My Happy Marriage EP 8 Nightmares And Ominous Shadows Review; Did you find the 8th episode of the anime memorable?*Spoilers*


My Happy Marriage EP 8 was dropped on the 23rd of August 2023. After waiting patiently for one week, I have answers to so many of my confusing questions and I am also glad that I got to watch both the handsome young man working together in this plot point. I really hope you understand what I mean.

See, I have a lot to talk about in My Happy Marriage EP 8, therefore without any further ado, let us get going with-

Things I Liked About My Happy Marriage EP 8, Which You May Have Liked As Well

The story of My Happy Marriage EP 8 gives us a good explanation to understand the significance of the upcoming trouble, which is the unsealing of the Grave. Now, the Grave is a burial ground for the Gifted people(the ones with supernatural powers.) But if the Gifted are vengeful, then after death their souls transform into grotesqueries.

Kaya the youngest of the Saimoris possesses the power to watch these supernatural beings, which Miyo lacks. The last few episodes made the subject very clear as to why Miyo lacks these supernatural abilities precisely. This intriguing revelation is somehow making me intentively engaged in the content as well.

Now, our Hero is informed about the grave situation by one of his superiors at work and Kiyoka shows genuine concern regarding the same. He is the most powerful gentleman of the generation, therefore when he is concerned, then it’s about to get real for sure.

The narration simplifies beautifully everything that the audience needs to know as of now. As pointed out by Okaito, the real questions like who would have done such a risky task and with what purpose, are disturbing. From every corner of this unsettling plot, I felt there was a subtle connection with the Usaba family.

Further, in the last episode, we hear Arata(A little digging on the character Arata says that he is a cousin of Miyo, he too has Usaba blood running inside him. ), who clearly says that he is coming for Miyo. So, the sequences are adding up to reveal something massive in the future, which includes Miyo for sure. Well, this is what I think.

By now, the narrative has hinted a lot of times, that Miyo and Kiyoka’s engagement and prospective marriage are sure to cause a lot of trouble in the Imperial Capital, which is the real reason why Arata is coming for Miyo in the first place, to get her and place her where she belongs. Well, this is what I deciphered from watching the last 3 episodes. Tell me in the comment section below what you think.

Now Kiyoka and Masashi Ookaito visit Takahito because the second prince had a revelation. It’s definitely not a coincidence and I second Lord Kiyoka in this. They are greeted by the charming Kazushi Tatsuishi which was a delight for me. I got to know that Kiyoka had known Kazushi for a long time and he was not fond of Kazushi’s informal attitude toward life at all.

Let me now talk about Takahito the second prince. He is a very gorgeous young man who seems good at heart. When his beautiful face was revealed, I seriously considered him a young lady. But as he started speaking I changed my mind.

His generous words towards Kazushi were a pleasure to the ears, weren’t they? His intent appeared kind just like his looks. The small introductory part on Kazushi and His Highness was enough for the moment to throw light on the character sketch of the second prince and the eldest son of the Tatshuishis.

Now, Takahito gives a brief on the upcoming disturbing situation, that is about to befall the human race because of the unsealing of the Grave.

My Happy Marriage EP 8 Nightmares And Ominous Shadows Source Netflix
My Happy Marriage EP 8 Nightmares And Ominous Shadows Source Netflix

Additionally, he also reveals a serious note on Kiyoka and Miyo’s engagement and some unknown difficulty that is about to commence in their life. But the prince seems confident in Kiyoka. Nonetheless, we all know that Kiyoka and Miyo are experiencing supernatural power in their own way every single night these days. So this revelation is a genuine concern that Kiyoka will take care of I am sure.

Let us head back to the Kudo residence for the moment. Miyo looked so pretty in the Western outfit, didn’t she? Yes, I was more accustomed to watching her in Kimono, but her entire aura changed elegantly in the dress. All credit goes to the beautiful Hazuki Kudo.

I was so touched at the moment when she asked Miyo to call her sister. But Miyo is intensively traumatized by the word “SISTER”. Even though she appreciates Hazuki’s POV, but requests that she call her Hazuki for the time being.

Watching Miyo smile forcibly was funny. But the moment Hazuki talks about Kiyoka, the genuine smile on her face enlightens the mood. I enjoyed that Miyo is working so hard in her attempts to become a lady for lord Kudo. She seemed pretty inspiring which is certainly a positive change she has developed in herself.

She trusts that lord Kudo is working hard(he is working hard to keep his Miyo safe and happy forever, which always gives me butterflies even now.) So she needs to work hard as well, believing in the topic of equality which is motivating.

Her robotic walk in her dress gives me the impression of her limited mobility. Her brain was wired with restrictions. But while she wears the dress even though she is comfortable she finds it unnatural to walk freely. Nevertheless, the smart girl is a fast learner which Hazuki understands too.

Miyo just adores Kiyoka’s older sister. She finds her beautifully admiring and considers her a ray of positivity which is shining bright over Miyo right now making her feel not alone at all. I also found it quite interesting that Hazuki was making Miyo smile a lot which was so angelic right?

Now, on the other side of the narrative, Kiyoka is intensively invested in finding out more about the Usuba clan who are supposedly hiding. Nothing extra can be found except for the name Sumi(Miyo’s mother).

So, the Usuba family is a threat to humankind because of their exceptional supernatural abilities. The Usuba bloodline can read minds, can go into someone’s memory, and lastly can enter into someone else dream while they sleep. Kiyoka assumes that the repeated nightmares that Miyo is experiencing daily might be connected to someone from the Usuba clan.

Given the fact, that the barrier outside the Kudo’s residency is untouched and no signs of intruders, so, it might be someone from the Usubaa clan trying to reach Miyo(probably Arata) or there is some other jaw-dropping explanation that I need an answer soon.

When I watch Miyo, the subject of mental health is thrown light on a broader spectrum. She is uncomfortable with the term ‘Sister’ and later we also see that Miyo does not understand the concept of “Family”. The one who is not walking in Miyo’s shoes won’t recognize what type of confusion she is undergoing right now while she is living in a healthy atmosphere. She is relearning life at the age of 19. Thank God she got the chance so soon unlike many of us.

I just loved the moment when Kiyoka visited Miyo while she was sleeping. He loves this girl so much that he is invested in his job. Superficially it might seem that he is a workholic but he is indirectly working to provide Miyo a wholesome life that she deserves.

So, next, we see that Arata who is an envoy from the Ministry of Imperial Household has come to meet Kiyoka. He is visiting as a negotiator and his visit throws significant light on the urgency of the situation i.e., the unsealing of the Grave. Arata’s comment on how the ladies speak about Kiyoka and Kudo’s response to that adds slight humor to the situation which is then proceeded by intel about which Arata has arrived in Kiyoka’s office.

Here one of the important questions is answered by Arata which is who would have opened the grave? Arata clarifies that around the spot a number of suspicious men have been found collapsed. Judging their situation, Arata along with the others concluded that they were involved in the unsealing ritual. But their motive still remains unknown.

However, their conversation trascends into something else that reveals Arata’s true identity and his employment with Tsuruki Trading. And he is not associated with the Ministry of the Imperial Household by the way. So he is just doing a job of negotiation since he was connected with the Ministry of the Imperial Household in the past.

Arata sidetracks and shows interest in Kiyoka’s personal affair. But our hero diligently ignores his interest and goes straight to the purpose for which he has arrived. They both willingly stand on the same page of helping each other out. However, I can assume it’s not going to be happy in any way.

I was excited to see Kiyoka Kudo in full-on action mode. But My Happy Marriage EP 8 has very little of him working as the Commander of the Special Anti-grotesqueries Unit. He was the boss of the situation however it was pretty little. Actually, I keep him on a pedestal. Therefore whenever he takes care of any situation with his swift moves, I don’t get to watch enough of the man, and that is what bothers me.

Now My Happy Marriage EP 8 has Kazushi too, who is finally revealed working as Kajutsu in the narrative. He undoes a curse technique on the living beings. But this time he is assigned the task of undoing a curse technique from a dead being who is collected from the area of The Grave.

The instance he performs his duty, he gets spooked by perceiving the gravity of the situation he is put into. He was clear about his capacity which I seriously liked. He felt overwhelmed by the negative power inside the dead which was precisely depicted in the anime as well.

Now, we enter Miyo’s nigtmares while Kiyoka encounters supernatural beings inside the dark scary forest. The synchronization of both sequences is adjusted with accuracy, and you will feel a solid relation between the two montages. The minute Kiyoka handles the situation in the Grave with professional dexterity Miyo wakes up with a strong gasp as if she finally got to breathe up until now. Her teary eyes speak louder than her emotional state of mind. Imagining Miyo’s condition daily is giving me chills.

In the next sequence, we watch Arata standing in front of a cherry blossom tree that is around the premise of a sophisticated house. Now, another gentleman comes inside the frame, whose name is unknown for the time being. The cherry blossom signified Miyo’s mother or Usuba clan for me. Also, I wonder if is it the correct time to bring Miyo into the family as they talk. They also say that all the signs are already on display and the awakening will be soon. Are they talking about Miyo’s awakening? And is Arata Miyo’s protector in this case? So, many questions to find so many answers.

Now what I am assuming, is since the Emperor declared Kudos will gain power once Kiyoka and Miyo get married and their bloodlines are mixed, their decedent will acquire supremacy in the capital. To keep everything under control, the Usuba clan as an exceptional breed, will intervene and take complete charge of the situation by not letting Miyo marry Kudo.

Honestly, I am highly suspicious of Arata’s intention down the line. And I don’t know if the Usuba are planning to keep their bloodline pure or not. But, I am willing to watch everything, because I have watched Vampire Knight which I loved. I hope you understand my point here.

The ending of the My Happy Marriage EP 8 was stunning. Miyo faints under the broad daylight since she is not having a good night’s sleep, instead, her nights are packed with nightmares. But her keeping up with her training was actually motivating, don’t you think? She was giving me an actual Shonen hero vibe.

What astounds me is when she regains her consciousness she is lying in the hands of her protector who is not Kiyoka by the way. This blasts off so many questions once again, like how did Arata know about Miyo going into the town? Then, he calls him my dear and how will Miyo respond to that? Does Miyo know about Arata?

All, I have to do is now wait patiently for the next Thursday to come here, in India.

TOTT’s Take On My Happy Marriage EP 8

So, according to me, I enjoyed the content. I appreciated the dark turn in which the story is growing so far. The interaction between Kiyoka and Kazushi delighted me. I felt that Miyo was promised to Kazushi and now she is engaged to Kiyoka which is huge a turn of events. And then Takahito’s revelation of everything, makes the universe so vast and unpredictable. I assumed that there would be one or two more characters like Kamisama Kiss, but as the narrative progresses we are slowly introduced to more plot points which is definitely intriguing.

I was all set to watch a Japanese Cinderella and now it’s a story on love, power, and protecting the family name, well, there is a huge load of drama, to be honest in the plot that makes me excited whenever I sit for watching the content.

I loved how Miyo was embraced by Hazuki. She wanted Miyo to call her sister, it was so sweet of her, right? I also enjoyed watching Miyo at her full potential, attempting to learn new things in her present to be an elegant lady for her upcoming future. She has moved on which is motivating according to me.

Kiyoka as the commander handling the entire Grave situation was brilliant. I trust his personality. He is charming both as a lover boy and as a professional individual. He answers what is important for Arata to know, sticking straight to the point. His reputation is so bad that his well-wishers are congratulating him on his engagement which was kind of humorous.

As for Arata, he is a fine gentleman whose actual intentions appear suspicious. He looks kind however his action might come off as troublesome for the love birds. Thus I am not growing any affection for this character as of now.

I enjoyed every bit of the episode, which I genuinely feel you did too. So, tell me in the comment section below, what’s your thoughts and opinions on My Happy Marriage EP 8. Also, do tell me what have I missed in the content.

But, this is it for today, hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication coming straight next Monday.

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