Jujutsu Kaisen EP 31 Evening Festival Review, What Was So Likeable About Episode 31???*Some Spoilers Ahead*


Jujutsu Kaisen EP 31 Evening Festival starts off with a smashing montage, which is a brilliant action sequence between Kokichi Muta and Mahito. The second half of the Evening Festival though, is based on the upcoming renowned Shibuya incident for which the hype is real.

Therefore, it would be good if we get going with-

Things That I Liked from Jujutsu Kaisen EP 31 Evening Festival

So Muta reveals his unrivaled weapon for the match which is Ultimate Mechamru to exorcize Mahito. The insane expression on Mahito’s face was typical. He was enjoying the unprecedented hits and blows. While Muta was focused on reaching out to Gojo to inform him about the planned Shibuya incident.

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire Muta vs. Mahito montage. The sequence was loaded with exceptional actions which are choreographed and directed in the most fabulous way possible. Yes, I would admit the graphical presentation was a bit under-quality.

However, I really appreciate the hard work put into use for styling such an awesome Muta vs. Mahito time. The invigorating BGM added robust depth to the context. The entire montage depicts a competitive life-and-death battle, where it’s too soon to celebrate. No one(talking about Muta and Mahito) could have predicted the outcome until it finally happened.

I liked some stupendous moments, for instance—

When Mahito gets ambushed, because he was distracted by a missile plunged onto his left shoulder. Just at the moment, Ultimate Mechamaru hits Mahito hard with his feet, damaging his soul.

It’s Pigeon Viola time. The chase was mindblowing and unresisted. Mahito’s continuous and speedy transfiguration is what made the montage so captivating for me. It was exhilarating for both the candidates.

Mahito was aware all this time. His spontaneity was helping him to figure out which blow could harm him the most. I loved his meticulousness, even though he is nothing but a piece of shit.

Mahito finally exhibits his domain expansion in Jujutsu Kaisen EP 31 Evening Festival. The perplexing presentation of Mahito’s power was remarkable. It added profundity to the context which substantially entertained me. And I honestly thought Muta’s game was over now.

Yes, I knew a lot of time was still there, so, I was hopeful as well.

let us now talk about The Simple Domain. The vivid explanation of the topic, then showcasing Muta’s inspiration, Miwa swinging her katana and ultimately, the merciless blow on Mahito, everything was arranged, so masterfully, that I was totally thrilled. Even the spectator, Geto was amazed by the timing!!!

Honestly, Mahito’s return was assumable, since in the OP, we watch the insane one massacering the passengers inside a train. So, it’s not an end for Mahito about which I was pretty sure. I was just wondering how and when will he return. But his comeback proved fatal for Kokichi. It was extremely brutal and sad.

But I have to say that Muta fought till his last breath which should be given a shout-out!! He traded his way to get a brand new physical body to be with everyone, specifically with Miwa and unfortunately, the emotional connection was mutual. Sadly none of them were given the chance to express their feelings at all!!!

Nonetheless, I was ready for the outcome. But nothing about Mechamru and Kokichi Muta is discussed in the later part of the episode. We just watched everyone was ready to take the rebounds of Gojo’s final blows. I am looking forward to the scene where everyone gets to learn about Muta, his demise, and his story of why he traded confidentiality with the enemies.

Now, when Geto and Mahito take off, the audience is offered, very minute info, about the entrusted veil which will be used again in the Shibuya incident.

Next, coming to the Shibuya incident, the celebration was in full motion, but around 7 PM, a veil engulfed 400 meters of the area. Shockingly, people around the train station experienced something strange, particularly supernatural, when they got sucked inside the train station. The spooky occurrence was laking a solid explanation and it was enough to stir the public outside and inside the veil.

Also, the cell connectivity is zero. So to contact the other eligible sorcerors, one needs to get outside the veil or ask the assistant supervisors to convey the message or to run errands. Well, honestly it’s a really troublesome situation, and no wonder Nanami too was looking forward to Satoru’s arrival.

What surprised me most was the basic need for all the Jujutsu sorcerors, who are required to be present outside the veil and are not needed to enter the entrapment. The fragmented explanation made it simple and effortless to understand.

Jujutsu Kaisen EP 31 Evening Festival Source Netflix
Jujutsu Kaisen EP 31 Evening Festival Source Netflix

See, Gojo is the target since he is been called out by the mob. Further, Gojo is ordered by the higher-ups to tackle whatever is going on inside the veil. Regardless, the other needs to be stationed outside to handle the miscreants who escape Gojo’s wrath.

Now, towards the end of Jujutsu Kaisen EP 31 Evening Festival, we watch some civilians demanding Gojo’s presence inside the veil. I also believe that some nuisance has announced Gojo’s name amongst the commoners, otherwise, it’s not possible for them to know who the person is.

Gojo arrives, appx 1 and a half hours later in the location after the veil was pulled down and his spectacular entrance gives an exciting finish to EP 31 Evening Festival.

TOTT’s Take On Jujutsu Kaisen EP 31 Evening Festival

The episode was a power-packed chapter of the Shibuya Incident ARC. The first half was important because indirectly it fuels the upcoming portion of the show. The later part of Ep 31 was placed to let the audience get ready for Ep 32 The Shibuya Incident.

I am unaware of what happened in this ARC. But judging by the enthrallment exuded by the manga readers, I am tremendously excited as well.

I totally enjoyed the Evening Festival and now I am looking forward to enjoying the most awaited Shibuya incident.

Now, tell me, what you like and dislike about Jujutsu Kaisen EP 31 Evening Festival in the comment section below.

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