ZOM 100 EP 6 Breakdown/Review- Was The 6th Episode Of Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead Worth The Wait??? *SPOILERS Ahead*


Zom 100 EP 6 was released a week later than its typical drop time. It was due to the 2023 World Atheltic Championship. So, the 6th episode of the Bucket List of the Dead was released on the 27th of August 2023 and here I am with a breakdown /review of the episode.

If you have already watched the content just like me, feel free to read the portion till the end. However, if you haven’t go watch it right now and come back(PLEASE do come back) to read my blog to check, if we are aligned with the criticism thing or not!!

On that note let us get going with-

Things That I Liked From Zom 100 EP 6-RV Of The Dead, That You May Have Liked As Well

The narrative begins on a regular day when Tendo and Kencho are fulfilling another wish from their bucket list which is getting themselves a solid gold watch. The situation was quite abrupt and I genuinely did not expect the same to happen from any point. Well, maybe because I don’t have a wish as such…

But watching them take pictures by wearing those expensive wristwatches made me happy. They are living each second of their life right now which is pretty motivating, isn’t it?

That very day after the sunset, Tendo and Kencho realize the gravity of the situation. They were out of the water (finally!!) and the electric power supply was down in Tokyo. Their extravagant life has come to a sudden pause, but this lets them watch the clear shiny night sky filled with stars.

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead, ZOM 100 EP 6 Source Bug Films
Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead, ZOM 100 EP 6 Source Bug Films

See, we all know how hustling and busting Tokyo life is but people don’t get to watch the bright, twinkling clear night sky very often. The natural essence of the night sky is lost completely amidst the artificial lights from the skyscrapers.

So, when they watched the clear night sky, the presentation was so cool, that I kind of experienced their emotion there and there. It is so hard these days right??? to take a day off and spend your night watching the stars…

The boys are trying to live every second of their existence inspiring many of us undoubtedly…

Let us now take a foot back and ponder on the conversation set by the duo. Kencho genuinely understands the sincerity of the situation now. This gives Akria to check on so many career options that might work best in this dystopian timeline.

Akira’s visualization was so cute. He says “Hero’s aren’t paid in food”, which gives him to think about the aspects of hunting and farming. The consideration of opening a ramen shop at this time was sudden, it was uncalled for. Then his self-talk reaches the line when he ponders about finding an actual job during this apocalypse which he never gave a thought to after quitting the extortive profession at the studio.

It was just at that instance when Akira noticed the natural celestial beauty waiting patiently for them to stare and wonder. It was SUGOI without a question!!

But this moment also takes Akira to the good times when he was with his parents back in Gunmo. He was happy and safe.

What amazed me the most at this juncture was Kencho’s remark on Akira’s nostalgic emotions. He instantly absorbs Akira’s energy and assures him about the safe prospect of his parents. This was so nice of him right!! No wonder they are best buddies.

This leads us to the next adventure of Akira along with Kencho, which is a road trip to Gunmo.

It’s not only Shizuka who has a wider perspective that ensures her survival rate during the dystopian timeline. But Kencho has it too, he is just too busy(emanating his charisma) not showing it. So, when Akira asks Kancho, “Is that your idea on light packing?”, I genuinely thought that he is being sarcastic.

Honestly, Kencho was packing everything important, that he along with Akira might need in the unsettled timeline. And he is still confident about getting laid even now…But Akira lives his life at some other unpredictable level. He packs only two things for his appx 4-hour journey, which is his gaming console and that’s it.

He bids adieu to his college life and his office life together in his old apartment which made me a little emotional. It is because his good, fun, carefree, entertaining, and exciting life actually began in this home. But he needs to move on now and it’s compulsory.

He is leaving Tokyo for good now and he is taking on a quest to make more memories and meet with his parents.

Since the journey is long, Akira is considering upgrading. Kencho like any other normal human being assumes the upgrade to be equipping their stack with a real gun. But it’s far more interesting. It’s an RV.

When I looked from Akira’s POV, it was a solid decision. There is the kitchen, cozy bed, a space where you can chill free of stress, basically a home on wheels which is a robust choice of upgrade according to me as well. And like always, Kencho supports and encourages Akira on his decision. He is the best freind we all need in life.

Hopping on their Harley Davidson dupe, the duo reach a camping car showroom and meet the risk analyzer on the stairs. Yes, I am talking about Shizuka. Like Akira, I too believe its fate. But if you give the meetings a practical push, then, since there are very less survivors in the country, the possibility of meeting the ones alive on repeat increases too.

So, that’s my idea, what’s yours don’t forget to tell me in the comment section below.

Akira unquestionably likes the girl and, therefore invites Shizuka on their road trip to Gunma which Shizuka rejects politely. But Akira forgets that he has a freind so reliable on his side all the time. Kencho instantly takes measures to manipulate Shizuka into falling into her own trap. It was fun actually when I watched the girl can’t escape her own complicated over-analyzed tantrums.

Also, he is not that patient with the risk analyst as well. The minute she says that she has finished watching 100 zombie movies as a reference to surviving the dystopian time, he puts her in the hardcore fan category which is accurate by the way.

The energy level of the boys doubles up when they watch the beautiful and brand-new RVs lined up on display. I felt their emotions of excitement to my core. I myself love cars and their fresh smell. So the way they’re jumping around I understood what was going on in their nerves.

And also, the models and their features were exceptionally magnetic. The models were believable to me so, I enjoyed watching those RVs like Akira and Kencho.

Risk analyzer Shizuka was not making me happy at all. Her methodical approach blurred down amid the noise that the boys were making aside. Even her choice of vehicle did not excite me. But I loved how Kencho and Akira showed their choice of RV to Shizuka and wanted her approval on the matter.

It was sweet and cute both at the same time. It seems that they also believe that this girl is mature enough to come to a swift decision. However, the moment Shizuka shows them her choice, the enthusiasm drops to negative. It was understandable.

However, the boys manage to prove their point and even Shizuka falls in love with a sophisticated and classy RV. The interiors catch Shizuka’s breath and she wonders over the variety proving the boys right in their consideration of RV.

You see, the moment Shizuka stops analyzing the gravity of the situation for a second, she falls in love with the other side of life that Akira and Kencho are living right now. She flusters while she stares at the beautiful choice of her RV.

Also, I can’t skip the line made by Kencho which is –

“Life’s boring if you only do what you need to do all the time” which is absolutely correct!!

The commotion which Akira and Kencho made, was sufficient enough to draw the attention of the living dead, and they arrived. The trio were too quick to choose their RV and escape the situation. This lets Akira and Kecnho list out another wish from their bucket list, which is nice.

Nevertheless, what makes me feel bad about them is that they packed so big bags of hope into getting a remarkable RV for their journey. But the sudden zombie situation makes them go with a variety that they did not even look at while they were at the showroom…

Now, comes a serious turn on the episode where Akira and Shizuka talk about the zombie apoclaypse in real. Till now, Akira or Kencho have never given a second of their time wondering about the reason for this sudden outbreak. We also don’t know if it is limited to Japan, more particularly to Tokyo, or if it’s widespread globally, till now!!!

So, according to data Shizuka chalks out that this outbreak is the result of a viral infection. She explains the change of events effortlessly. She also lays down solid solutions to the crisis. What amazes me is that Akira did not have the slightest idea that there are people who work in developing medicines and vaccines to deal with sudden pandemics.

But watching it a second time gives the impression that he is talking about a hero who would save humanity at its brim. Well, he was talking about himself which I guess Shizuka also understood.

Everything was going nice, and I liked Kencho giving Akira the time to spend with Shizuka. They even plan to refuel themselves. Just then the trio meets with a bunch of bullies on their way. I wasn’t expecting this so soon to be honest. But it was the juncture at which Akira’s happy time took a pause.

Akira once again meets with his boss from his extorting company. He gets trapped in the burden of living his life to the fullest all this time. The trap set by the bullies was too on point. Akira failed to dismiss himself from the situation. His freind was injured severely while their newly taken RV needed the tire changed. So escaping was beyond question.

However, the conversation was not bad. The boss lays down the terms and conditions of the contract neatly. Just like Shizuka I also felt the catch hiding inside the lure. But their hands were tied.

I was bothered by the fact about Akira’s level of trauma. He experienced so many unsettling feelings while working under his boss, that he could not utter words effortlessly. He felt that something was not right at all. The brief recap on the past was enough to make me relive his poor professional lifestyle. He was verbally and physically abused for 3 whole years which is not fair and is a proper example of work-life bullying.

The bunch of bullies was a modern enactment of pirates. They steal from the survivors and hoard while making the lives of the survivors miserable at their mercy. Kusogi offers Akira the requirements he needs right now, but in exchange for his labor, just like in the past, where Akira needs to stay employed for only two days.

The moment was practically inescapable, and I totally got Akira and why he chose to work for Kusogi once again.

So, they enter the Kimasato truck stop where they find so many people working under Kusogi to survive the zombie apocalypse. Akira gets assigned to loading the trucks and reinforcing the barricades. Kusogi adds that these are simple tasks that none of the workers were happy to do anyway. Akira could see the frustrated expression from a distance actually. But his man keeps on tormenting our hero every second he gets.

Now we are taken to the spot where Shizuka attending Kencho and treating his wounds. By the looks of it, Kencho is genuinely and severely injured and needs a lot of rest to recover. Kencho being a good boy, blames himself for the mess, which was however assured by Shizuka that it’s not his fault in any way. But we also find Shizuka being hopeful that this catch on working for two days under Kusogi ends as promised.

So, as we all have assumed quite a lot of times, that Akira is a Hero by heart. Therefore, he thinks of chilling the nice beer bottles for the hard workers in the station, so that they get nice cold beers during dinner time. Thinking about the positive consequences makes him happy and his eyes shine.

Unfortunately, he is caught but the leader of the bully Kusogi and he shows his utmost displeasure in Kendo like always. Once again Akira finds it extremely difficult to talk. We can see the severity of his trauma whenever his boss comes in front of him. It is sad.

But what infuriates me the most, is the parasitic mentality that Kusogi has. He extorts the people who are under pressure to survive, working hard daily under the sun. But he feels it meaningless to cool the beer since it is a wastage of precious electricity according to him. He did not hold himself back in intimidating the good guy.

However, he changes his tunes as soon as his underlings arrive suddenly at the spot. He transforms into an angel which is expected. He shows hypocrisy in front of everyone which was cracking me up honestly!! And this false act of generosity was appreciated by everyone even though they knew very well, what Kusgoi’s true color was.

But within a few seconds, something shocking shakes up Akira further. Which was the trucks pulled by the zombies. The instance takes me to the TV Series the famous on “The Walking Dead”.

Now Kusogi sees the productive zombies as company equipment and also considers Akira to be so. The sly brain of him, solved the puzzle of utilizing the living dead pretty efficiently. However, the sight was not a good one for Akira. The explanation of equipment was further enraging.

People like Kusogi are the primary cause of mental health issues in someone’s personal and professional life and must not be given the power to control us or any one of our loved ones. Because, as Shizuka said, the mind might forget but the heart remembers. And also, we got to understand the over-analyzing behavior of Shizuka quite well, in this instance. Therefore she understands Akira pretty much, unlike Kencho who assumes that Akira can come out of the situation effortlessly.

The ending of ZOM 100 EP 6 was symbolic. Akira is once again living the life of the living dead, similar to the zombies employed as equipment by Kusogi. It is like, he has returned to his pavilion and nothing has changed ever since.

Let’s see what happens next in the upcoming episode “Truck Stop of the Dead”.

TOTT’s Take On Zom 100 EP 6-RV Of The Dead

The episode had everything detailed, for instance, it had fun, good memories to cherish while bad memories to discard, good times with the best friend and new friend, excitement, and a new RV. On an overview the episode was awesome. The ending portion made me upset a lot though.

But as we all believe with struggle comes blessings too, thus we can hope for good times to come soon. Therefore, I loved the content, and I genuinely believe that you enjoyed it too.

Now, tell me what’s your take on Zom 100 EP 6-RV Of The Dead, here in the comments section below.

But, this is it for today, hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication.

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