My Happy Marriage EP 10 Summer Cherry Blossoms, and the Mistake Review, How Much Did You Enjoy The Revelation??? *Spoilers*


My Happy Marriage EP 10 was dropped on Netflix on 6th September 2023. The episode smoothly begins from where it left off. The episode is an amalgamation of different emotions which makes the consecutive occasions quite profound and sudden. We also get a detailed idea of the summer cherry blossom and the mistakes as the title suggests in My Happy Marriage EP 10 pretty neatly.

Moreover, the audience is also provided with anticipated answers that drive away the narrative toward a compelling series of events.

On that note let us begin with-

Things I Liked From My Happy Marriage EP 10 Summer Cherry Blossoms, and the Mistake

So, Kiyoka and Miyo have reached Arata’s place. Miyo regains her consciousness on her way and asks Kiyoka politely to put her down. And Kiyoka follows her request. Judging by the way they speak with each other, it seems, that both of them are experiencing their first love quarrel. Little did they know, that they were going to be separated a few hours later.

My Happy Marriage EP 10 Summer Cherry Blossoms, and the Mistake
My Happy Marriage EP 10 Summer Cherry Blossoms, and the Mistake Source Netflix

Kiyoka was stern as usual, but he was never this cold with Miyo(except for the initial days). And Miyo who can never show a bit of vexation, openly shows displeasure. They have grown expectations of each other that led them here.

The beautiful and blooming cherry blossom tree shocks Kiyoka because it’s mid-summer which is extremely odd. While the scenery along with the place appears like an old and faded memory for Miyo.

So, apparently, Arata was waiting for Miyo and Kiyoka all this time. His repeated invitation to both of them to guide and assist was a genuine call indeed. He greets them to his home which is the Home Of The Usuba’s. Surprisingly it clicks Miyo.

Arata clarifies the confusion about Tsuruki and Usuba and states that he and Miyo share the same bloodline, making him Miyo’s cousin. He continues to explain that all the nightmares Miyo is suffering through are because she is gifted. Yes, she does not have spirit sight because she doesn’t need it. But whatever power she possesses is extraordinary and it can be troublesome as well.

This shocks Miyo a lot, like her entire traumatic childhood, which she went through, was only because she was not gifted. Suddenly her entire reality is changing. In fact, she has relatives(a grandfather and a cousin brother) too, who left her because they even thought that Miyo was useless. This is pathetic.

But what I found most disturbing is the trap arranged by Arata and Yoshiro. They knew one-day Kiyoka would bring Miyo. Instead of giving them the solution. They trap Miyo and separate the Love Birds.

The Ususba house has a subtle barrier around it, which helps Miyo feel much more relaxed and light. But once she steps out of the barrier, she would again experience those tormenting nightmares. This is the moment when I realized, why Miyo wakes up instantly as soon as Kiyoko brings her inside the Ususba residency. Her words were genuine.

So we can probably say that Kiyoka is the only one who accepted Miyo without her supernatural abilities. Later after investigation, he found out about the real situation which was not unclear at some junctures. But Yoshiro, Miyo’s grandfather left her all these years to get abused and mistreated, by his son-in-law, since they were under the impression that Miyo lacked supernatural gifts. However, the moment they sensed it, the Usuba’s designed a trap to take back Miyo. According to them, they are putting Miyo in her place.

Let us now talk about Dream Sight-

The power allows the person to intervene in other people’s dreams. If it’s left unattended, she might experience the continuous torture of her nightmares which can bring calamity. The situation can turn intense, transforming into full chaos, without proper guidance. It’s mandatory, that Miyo gets assisted and guided by Usuba.

Kiyoka understood where the subject was going and he was not at all happy about the same. Kiyoka just couldn’t keep his composure. He even did not pay attention when Arata called him an outsider.

But Arata’s cunning words manipulate Miyo. He tries to side-track Kiyoka’s attention towards Grave, which is honestly a serious situation. But Miyo’s inner child is slowly engaging in the healing process, it needs time.

Thus, when Arata puts in front, Kiyoka’s critical job at the moment, Miyo automatically blames her which is not true. The concept of love is not clear to this poor girl. All she thinks is that she is a burden which is not at all correct. Thank goodness, Hazuki understands her pretty well, which I really hope comes in handy in future episodes.

The sly man now, throws the ball in Miyo’s court. Well, it was obvious for Miyo to choose the road that would be beneficial for Kiyoka’s job. But by taking this call, Miyo not only disheartens Kiyoka but also loses her chance to be with Kiyoka for the time being. It was impossible for me to ignore Kiyoka’s shocked face. The emotions that ran inside him were relatable and I really hope everything turns out well for the love birds.

Now, adding a cherry on top, Arata further complicates the situation by bringing up Duel. It changes the mood unexpectedly. If Arata wins, Miyo stays with the Usuba and if Arata loses, then he would teach Miyo how to deal with her Deam Sight.

This statement proves that it’s possible for Miyo to stay with Kiyoka and her residential change is simply avoidable. But the Usubas chose to play their card with corruption.

Nonetheless, we all knew that Kiyoka would agree to the duel. He destroyed the Saimori to rescue Miyo. So, it was quiet obvious, don’t you think???

I was totally rooting for Kiyoka even knowing that this time it might not be easier for him. Arata is a Usuba and his self-talk and explanations gave vivid details about the responsibilities of Usaba. They are born and employed to secretly work for the monarchy. Therefore I knew, that it was going to be a challenging affair for both parties.

One was fighting to preserve the bloodline while the other was fighting to protect his love.

My Happy Marriage EP 10 Summer Cherry Blossoms, and the Mistake Source Tale Of The Town YT Channel

The entire duel sequence was intriguing. Both the men were brimming with ego and deep motives behind their duel. I was hooked from the beginning till it ended. But I was really unhappy about the outcome, even though I assumed the result.

Arata’s twisted technique made Kiyoka lose. What do you say???

Now, a brief on the grotesqueries situation implies that Kudo needs to work really hard on his job since it is important. The supernatural creatures are hunting in packs which is different from their usual behavior. The sincerity of the situation called for Kiyoko and that led us to the Kudos.

Hazuki has come as her routine to teach Miyo only to find her injured brother. She treats Kiyoka with her gift and scolds him as well. This montage showcases the typical sibling relationship that Hazuki and Kiyoka share.

She without hesitation hits Kiyoka time and time for losing the duel and not going after Miyo. Kiyoka might be a 27-year-old man but, he did not seem like one when he was with his big sister. Well, it appears that he is in fact is a bit annoyed with Miyo, and it was pretty understandable.

Miyo without discussing anything, says directly that she doesn’t care where she stays which shocks and hurts Kiyoka a lot. But Hazuki understands Miyo. She helps Kiyoka clear the cloud over misread lines and encourages his brother to stay strong and not give up because Kiyoka is all Miyo has and it’s certainly true.

Kiyoka gets ready to attend to his post, called by Godo. This really irritates Hazuki though. But once Kiyoka shows her, the importance of the job call, she changes her tone and supports her baby brother instantly.

She should at least support and encourage Kiyoka right now, because he is going through a lot and all at the same time. He needs to manage his baggage one by one, beginning with grotesqueries and then Miyo, since Miyo is at her mother’s house, where she is safe.

Now, inside the imperial capital, we watch Takahito who catches a fleeting feeling that he finds bothersome, where keeping faith, seems the only option according to him. I am assuming it is the grotesqueries situation that he is talking about. But he was also the one who warned Kiyoka about the troublesome days to come.

What creeped me out was the evil laugh of the monarch. He is waiting for something patiently. He further says, all those who threaten the monarchy will be vanquished from the world forever. I wonder what.

Kiyoka and Miyo’s separation might have some subtle connection, to the situation. Or it can simply be the Grave and the grotesqueries issues.

Back at the Usubas, Arata seemed genuinely displeased about the grotesqueries problem at hand. And he is concerned about whether Kiyoka’s team would be able to handle it or not. Thinking about the consequences, is stressing him up a lot.

What is speculated is that Arata is born to execute a particular role, only planned for him. It’s now time for him, to take up his reposnsbilites to do his job and protect Miyo. We have to just wait to see how he succeeds.

I was really enraged, when Arata tried to poison Miyo against Kiyoka, insighting that he chose to work instead of coming for her. He knows how challenging is the problem out there, but still tries to manipulate the pure soul. However, Miyo’s silence speaks otherwise. It seemed like she preferred, not to show her true emotions to them.

I was also wondering why Arata kept on repeating that everything is in its place, and now he could finally begin the real work. He also adds that this is how it always should have been. I have to just wait now, to embrace what this anime is up to…

Let us talk about Sumi Usuba. She had the novel ability of telepathy where she could link minds and hearts. Well, it was a common thing for the children of those who can sense and transmit their thoughts. But Miyo’s power is something unexplainable. Arata further adds, that he has only shared a fraction about Miyo’s power, with Lord Kudo and Miyo is capable of doing far more.

We are then suddenly introduced to the maiden dream of sight. The maiden of dream sight has the power to enter the dreams of any person they choose and manipulate them. Since the maiden of the dream can operate only when the individual sleeps, the person is defenseless which lets the maiden manipulate and brainwash effortlessly. On understanding the significance and capacity of the power, Miyo can change the past, present, and future.

It is also revealed that Sumi, Miyo’s mother sealed this power, as observed by Yoshiro, Miyo’s grandfather.

Now the flashback will be able to answer Miyo in the next episode which is “My Mother’s Legacy”.

TOTT’s Take On My Happy Marriage EP 10

The story of My Happy Marriage EP 10 was too good. I enjoyed the same from top to bottom. There was love, drama, corruption, and intense suspense. What I can see is that, an extensive thrilling context is brewing right away to give us a superb 11th episode soon.

So, this was my take on My Happy Marriage EP 10. Tell me yours now…

What did you like and dislike about My Happy Marriage EP 10 in the comment section below?

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