Rurouni Kenshin EP 8 “Beauty on the Run” Breakdown, Was The Episode An Interesting One To Date?


So have you watched the latest release, i.e., Rurouni Kenshin EP 8? After Hitokiri Jine, I was interested in finding out who would now come to tease the Redhead this time. After finishing the episode, I am really looking forward to the match.

See, I neither watched the old version of Rurouni Kenshin nor did I have the intention to go read the manga for personal reasons !! But with every single episode, this Shonen Hero is winning my heart. The more it advances with the narrative it is growing serious and now it appears that the first few episodes were only presented as a build-up for what is happening right now and more to come.

On that note let us get going with-

Things I Liked From Rurouni Kenshin EP 8 And You Might Have Liked As Well

So, Rurouni Kenshin EP 8 begins by giving the audience a brief idea of what happened in the last drop when Hitokiri Jine murdered himself.

Rurouni Kenshin EP 8 Source Liden Films
Rurouni Kenshin EP 8 Source Liden Films

So, Jine says that Kenshin still has the nature of Hitokiri, and the opinion is coming from another Hitokiri. Jine also adds that a Hitokiri is always a Hitokiri and becoming anything else is beyond their capacity. He will be watching, how Kenshin lives the rest of his life from the edge of Hell where he was very clear about his intention.

But these words desperately dishearten Kenshin. He says, even if his true nature is that of a Hitokiri he will hold it back for the rest of his life for sure.

The way Jine smirks and complements Kenshin’s killer gaze sounds confident. But it was not at all appreciated by Kenshin. He is trying his level best to stay away from his past deeds and similar situations. But something or the other is happening which is associating our Hero with his cruel past. Nonetheless, I am sure that Rurouni Kenshin will live his desired life to the fullest this time.

Now, the actual plot of Rurouni Kenshin EP 8 begins with a beautiful girl running in despair. She was running away from two huge male bodies and it looked really serious.

Heading to Kassin-Ryu, Kouru impatiently looks for Kenshin. We see the simpleminded teenager impatiently calling out Kenshin in almost each and every corner of the property. Yahiko answers her query in his usual sassy manner which adds a humorous touch to the instance for sure.

Actually, it’s quite understandable. Kouru is totally into this guy with a gold heart. And as Kenshin said that he will leave Kassin Ryu someday, in the first episode, this statement worries Kouru time and again. Therefore, it’s likely for Kouru to worry about Kenshin leaving her for good, always.

Her impatience was so evident that Yahiko’s remark on the moment made Kouru shy. And why won’t it be? If Kouru used a leash on Kenshin, she would get to spend every second of her existence with the man she likes a lot. It’s fabulous actually!!

Now, Yahiko also clarifies where Sanosuke and Kenshin are right at this moment which is at Shuyeiya restaurant where they are supposedly gambling. Sano took Kenshin there to have a good time because Kenshin was all occupied with Jine’s POV on Kenshin’s Hitokiri side.

As expected this exceptionally talented individual(I am talking about Kenshin) is extraordinarily dextrous in gambling as well. Kudos to Sanosuke’s mindblowing consideration, that he brought Kenshin for having a good time with his friends. Sanosuke was winning every chance he received actually.

But Keshin was not supporting the sport at all. He was sitting there with a disappointed face while calling gambling illegal. But Sanosuke justifies his argument by calling Sakobato illegal as well, which is 100% true by the way.

Now, the guys were genuinely having a good time, especially Sanosuke, until the disheartening news of Yoita’s death popped up in the conversation, upsetting Sanosuke a lot. He got furious after listening to the cause of his friend’s death, which is the overconsumption of Opium.

I genuinely appreciated the proper explanation given about Opium in this context. People who have negligible knowledge of this topic(someone like me) were taught about the narcotic, with the available required insights. It was nice actually.

This puts Kenshin and Sanosuke into a deeper thought about the introduction of Opium in the area which is interrupted by Megumi Takani, the beauty on the run. Her sudden arrival brings commotion to the peaceful game the guys are enjoying.

She was chased, right? Therefore, these two huge male individuals also startled the mob. But they were too quick on their feet. Thus Sanosuke fails to resist his instinct and beats them up.

But this only causes a huge load of problems for those youngsters. These goons were personal guards of Kanryu Takeda who is notable for introducing opium in the locality and he is a dangerous being. The situation is further complicated by Beshimi(a creepy-looking assassin) who can strike bullets using his fingers and consequently injures two of Sanosuke’s friends on the spot. But the moment he targets Megumi, Kenshin takes the spotlight and manages his assassinating instinct quite effectively as always.

Fast forward, we learn that Megumi is no angel(as of now), she is carrying opium herself, but she is not ready to tell, her absolute reason for the matter. After witnessing Kenshin’s skillful swordsmanship, she asks the young gentleman to be her bodyguard.

And as we all know that, this young man has a weak spot for the needy, therefore he agrees on the spot but he does not answer anything clearly as well.

The boys then take the female guest, to their supposed home.

Now in Kassin Ryu, Yahiko and Kouru were practicing Dojo while Kouru was imagining weird things about Kenshin. She is yet not ready to watch Kenshin in his underwear, unlike Kagomi, (She happened to watch Inuyasha a lot of time undressed, didn’t she?)

But things look quite off when Kenshin brings home Megumi with a smiling face. The reason added by Sanosuke makes the situation pretty suspicious and unlikely Kenshin. But when Kenshin agrees with Sanosuke, the smash implanted by Kouru is understandable. She dislikes the fact that they brought a woman as a gambling prize which is not right!!!

Also, when Yahiko added his sassy remark it made me smile and giggle. Likewise, he also receives what he deserves at that point in time. And he also had it coming too.

Now, I totally get what Sanosuke is going through. He came to know about losing a friend a few minutes back. But the news does not let him lose his intellect at all. He suggests Kenshin to not mention opium to Kouru or Yahiko because it will carry on the topic in different conversations, which might not result nicely for their friends. Instead, throwing out the gambling situation was much more agreeable for Sanosuke.

But the sly woman advances with her cunning brain, which even though makes the situation humorous, makes me dislike the lady more. I totally get what Kouru was going through, and no wonder she throws the guys along with the stranger out of her home for the time being.

Sanosuke was also not a fan of what Megumi indicated. But Megumi makes it quite organic when she speaks clearly about her intention for Kenshin. And as expected the redhead agrees to guard the beauty for the time being since this Kanryu is definitely not a good guy. His vibe simplifies his motive neatly.

Now Sanosuke and Kenshin are informed about a worrisome situation, where the personal bodyguards(those two huge males from the restaurant) of Kanryu are found dead on the banks of the river. From the looks of it, it seems that they were drowned. And along with Kenshin we also watch Kanryu, Beshimi, and another guy standing and watching what happened. Well, they were the perpetrators.

The negative energy catches Kenshin’s attention which is reciprocated by Shinomori Aoshi as well. He is the leader of the Oniwaban force. Again the context is simplified beautifully through an explanatory narration, giving the audience an idea that this Aoshi guy will be a competitive opponent for Kenshin Himura for sure. The strong undefeated stare at Kenshin was enough to give a powerful impression actually.

Now, we can see that Beshimi is not a fun game as well. He vanished into the thin air amidst the crowd which is kind of shocking and unexpected. Given the association, it’s possible as well. But there is another guy who is faceless right now and is looking in detail at Kenshin and Sanosuke at the moment. He is the individual who shared all the significant information about Kenshin and his whereabouts with Aoshi, which gives me essential reasons to worry.

Also, as per listening to Aoshi’s own thoughts, I am assuming that this man knows about Himura Kenshin, more precisely about Hitokiri Battosia.

So, Kenshin is now engaged in learning about Megumi and Kanryu’s whereabouts. He deciphers that this is not going to be easy for the team. And he is worried that Kouru might be troubled once again as well. But this time he is much more prepared than before when he encountered Hitokiri Jine. His unpreparedness almost cost Kouru’s life back then and he is not going to miss any corners this time.

He shares his insight with Sanosuke so that he is able to stay ready when the right time approaches the duo. But what makes the situation light is when Yahiko suddenly comes out from under the floorboard. His menacing laugh almost misleads me. But this delightful moment made Megumi nostalgic which gives us a very minute glimpse of what a happy life Megumi had in her past. But more to be found out in the upcoming episodes for sure.

I loved the time when Sanosuke pats Kouru and assures her about Kenshin’s intention for Megumi and why he is helping her out. He also clarifies his neat motive behind going against Kanryu. But this jolly instance gave me the impression that Sanosuke considers Kouru as her young sister. In addition, Sanosuke and Yahiko’s dynamic also gives off sibling energy, don’t you think?

But their wholesome time is hindered by an Oniwaban, Hyottoko who enters Kassin Ryu breaking its gate.

TOTT’s Take On “Beauty on the Run” Rurouni Kenshin EP 8

The episode was a package deal wrapped in 23 minutes. There were a lot of fun moments that were added to make the extreme situations feel less burdened. I laughed, I panicked, I got shocked and I was engaged throughout this episode. Therefore I can say that am waiting patiently for the next episode to drop this Friday.

So, this was my take on “Beauty on the Run” Rurouni Kenshin EP 8, and it’s time to know yours. Tell me in the comment section what you like about “Beauty on the Run” Rurouni Kenshin EP 8 and what did you not. Also, mention the points that I missed.

But, this is it for today, hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication.

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