ZOM 100 Ep 7 “Truck Stop of the Dead” Review, How Much Did You Like The 7th Drop Of The Season?*SPOILERS*


ZOM 100 Ep 7 was released on 3rd September 2023 which is set at the Truck Stop and thus the title. In the last episode, we watched how the trio gets trapped by Kusogi during their beautiful and adventure-packed RV ride toward Gunmo, Akira’s hometown.

But since everything was going very smoothly, something, the writer wanted to add to bring spice and twist to their monotonous events. Well, Akira and Kencho’s miserable life has transformed into a magical one with the Zombie apocalyptic hit, and they are on their way to change Shizuka’s overanalyzed life as well.

Therefore every time I sit to watch their fun and exciting turn of events, and the Zombie apocalypse, I am entertained comprehensively for sure.

But what happened in the much-awaited 6th episode, the context genuinely gave me a whole load of anxiety. Thank goodness it was only toward the end of RV Of The Dead.

On that note, let us get going with-

Things That I Liked About ZOM 100 Ep 7 Truck Stop Of The Dead

The narrative of the 7th episode begins with kid Shizuka on her way home. In the last episode, we found that Shizuka had poor parenting experience which is somewhat associated with her overanalyzing cerebral function. This episode clarifies the area in detail.

So, the storyline of ZOM 100 Ep 7 typically talks about the childhood trauma of Shizuka and the workplace bullying suffered by Akira. The entrapment at the Truck Stop triggers both Shizuka and Akira. In the 6th episode, we watched how Tendo struggled to keep up with the demands made by the so-called boss and rescuer, Kusogi. Akira was back being the living dead by the end of the 6th episode.

But for now, let us begin with childhood trauma-

So, the episode shows, the vivid details of why Shizuka is Shizuka. She was never free, she was brought up as per the standards her father believed okay, for maintaining his reputation. However, Akira’s carefree perspective let her breathe the way she wanted all this time and enjoy the other side of life. The freedom let her slowly come out of her shell.

Now, the story of Shizuka’s past, the narrative of Roo the puppy, was very emotional. She brought a friend home and hid her from her emotionless father. She grew attached to the sick dog, nourishing and nurturing the pup, to make the puppy brim with energy.

But her merciless father separated them as well. Then over the years, she was always reminded of her privileges of a luxurious life and that she needed to live, by obeying the orders prepared by her father. She grew up transforming into a machine, always analyzing risks and not living at all.

No wonder the mother was missing from the picture.

An uneasy energy dominated the Truck Stop which was enough to pull down Shizuka and Akira. Kusogi’s perverted nature and lewd words made the situation more scary. Just imagine being in Shizuka’s shoes for once.

Kusogi’s demeanor was forceful and he could have asked Shizuka to fulfill his lewd intentions in return for her safety. Akira was not in his sense, further Kencho was injured. I am confident that Shizuka would have taken care of herself but still…

She obeys what Kusogi asks her and her scarred spirit follows the same without a word. Her traumatized brain was living back those fight-or-fight situations from her childhood.

Let us now talk about Shizuka’s pathetic father. His tyrant nature was enough to make his only daughter an apparent cyborg. He provided the bare minimum and sucked the life out of his kid. Just watching him talk, made me feel like punching his gut.

The man was a brilliant example of a toxic parent who was always present to pull down the spirit of his daughter and never supported or encouraged her. He lacked empathy and sympathy and was a genuine weight on the planet.

ZOM 100 Ep 7 "Truck Stop of the Dead" Source Bug Films
ZOM 100 Ep 7 “Truck Stop of the Dead” Source Bug Films

Watching Akira go through the same bullshit, Shizuka plays her game. I liked how much this girl has opened up. She stumbles across Akira’s bucket list, and she cannot help but write the point no. 37. She in fact smoothly hands it over to our boy, rescuing him from the unsettling trance he got trapped in once again.

Coming back to Akira now I was really disappointed watching Akira following all the orders Kusogi and his underlings threw at him. He was constantly saying “I am sorry” even though it was not his fault at all. He was working from day to night without complaining or regretting the situation even once in his head.

Kusogi continued bullying Akira, but the moment he tried to use his sweet words, my patience broke. Kusogi was successful in brainwashing an optimistic fellow and altering his positive energy to a sick and feeble one.

Without any remorse, the man was boasting about his pretentious goodwill like providing shelter, along with food and lodging to the survivors, while he is the actual reason why the Truck Stop has turned into a stockpot. However, what shocked me was the underlings who were working under Kusogi. The group of young men watched Kusogi bully the needy and they kept their mouths shut.

In the later portion of the episode one of the members of the delivery team openly asks another one about this discrimination and Kusogi being mean to them. But the other one openly admits that they should be grateful that they are not mistreated like the rest of the survivors.

What I mean is, did the men lose their humanity as they were supporting open bullying? There were 5-6 of them therefore they could have easily brought down Kusogi whose physical feature does not let him run freely as well. But they enjoyed safety and protection which was quite selfish.

Akira saves Shizuka from the routine life she had. And, in ZOM 100 Ep 7, Shizuka repays her debt by rescuing Akira from the trap set by Kusogi. Her technique was very smooth and impactful. She not only sets free Akira but the rest of the people in the Truck Stop. The speech was indeed an enlightening one.

I feel the speech is so motivating that everyone needs to listen to it every morning to kick start their day brimming with positivity.

Thus, Shizuka’s weird man a.k.a Akira Tendo returns back to his original happy self. He politely but with all his positivity rejects Kusogi’s extortion. Since Shizuka perceived what Akira was struggling, with manipulating the nice soul in the correct way was easy for Shizuka. Handing him the bucket list opened Akira’s eyes and brought back the sweet and cherishable memories he developed all this time after the zombie apocalypse.

Talking about Kusogi, he is nothing more than a parasite. He enjoys exploiting manpower, he is a weakling who loves hiding behind the actual brave ones, and he openly speaks about his perverted intention about Shizuka which is infuriating. He is a moron who needs to be exterminated or banned.

Coming back to Akria, tell me what’s your call on the plan that was put into action by the witty Hero. Sure he received support from the delivery team, but it was his confident idea and meticulous instinct that helped him manage the sudden critical situation precisely.

Just like Kencho, I did not like the fact that Akira saved Kusogi, at all. But when he responds saying not saving Kusogi is not on his bucket list, simply open my eyes.

Yes, he is the hero of course and a hero is not biased right!!! His heroism was appreciated by each of the souls who were present at the Truck Stop. But, Shizuka’s appreciation is what made Akira smile the brightest.

But can’t skip how Kencho responded to Akira’s heroism. He hurries up running straight to Akira to hold him and check, if his best friend is fine or not. He is more than a best friend to Akira and I totally like this guy.

In the last episode and even in this one, Kencho was feeling intensely guilty since Akira had to work hard because Kencho needed medication to get well soon. Therefore it was his heart that made him run and come straight to Akira because Akira is his brother from another mother, fellas.

In the end, Kusogi is left all alone(which he deserves) since everybody finally realizes that this man was extorting their goodwill

Lastly, I just enjoyed what Shizuka orates while the credits rise up. She puts in front some of the prospective job opportunities like online personalities, drone pilots, and e-sports which people could not imagine in the last 100 years, assuring Akira that he can rest now.

She advises Akria to take the opportunities that will make him happy, by the end of the day. It might also be the case, that a particular job would turn up which will be laid specifically for him only. But right now, it’s time for him to rest, which makes Akira happy.

TOTT’s Take On ZOM 100 Ep 7

So, this was my review of Truck Stop Of The Dead. The ZOM 100 Ep 7 was a deep episode that brought into light toxic parenting, unsettled and disturbing workplace bullying, and an unhealed inner child situation. The anime might come off as a comedy but several serious topics, mentioned above are discussed beautifully in this show.

It was an intensive episode which I enjoyed from the beginning till the credits came up. We are now once again, hopped on for another adventure in Gunma. Can’t wait for “Sushi & Hot Springs of the Dead”.

But, this is it for today, hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication.

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