My Happy Marriage Ep 9 Drowning in Dreams Breakdown/Review, Was This An Intense Episode Till Date?*SPOILERS*


My Happy Marriage Ep 9 was released on 30th August 2023. The episode seamlessly takes off from Miyo being handheld by Arata on her sudden unhealthy situation at her outing in the town with Hazuki and Ms. Yurie.

The episode was inclined toward the relationship Miyo has with herself which was prepared on a profound note. Basically, it was arranged to give the audience a moment to breathe after the Grave situation that occurred in the last episode.

Yes, the episode apparently sounds like it has covered a lot of dream sequences, but it’s simply not the case. On that note let us get going with-

Things I Liked About My Happy Marriage Ep 9 Drowning In Dreams Which You May Have Also Liked

So, Miyo finds her home in Lord Kudo, otherwise visualizing Kiyoka the moment she collapses on the street wouldn’t have happened. But, unfortunately, it was not her silver-haired Hero, but a stranger. The simpleminded girl apologizes once again, being typically Miyo. However, the calm and patient stranger, i.e., Arata by the way, takes care of the situation maturely.

While leaving he asks Miyo to take good care of herself. Although it seems very obvious for anyone normal, to assure you like that. But Arata has something significant in his sleeves for which he wants Miyo to take good care of herself for sure, which I felt…

Additionally, the last self-talk put up by Arata was nice yet cryptic.

With every episode, the plot is growing deeper and deeper which is making my patience level jump up and down. I feel extremely excited while sitting for the episodes.

Now, the way of life Miyo experienced till now was horrible. It’s sad to watch her apologize even if she falls sick. It’s terrific to see a beautiful young lady suffering with so much self-doubt. Her critical attitude towards herself is pulling her down.

She is not competing with herself rather she is competing with the fact that she needs to be similar to Hazuki. The bar she chose is precise, but the path she has taken is not doing any good to her. Even her near and dear ones are worried.

Kiyoka Kudo is seriously giving me butterflies. He stuns open the door only to find his special lady deep in her sleep while he wonders what is making Miyo work so hard on herself. Of course, Miyo is perfect from Kiyoka’s perspective, but the traumatic childhood that Miyo experienced made her develop unprecedented self-doubts.

She feels that she is not refined enough to be a good wife to Lord Kudo which everyone believes is false except for her of course. Honestly speaking, I love and like Miyo a lot, but I was kind of annoyed by her this time.

So, Kiyoka finally talks about every bit of sharable information with his sister surprising her a lot. Hazuki was stunned to know that Miyo is supposedly a Usaba and this is a probable reason why every night the Kudo residency experiences the remains of gift users without any intrusion.

And this happens only when Miyo sees nightmares. Now according to Kiyoka Kudo, since Miyo was not born with any gift, her body is reacting adversely to the ‘Usaba blood’ of her. This is all theory by the way and he is keen on knowing everything about her lady love for sure.

Judging the situation Kiyoka has already learned a lot about this girl. He understands that Miyo feels uncomfortable talking about herself with anyone even now. This makes him sad. He is also pretty much aware that Miyo does not know anything about her Usaba bloodline and that she was way too young to ask, such questions to her mother.

Kiyoka also believes that Miyo is a bit more secretive about her emotions these days. The daily educational chores, also make Hazuki learn about Miyo’s typical sentiments which is not letting anyone worry about Miyo. But Hazuki is also looking for the option where Miyo shares a slight bit of her ongoing emotions with them.

My Happy Marriage Ep 9 Drowning in Dreams Source Netflix
My Happy Marriage Ep 9 Drowning in Dreams Source Netflix

A brief on the Grave grotesquerie situation is highlighted in ep 9. A civilian attack was notified under Kiyoka’s unit which certainly makes it a serious thing to pay attention to. According to Kiyoka, it will be only a moment of time when the grotesqueries invade the capital which is not good.

Hence Kiyoka is extremely busy with work, thus he fails to reach his home even at night. Consequently, this keeps Miyo alone at night. But it’s not the problem, her nightmares are the genuine concern here, which is drowning Miyo down physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In addition, the motive to grow out to be a refined woman like Hazuki is also taking a toll on Miyo’s mental and physical health.

Miyo is basically working on her education to be able to be with Kiyoka during her daytime and not getting peaceful sleep at night due to the nightmares which are getting heavy on her overall health. Everyone except Miyo dislikes her position. Therefore, this determined girl is blinded by the charm of turning into a refined, elegant, and perfect wife for Kiyoka.

I liked it when Kiyoka asked Miyo about her well-being. The man is trying his level best to manage both work and his love life. But the traumatized girl is not doing anything good to her or Kiyoka’s heart. She even says that there is no need for Kiyoko to be worried for her, like is this even possible in Love???

Now, the grotesquery situation is growing fast and aiming straight towards the capital. But the Ministry has not answered anything yet, therefore the defense unit under Kiyoka decided to establish a perimeter around the capital to safeguard the location for now.

Here comes the second best part of My Happy Marriage Ep 9. Now, Hazuki might appear all refined and perfect from Miyo’s POV but here she clearly put in front, the fields where she lacks dexterity. Like cooking and how she was not able to manage her married life.

She admits her husband was nice and kind, and she was genuinely happy. But a single big fight was enough to break her marriage which she regrets a lot. Thinking about it only breaks her heart, and patching it up brings into consideration so many aspects which makes it a challenging affair for Hazuki.

What I mean is, that Hazuki points out, that she is not perfect either, but still, she is beautiful, elegant, and refined in her unique way. This Miyo needs to understand. Miyo is exceptional in cooking, and she should be because she cooked and practiced the art all these years. The whole context was enough to show Miyo that no one needs to be perfect in every field, and she should appreciate her skills more.

Furthermore, Hazuki adds that she admires Miyo and she finds it charming that Miyo never gives up in the areas where she lacks, instead, she tries her level best to improve which is inspiring for every one of us. She even advises Miyo to prioritize her emotions and visualize what an ideal life would be according to Miyo so that she won’t have any regret like Hazuki has.

While contemplating the situation, Miyo idealizes a life with Kiyoka and transforming into a personality like her would-be sister-in-law.

Now, Kiyoko and his investigation have come to a juncture where no Sumi Usaba is found. But he still asks his detective and informant to continue the investigation process since it’s the only way to get to the Usaba’s.

Here comes the best part of My Happy Marriage Ep 9. So, Kiyoka is finally home, sitting peacefully enjoying the calm moon while Miyo comes and asks his permission to take a seat beside him and offer her company. Kiyoka’s face was silently expressive which assured that he had fallen head over heels for this new girl in his life and it was evident. My heart simply skipped a beat.

The conversation that takes place shows us how much Kiyoka prioritizes Miyo. He was looking for the entrance to Miyo’s heart, which Miyo is trying to keep close, because she knows, she is all wounded and does not want Kiyoka to get injured in the process as well.

The moment Kiyoka asks Miyo to come close to him and the way he anxiously asks if she is feeling lonely seems sentimental. Miyo was not suffering alone, it was Kiyoka too, who was struggling all by himself. The way he assures her on repeat definitely makes each of the audience grow a fondness for him with every single episode. Do you agree with me? Write it down in the comment section below.

Now, let us talk about the conversation on Kiyoka and Hazuki’s life. Miyo shows interest which lets us dive into the overview of Kiyoka and Hazuki’s childhood, where each of them grew up in a healthy environment. They know each other quite well, even though they differ hell and heaven in their personalities.

But Kiyoka knows that her sister is a good person, which makes Miyo ponder on her traumatic childhood. She had a sister who hated Miyo. On the contrary, Hazuki wanted Miyo to call her sister, which was very nice of her as well.

Kiyoka requests Miyo to talk to her whenever she feels like it and asks her to never apologize if she is looking for comfort, and it is no way to be selfish since Kiyoka is her family now. But we all know that this girl is all consumed to be the perfect wife for Lord Kudo. This is in no way bad, but her overdoing it is harming her physical and mental health, worrying Kiyoka, Hazuki, and Ms. Yurie as well.

Her self-talk was motivating, but believing the fact that she might use Lord Kudo as a crutch was wrong of her. She is too young actually, and her lack of exposure to the real meaning of family and love is what is playing with her brain right now.

Just then Arata the familiar stranger visits the Kudos. Miyo greets the guest informing him that Lord Kudo is not at home at the moment. Arata also shows his relief that Miyo is all looking good and recovered. He also mentions that he knew that Kiyoka would be home therefore he came to meet him here. Miyo clarifies the situation though.

The conversation was nothing special. It was mainly about Kiyoka being neglectful towards the love of his life which is wrong. But just before Arata leaves, he hands over his business card to Miyo and specifies that she is capable of filling an extraordinary role that is only suited for Miyo and no one else. This catches Miyo’s attention in a profound manner.

But I wonder, how did Arata come to know about Miyo’s ongoing education? It was purposefully arranged within the family. But still, an outsider passes remarks on the situation which precisely sits with the circumstance A-Z. It was something that grabbed Miyo’s attention too.

Now, on the other hand, we see Kiyoka and Godo are waiting for Arata, and Kiyoka is planning to leave work as soon as possible. The audience knows the exact reason why Arata is late for the meeting, however, Kiyoka blatantly says that he will proceed with the prearrangement as discussed in the previous meeting.

What strikes me is Kiyoko is so similar to Miyo. Now when Godo asks him if he is tired, Kiyoka says that Godo does not need to concern himself with Kiyoka, which is exactly what Miyo is doing right now. Yes, I get it that Godo is not Kiyoka’s love of his life but till now we have seen this young man act like Kiyoka’s work brother. Therefore it was obvious for this extrovert being to ask if his supervisor is tired from all the overtimings. Godo further adds that Kiyoka must leave for home for Miyo, and it was nice of him as well.

Now in the meeting, Arata finally gives charge to Kiyoka and lets him take responsibility for the Grave situation. While leaving Arata reveals everything that happened in Kudo’s home to Kiyoka which was certainly disliked by Kiyoka. Arata even talks about him meeting Miyo on the road, where Miyo collapsed which Kiyoka did not know about.

Kiyoka loves Miyo, but the harsh words spouted by Arata injured Kiyoka’s ego. But while bidding adieu, he once again informs Kiyoka that he is there to assist and guide him if there is any type of requirement in the future.

Now, Kiyoka finally learns about Miyo’s maternal side only coming to the conclusion that Arata is directly related to Usaba’s bloodline as well. The piece of information that Kiyoka receives, says, that Sumi, Miyo’s mother does not have a birth certificate and goes by the name Sumi Tsuruki which is the surname of Arata too.

Stressed Kiyoka comes to his home and finds out Miyo is lost in her thoughts which enrages Kiyoka. Every sentence that Kiyoka keeps in front has a valid point. He has repeatedly asked Miyo to depend on Kiyoka which she did not since she does not want to trouble Kiyoka at all, but this is costing her mental peace and physical health a lot.

The couple experiences their first argument which makes Miyo stand up for herself. She says clearly what she felt about the words spoken by Lord Kudo, being all teary and this brings Kiyoka to his sense that he should not have been loud with this soft gentle soul by no means. But the argument makes Miyo collapse once again, only to make Kiyoka take her to an unnamed destination, but we can assume that he is taking her to Arata.

TOTT’s Take On My Happy Marriage Ep 9

So this was the breakdown/review of My Happy Marriage Ep 9. Miyo is literally drowning in her dreams which is draining out her energy because of the repeated nightmares. Overall I loved the episode, it showed the depth of Kiyoka’s and Miyo’s relationship which has developed into something so profound till now. It also threw light on Kiyoka’s and Hazuki’s sibling energy.

The episode was deep and very engaging. I honestly did not believe that the 23 minutes passed by so quickly. I enjoyed every bit of the episode and now, I am eagerly waiting for so many plots to get a smooth conclusion.

Let us see what happens next in Summer Cherry Blossoms, and the Mistake.

So it is time for me to know your thoughts and opinions on My Happy Marriage Ep 9. Write down below what you liked and disliked about Drowning in Dreams.

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