Rurouni Kenshin Ep 10 A Reason to Act Review & Breakdown, Was this an entertaining episode of the Meiji Era anime???*Spoilers Ahead*


Rurouni Kenshin Ep 10 was dropped on 8th September, 2023. The storyline begins on a regular morning when the members of Kamiya Kassin Ryu are enjoying a good meal of Ohagi as their breakfast, while Sanosuke is at the town.

With every episode, the intensity of this Meiji era-inspired show, is not leaving any space to entertain us. On this very note, let us begin with-

Things I Liked From Rurouni Kenshin Ep 10 Which You Might Have Liked As Well

As it was evident from their delightful start of a regular morning, Yahiko, Kouru, and Kenshin have accepted the new inclusion of Kamiya Kassin Ryu, who is Megumi Takani. However, Sanosuke begs to differ. He is overwhelmed by the sudden death of his friend and he is struggling to accept Megumi in his new group of pals and well-wishers.

While everyone enjoys the freshly prepared Ohagi by Megumi, Sanoskue chooses not to eat the same while demeaning the lady as an opium girl which was accepted by none of them. Kouru was offended by the continuous hitting attempts made by Megumi on Kenshin. Still, she sides with her because the remarks passed by Sanosuke were genuinely very insulting.

Rurouni Kenshin Ep 10 Source Liden Films
Rurouni Kenshin Ep 10 Source Liden Films

I understood that Yahiko and Kenshin are happy because of the observable glow on Megumi’s face. Especially Kenshin, he is happy to find Megumi happy, who is trying to move on. And Yahiko is grateful to her because she saved his life. The perspectives were very much understandable.

See, Megumi is trying her level best to move on and live a good life taking full control of her life from here now on. She hopes to meet her mother and brothers one day following a good life that she has chosen for herself. But if Sanosuke continues to demean her, it might get very difficult.

Kenshin is the only mature one in the team Kenshin. Furthermore, he holds enough experience to not judge a book by its cover. Therefore he captured what’s deeply hidden inside Megumi which is extreme loneliness. And it’s true. In the last episodes, we acquired a glimpse of this lonesomeness, unclearly shown to the audience.

Now, it’s 10 days after the night when the Oniwaban group attacked. Sanosuke is keeping the night watch so he sleeps in the morning. Therefore he was totally off when Megumi took another drastic measure to save each one of the members who were generous enough to provide her with free shelter and food.

Hannya the mysterious member of the Oniwaban appears suddenly and asks Megumi to meet Kanryu and come to a reasonable term. Megumi meets him but the offers proposed by the smuggler entrap her which pushes her to leave the warm shelter of Kamiya Kassin Ryu.

The coward Kanyru pushes Megumi’s button and stations her at the edge of her patience by threatening her that if she does not return they will burn the dojo tonight.

The letter left behind by Megumi, however, is interpreted in the correct way by Kenshin. He deciphers effortlessly that this girl is threatened and might be entrapped once again. However, he was not encouraged by Sanosuke this time. Undoubtedly, he holds a solid grudge against the lady.

He lost a friend over the opium overdose problem and blames Megumi for this fatal situation. Observing the circumstances from Sanosuke’s foot makes him look quite reasonable. But Kenshin and Yahiko are perceiving the intensity of the situation at some bigger level.

Now, Kenshin is trying to offer home and companionship to Megumi because he understands that Megumi is lonely which is definitely True. In addition, Yahiko also clearly says, that he is going to risk his life to save Megumi, otherwise what’s the importance of the life-giving sword of Kamiya Kassin Ryu? Eventually, these two manage to convince Sanosuke to team up.

Now comes the exciting part of the Rurouni Kenshin Ep 10. This area was packed with extensive action and some fun and humorous portions which were enough to make the 10th episode an engaging one.

The minute conversations that took place between Sanosuke and Yahiko during this action sequence were also packed with humor; I giggled a lot. The sassy kid was exceptional in throwing out what he felt, confidently every time.

But let us take a brief look at the meet and greet between Kanryu and Megumi. Megumi is mature for her age. She bravely takes control of her life and threatens to kill Kanryu along with her. However, the tight punch was kind of expected from the brute, after the surprising slash that landed on his left arm; don’t you think???

What I appreciated from this portion of Rurouni Kenshin Ep 10 was the arrival of Aoshi on the scene. He understands pretty well, that Kenshin is the legendary swordsman which Kanryu agrees to. But Kanryu feels confused about why the legend is here to save Megumi. The sly entrepreneur’s head does not have the capacity to understand Kenshin’s reason at all. But Aoshi tries to explain the significance of this particular rescue mission with his simple words.

Aoshi is very enthusiastic about fighting as well. Well, judging by their line of profession, who wouldn’t want to come in face-to-face combat with a celebrity right???

So, Kenshin along with his two brothers, gives Kanryu one hour at least to hand over Megumi to them. The dramatic threat delivery was sure impactful. Aoshi was impressed. Kanryu on the other hand schemes a cunning plan of torturing Megumi within this one hour to get the refinement formula for the opium.

He is actually quite ignorant and continuously misunderstands the importance of the situation because he has Oniwaban alongside him. The leader of the Oniwaban also assures him of this fact, that he can rest assured. But we all know, that even if Kenshin faces a demanding challenge right now, ultimately he will be the winner.

Aoshi takes Megumi to the third floor and gives her back the dagger. He gives her two choices either take her own life or let Kanryu give the death that no one deserves. He also informs her that his friends from Kamiya Kassin Ryu are here to take her back which certainly makes Megumi (secretly happy yet) sad.

Aoshi also assures that he and his team are enough to hold back and defeat the legend effortlessly. So the choice is Megumi’s as to which path she chooses to quit her prospective life.

After completing the episode, I understood, that Aoishi is a man of honor and is working because of his employment contract or something. Otherwise, he is also not a fan of Kanryu in any way.

What shocks me along with Kenshin is that they are met with Hannya at their beginner level(as in the video games). This also brings back the memory from the last episode where Hannya assures Kenshin that they will fight eventually in the upcoming days for sure, which is right now.

This kept me wondering about what is waiting in the second third and consecutive levels till they reach Kanryu and lastly Megumi.

TOTT’s Take on Rurouni Kenshin Ep 10

So, this was a breakdown and review of Rurouni Kenshin Ep 10. I really enjoyed the 10th episode of this Meiji-era anime. The episode was full of fun, happy, cordial, warm, exciting actions, and swift sword moves that entertained me and made sure to engage me from top to bottom.

I was engrossed entirely for Rurouni Kenshin Ep 10, and now I am patiently waiting for what awaits in the next episode since the title is ‘Savage Han’nya – Honorable Shikijo’.

Now, tell me what’s your thoughts and opinions on Rurouni Kenshin Ep 10 in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to mention what points I missed to talk about on this blog.

But, this is it for today, hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication on Wednesday.

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