry forward the Saimori family. On the other hand, her father totally disconnected her. So, there was no extra information available to Yoshiro, as to what happened next in her marriage and how was her life with the Saimoris.

Therefore Miyo’s grandfather takes her to the blooming sakura tree in their front yard and asks Miyo to place her hand on its bark. So, apparently, the Cherry blossom tree, that was there in Miyo’s father’s house is linked with this Cherry tree. As soon as she touches the Cherry tree at the Usubas’ she is transported to the fragment of memory of Sumi’s wedding day.

Both Shinichi and Sumi had the burden of blending and carrying forward their bloodline, which I guess tolled Sumi’s health alot. Not wasting any time, we are directly taken to the night when Miyo was born.

The moment Shinichi heard Miyo’s cry, he came running to his first borne without paying any attention to her wife, which further simplifies the bond that Sumi shared with Shinichi.

Surprisingly, that very night Sumi understood that Miyo has the ability to Dream Sight. She watches a glimpse of the maiden of the Dream Sight, confirming Miyo’s troubled future with the Saimoris.

Sumi’s deteriorating health and the Saimori’s position in society collided, which gave birth to the idea of Shinichi getting another kid. However, Sumi was coughing blood now. Without thinking much Sumi decided to seal Miyo’s power.

See, Sumi won’t be there to protect Miyo; therefore sealing Miyo’s power was the only way available in front of Sumi to prevent the Saimoris from misusing Miyo’s power. Sumi knew pretty well that the Saimoris would not be supportive of their firstborn and Miyo would experience endless emotional and physical abuse after she was gone. But it seemed urgent and quite needed according to Sumi.

Now, we are given a brief check on what Kiyoka is up to. He is all busy, in exterminating the grotesqueries. As Kudo snatches the spotlight in My Happy Marriage EP11, he informs his unit that only a few are left which the team needs to eliminate ASAP.

The next day, Miyo wakes up fresh and is greeted by Arata. Arata briefs her down about the maiden of the Dream Sight and along comes some notable responsibilities given to her position. Yes, she was having a good night’s sleep at the Usubas which helped her recover a lot quickly. However she was extremely lonely, the days were slow and every day she missed Lord Kudo more. Her emotions grew, and that competed with her regrets.

Their unfortunate separation was unkind to both of them. Kiyoka’s side of the story is not shared with the audience, we just witness that he is extremely busy fighting the last of the few grotesqueries to protect the Imperial Capital. But since Miyo is all alone, we learn how she regrets their last conversation. Once again she begins blaming herself but this time I feel her.

My Happy Marriage EP11 My Mother's Legacy Source Netflix
My Happy Marriage EP11 My Mother’s Legacy Source Netflix

Well, we can see that Arata is trying his level best to win Miyo’s affection. He is looking forward to knowing about Miyo and what food she likes. The sad expression was definitely bothersome. However, Miyo clarifies and says she would like to have her cherry blossom kimono to herself since it was a gift from Lord Kudo. However, Arata clearly says, that he can’t.

I liked how Miyo was standing up for herself. She puts in front what she was experiencing and how sad she is right now. She repeats expressing her desire to meet Kudo or just to speak for once with Kudo. She answers Arata’s ‘Why?’ without hesitation. She was extensively honest about her emotions which I liked alot.

She is regretting on how she behaved when they were separated. She would ask for an apology and then leave the Usubas. Naturally, this infuriates Arata. In the last episode, the audience was given a brief on Arata’s intention of protecting Miyo. He was born purposefully to take a specific role which is protecting Miyo which only he can take care of.

There are some significant rules set by their ancestors where the lineage is supposed to be protected within the Usubas where the children are supposed to be married off within their families.

Now the Usubas are born to subdue the other gift user. But unfortunately, they are not called for any time. Arata in his life has never been called to perform his duty to the Imperial Capital.

So, when the maiden of Dream Sight first appeared, a family member of the Usubas was particularly given the responsibility to risk their lives and protect her from every possible harm. Now Arata bears the responsibility of protecting Miyo and he would also take charge of being her husband as well.

He genuinely begs Miyo to allow him to protect her since he is obsessed with his role and it’s unlikely for him to entrust the role to someone else.

Well, I tried to look at Arata’s POV and I can’t judge him at all. I am not sure what kind of affection he has for Miyo at the moment but, watching him hear ‘Kiyoka Kudo’s’ name on repeat from his would-be wife and an asset to his family was sad.

Not only Miyo, but Arata is also struggling, fighting his own battle silently. Till now, Arata believed that Miyo and he were alike. They are empty shells who are ardently looking for an opportunity and solid meaning in their life.

However, I find it quite difficult to believe. I consider Arata to be an exceptional being who is powerful and nurtures a meticulous brain to achieve anything he desires, deserves, or needs. Well, sadly no one good enough encouraged him to find his real intention in life.

As for Miyo, Miyo is a brilliant cook, which I learned from the past couple of episodes. Gladly Miyo found her people, it’s now Arata’s turn to look for someone special who would help him see how brilliant and exceptional this Usuba is.

Now on the grotesquiries situation, it was a bit early to celebrate for the Anti-grotesquiery unit. The remaining one smoothly jumps over Godo. The surprise attack was enough to baffle the junior. And like any responsible commander, Kiyoka hops in front. However, the vengeful spirit was successful in imposing a deadly ambush. Thank goodness, Kiyoka managed to eliminate the same. Sadly he is fatally injured.

I totally liked how Yoshiro and Miyo conversed towards the end of My Happy Marriage EP11. Miyo has learned to open up a lot and Yoshiro was happy to talk with his granddaughter who is a replica of Sumi.

Whatever Yoshiro says, it was deep and quite meaningful. At least Miyo understands the subject of Family. For instance, sharing the burden and the bonds of family can never be broken even if someone is angry. These are real stuff that many struggle to understand.

Actually, Yoshiro was furious at Sumi for taking such drastic measures behind Yoshiro’s back. He left all lines of communication abandoning Miyo in the process as well. Even though he asks for forgiveness from Miyo he doesn’t deserve so.

He was a living relative of Miyo who left her because they assumed, Miyo was giftless. When they were assured of Miyo’s hidden gift, they tried to bring her back and here they are now. Kiyoka on the other hand accepted Miyo without any supernatural power which shows true love.

Now, as soon as Miyo places her hand over the bark of the cherry blossom tree once again, she is taken to another realm. Judging by what was happening on screen, I feel that Miyo embraces the power wholeheartedly which gives her a chance to see Sumi. Sumi once again says that she loves her and Miyo returns to her present. Yoshiro standing behind, also confirms that the seal on Miyo’s supernatural power is completely lifted now.

The grandfather and the granddaughter moment is interrupted by Arata who comes running and informs that Kiyoka is defeated. In this instance, Arata genuinely wins my appreciation. He could have hidden the fact or secretly conveyed the message to his grandfather. But he chose to talk about the same in front of Miyo, showing his honesty.

Miyo’s heart tries to break all the invisible shackles to visit her Lord Kudo. However, Arata cannot allow that because a deal was made with the emperor where the monarch lent his hand in fulfilling Ususba’s wish which was reclaiming Maiden of Dream Sight.

For that, all types of contact between Miyo and anyone else with supernatural abilities are canceled forever. It was the king who ordered to seal the maiden of Dream Sight’s existence from the rest of the world.

We all know, the creepy villainous laugh laughed at by the emperor in the previous episode and the cynical lines in the context added bad intentions. So, we can assume that something more profound is brewing inside which nobody knows.

Arata further adds, that if the Usuba defied the monarch everyone’s life would be put in line, including Miyo. But since Miyo is persistent on her intention for Kiyoka, Arata accompanies her to keep her safe and their grandfather also supports them. Miyo was also given back her special Kimono which finally brought a smile to her beautiful face.

Miyo finally arrives and finds Kiyoka, surrounded by Hazuki, Ms. Yuries, Godo, and Kazushi. The moment she touched Kiyoka’s hand, I felt relieved, I just don’t know but it made me extremely happy.

Catching the gravity of the situation, Arata throws the idea of using Dream Sight to Miyo. He also says that he is a bit confused about the same, but it’s better than doing nothing. Miyo agrees assuring everyone out there.

Well, it was obvious for Miyo to take her call and use her supernatural abilities to save and protect Kiyoka. I am just worried that her effort does not come with any additional catch like being completely separated from the love of her Life.

TOTT’s Take On My Happy Marriage EP11

My Happy Marriage EP11 was the nice warm episode that brought to light the life of mysterious Sumi. Additionally, we watched how mature Miyo has grown, she stands up for herself and talks clearly. Yoshiro and Arata were significant parts of the episode as well.

They kept on throwing light on the roles of the Usubas and the Maiden of the Dream Sight, how the father misses her daughter, and how Arata is obsessed with his dignified role for the family and society. Basically, Usubas was the center of attention throughout, we were just given glimpses of the grotesquery situation. Also, we learned that the monarch is not a good person.

So, this was my breakdown and review of My Happy Marriage EP11, it’s time to know yours. Tell me in the comment section below, what you liked and disliked about My Happy Marriage EP11.

But, this is it for today, hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication on Friday.

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