Jujutsu Kaisen S2 EP 30 “It’s Like That” Breakdown/Review, The Wait is Finally Over!!!


Jujutsu Kaisen S2 EP 30 was launched after a gap of 3 weeks and it’s finally here. The episode “It’s Like That” was released on 31st August with a brand new opening by King Gnu’s ‘Specialz’.

You must give Season 1 a quick brush-up to catch up with the Shibuya ARC point-to-point. Also, it will help you enjoy the ARC much more effortlessly.

N.B- I haven’t read the manga and I am a hardcore anime watcher, therefore my breakdown blog on the subject is developed from an anime watcher’s perspective.

So, without any further ado, let us get going with-

Things I Liked From Jujutsu Kaisen S2 EP 30 Which You May Have Also Liked

So the story of Jujutsu Kaisen S2 EP 30 begins with the trio, i.e. Yuji, Nobara, and Megumi on a simple day. They choose different chores for the time being and leave each other. But I simply can’t skip the movie, that Yuji is planning to watch.

The movie’s name is Earthworm Man 4 and the name was totally deceiving. It is not a superhero movie like Spider-Man, Ant-Man, etc., it’s a love story of a hybrid(earthworm & a human) which is the result of an experiment gone bad.

Itadori was genuinely excited about the movie and wanted Nobara to join him. I totally get why Nobara rejected the idea. Firstly it’s a sequel and she has no idea about what happened in the previous plots. But after learning the nitty-gritty of the narrative, shared by Yuji the ‘Ew’ look that Nobara unknowingly expressed was so to the point.

Honestly, Nobara’s emotion perfectly represented my sentiments and what I felt about the movie. So she left to shop, which was a sensible decision. On her way, she once again asks Itadori to join her, which Itadori rejects since he is all about Earthworm Man 4 now.

I felt that Nobara was looking out for Itadori and was trying to save her friend from watching such a bizarre film in the first place.

In the meanwhile, we catch up with the recommendation plan that was schemed by Gojo in season one.

Todo and Mei Mei recommend the 1st years along with Panda and Maki Zenin for the promotion of Grade 1 sorcerors. Immediately in the next sequence through a detailed narration, Todo explains the promotion process, about which I will talk a little later.

He was excited about the promotion since he believed that, this would let him work together with Yuji. However, Mei Mei clarifies the idea saying Mei Mei along with Todo will never be able to work with Yuji and the other 4 promotees which truly breaks Todo’s heart.

The montage begins with a very classy and dramatic essence. They engage in a table tennis session while Todo clarifies the entire promotion thing to Mei Mei and indirectly to the audience. I enjoyed watching Todo calling Mei Mei, Ms. Mei, and Mei Mei calling Todo Mr. Todo.

However, after Mei Mei’s vivid explanation on the subject of promotion, Todo’s poker face transformation was really funny. I couldn’t stop but laugh. His heart shattered into pieces.

Now the explanation is-

Anyone recommended by two or more Grade 1 sorcerors is obliged to take up and finish a number of missions with the current Grade 1 sorcerer or equivalent positions. The recommended one, if suits the requirements, would be smoothly promoted to Semi Grade 1.

After that, the new promotee will be assigned Grade 1 assignments. But this time the sorcerer will have to finish the missions all alone.

According to the performance, the verdict will decide about the forthcoming promotion which is the advancement to Grade 1 sorcerer. Todo seems to be very confident about Yuji’s result in this case.

It is because, according to him, even though Sukuna rejects the intent, the chance to find the remaining fingers would be an added advantage here. For that, the management would positively increase the level of danger of Yuji’s missions.

Jujutsu Kaisen S2 EP 30 "It's Like That"  Source Netflix
Jujutsu Kaisen S2 EP 30 “It’s Like That” Source Netflix

I really enjoyed this dramatic table tennis match which is one of the most intense ones in the episode. Every time the ball was hit the intensity of the game increased, and Todo’s confidence over his action helped him lead the game. But the moment of truth failed Todo’s enthusiasm completely, and I couldn’t stop giggling each time I watched the episode. Yes, I watched it a lot of times by now.

Now, when Nobara was returning from her shopping, she met with Yuji’s classmate from middle school, who had a lot of interest in Yuji. However, she lacked confidence then, due to her chubby figure and short height.

As we all know, what type of girl Yuji likes, therefore the moment she talks about her past, it feels kind of obvious why she did not approach Itadori in the first place. Also, the flashback was evident, confirming the insecure intention of the girl as well.

Now the explanation shared with Nobara was quite interesting yet suspicious. She grew around 15 cm after graduation and the pressure of moving to Tokyo changed her physical features transforming her chubby body to a slim one.

Here Nobara brings up Kuroko Sato, who is a retired spirit detective from the anime/manga Yu Yu Hakusho. Her story is similar to Yuko’s on some extensive level.

So, Nobara takes a look at the picture of Itadori and Yuko at her graduation. I was stunned watching Itadori looking so handsome in that graduation photo. He also seemed so pure and so innocent. What’s your call?

Yuko wanted to get Itadori’s number. But since she was moving to Tokyo she assumed taking Itadori’s number would be useless. But to her surprise, she finds Itadori here with Nobara. Yuko’s optimistic heart thinks that it might be a good chance to catch up on that thought of getting Yuji’s number now.

Nobara verifies if “it’s like that ” which Yuko assures too. This organically makes Nobara call up Ijichi to bring back Megumi. Her swiftness was remarkable. And the dramatic touch added on the consecutive montage is worth pondering.

Nobara and Yuji share a definite sibling energy. Therefore she strictly ensures that she has no intention of dating or liking Yuji even if the world turns upside down. But what makes me curious is, what did Nobara exactly feel at that time? Did talking about Yuji make her heart skip a beat?

Now, Megumi reaches the spot and gets inquiries about whether Yuji has a girlfriend or not. Nobara also says “It’s like that” which shocks Fushiguro as well. What stuns me again is that Megumi behaves totally out of character in this part of the episode.

He gets so interested in the subject that he takes a seat and engages in a detailed discussion with Yuko and Nobara. The situation was terrifically funny. It undoubtedly proves that he is like Yuji and Nobara, however, the lack of energy and enthusiasm prevents him from jumping around.

His insights on Yuji’s love life were practical though. Whatever he says it seems valid and pretty on point.

The way he sips his black coffee catches Nobara’s attention too. But he clarified the area muting the sassy woman on time.

As soon as Megumi confirms that Itadori is into tall ladies, this lets Nobara texts Itadori so that he can come to their location ASAP, to meet with his long-lost classmate. And he seriously arrives very quickly as if he had been standing outside the cafe all this time.

But this intense drama makes Nobara forget to mention the actual reason behind calling Yuji in the first place. Fushiguro’s presence was also unexpected by Yuji. They converse, and in the meantime, Nobara gets stressed about the situation, which is quite real. She understood Yuko’s POV but she also knows Yuji. But Yuji shocks everyone with his instant recognition skills.

The flashback sums up the emotional confusion that Yuko held all this time and it was understandable as well. But I didn’t get why Yuji walked with her and dropped her off, at the station without even catching up or exchanging numbers.

See, I feel that since Yuji does not have a stable lifestyle (being a prominent Jujutsu sorcerer and he is also the vessel of the King of the Curses), his matured self stopped him from exchanging numbers. This is my version of the situation at least.

But this decision of Yuji, also, makes his friends curious.

From the flashback what I can vouch for once again is that Yuji is a very nice human being. He took Yuko’s name when he was asked about the girl he liked in his class. Even though Yuji has a preference for voluptuous and tall girls, he takes Yuko’s name. It was because he liked her eating habits and her handwriting. These were something that Yuji appreciated.

Listening about the same made me feel nice.

But ideally speaking, it is genuinely not the case. A middle schooler will typically choose a girl from how they look, and it’s coming from an experience that I encountered as a teenager. So, when Yuji took Yuko’s name based on her eating habits and her handwriting it was nice.

The monologue simplified it more. Seriously he saw the side of Yuko which was invisible even to her. And this makes her like and appreciate Itadori more. What surprised me here, since Yuko is all changed in her looks she assumes that she has a strong chance of dating Itadori now. However, she also realizes then and there, that she is living by the standard of society.

She leaves, and Itadori meets up with his friends.

The episode repeatedly offered us the friendlier side of Megumi, where he is openly showing his interest in Yuji’s life. He sat down to tell Yuko about Itadori’s preference for girls. Later he also shows his concern about the prospect of exchanging numbers, which honestly Yuji should have done. But the smart girl in the class has everything managed, whatsoever.

This brings up the clarification I needed, which is, why Nobara’s heart skipped a beat. And it was because watching Itadori get a girlfriend before she could get herself a boyfriend was not appreciated by her at all.

Okay, I enjoyed watching these young people since they brought back good memories from the past. The way Nobara and Megumi take advantage of this good Yuji proves the depth of their friendship. Each of them cares about the other but except for Itadori, the two will never be able to express their true emotions against the other. Their conversation on their way was very relatable and something many of us wished to have in life once at least.

So finally we can conclude where these three were headed. They are meeting with Utahime, the teacher of Kyoto Jujutsu High, as ordered by Gojo sensei.

But by the looks of Utahime, it was clear as the day that she knew who is the mole and was very disappointed about the fact. Her explanation and revelation about the mole were informative which Kugisaki catches instantly. And the announcement was perfectly directed as well. I appreciate the execution.

The brief conversation between Mechamaru and Miwa showed me how close they are. Even the girl pokes his forehead to investigate if is he really sleeping.

Well, it was the breathing time given to the audience before the big game-changing event that will take place in the episode, in just a few minutes, wasn’t it????

Now, Mechamaru’s real name is Kokichi Muta and’s real body is stationed in the basement of Kyoto High. Utahime still has faith in this second-year student, however, the elimination process makes this young man a solid suspect.

On their way, Utahime explains Kokichi’s cursed technique which is puppet manipulation. Her explanation is to make it easy for the Tokyo sorcerors if faced with challenges in their investigation. The heavenly restriction lets Kokichi operate only within Japan. However, this range is also massive to let Kokichi function freely as the traitor to his affiliation.

What Yuji believes is also reasonable, right?? Mechamaro’s distinctive look can attract notice. Nonetheless, Utahime had a very good answer in this regard as well. Puppet manupulation is not only interesting but also quite intriguing which the audience figures out just a little later in Jujutsu Kaisen S2 EP 30.

So, as soon as the trio along with Utahime enter the room where Mecahmaru is supposedly resting, to their surprise the room is empty, and judging by Utahime’s facial expression, she is now confirmed about the betrayal.

The audience along with me, is taken to the location where Mechamru is engaging in conversation with someone we don’t know yet. But as the angle shifts we watch Mahito and Geto entering the room. Clearly, the pact they made had limitations. But still, I kept wondering about what Geto says

‘You must have experienced firsthand how terrifying the restrictions is’…

I would like to know what happened with Mechamaru in the first place that damaged his physical form and transformed him into such a merciful condition.

Using Mahito’s ideal transfiguration, he will receive a brand-new body which was part of the ‘Binding Vow’ pact. Therefore killing him before fulfilling the pact is beyond question. Geto’s slight remark on the upcoming Shibuya event is also put in front.

Kokichi here interrogates why the Kyoto school members were touched during the tournament. However Mahito was right, it was Hanami. It makes me wonder if Kokichi was talking about all the Kyoto school members or just Miwa.

The short clash between Mahito and Kokichi also throws light on the ‘Binding Vow’ pact. Called being a low-life triggers Mahito which is kind of obvious. But Geto’s quick textbook knowledge educates us about the Binding Vow pact in more detail. This is how restriction is implied and applied in this situation.

So, after listening to Geto’s almost long speech which certainly made Mahito bore, the ideal transfiguration is performed and we get a brand new Kokichi Muta who is definitely a handsome guy.

And here begins a mindblowing and action-packed montage that was able to make me stay hooked from its beginning till the credits came up. He empowers his puppet manipulation technique and charges strongly towards Mahito.

The BGM and the choreography of the action sequence were undoubtedly captivating.

As soon as the location changes, we are introduced to Ultimate Mechamru which is an absolute armored puppet. The elucidation throws light on Kokichi’s true intention which is to exorcize Mahito and inform Gojo about the planned Shibuya incident, which will be a pretty difficult task judging by the moment.

The episode ends on a stimulating note, and we are left standing in the queue for the waiting period till 7th September. I am too excited to watch the next episode which is “Evening Festival”.

TOTT’s Take On Jujutsu Kaisen S2 EP 30

So, the first episode after the Hidden Inventory ARC was too good. See, I don’t read manga because when I watch an episode, it fills me up with an adrenaline rush and a bag full of shocks and surprises which makes my anime watch time exceptionally awesome.

And likewise not knowing about the episode at all, really pumped me up. The 23-minute content was finished on an exhilarating note and I am ready to know if Mechamaru a.k.a Kokichi was able to leave the fight unharmed.

The episode was the perfect start to the Shibuya incident ARC which was funny, entertaining, full of suspense, and action. The episode also had many minute instances that added depth to the characters and plot of Jujutsu Kaisen S2 EP 30.

So, this was a breakdown and review of “It’s Like That”. I liked the episode a lot, and now it is time to know your POV on the content.

But, this is it for today, hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication on Tuesday Rurouni Kenshin’s Ep 9 “The Oniwabanshu Strike”.

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