Cobweb 2023 Review; Should You Watch This Horror Film This Weekend?*SPOILERS*


Cobweb is a horror flick that was released on 21st July 2023. The movie stars Antony Starr, Lizzy Caplan Woody Norman, and Cleopatra Coleman as its primary characters. I am a girl who loves watching horror movies, therefore could not resist watching this film.

I watched the movie, to suggest whether you should be watching the content or not. On that note, let us get going with-

Things You Might Like About Cobweb

The Narrative

Now, the main lead of this narrative is an 8-year-old lad named Peter who is living with his emotionally distant and overbearing parents. In addition, the kid gets bullied in school as well. Therefore the kid is not happy. To add the cherry on top, the boy is also experiencing weird nights when he hears sounds coming from one of the walls in his room. When he tells his parents about this scary situation, they dismiss him. So, things are not looking great in his home as well.

So, all of this, not-so-cool situation is affecting mental health of Peter a lot.

Now, Ms. Divine comes into his life as his substitute school teacher. She perceives Peter’s poor mental health. The first sequence was understandably confusing when Peter refuses to go to recess. But, the drawing of the “Help Me” thing makes it crystal clear to Ms. Divine that the boy is not doing great.

I was happy that an adult is eager to be responsible since his parents were not there at all. They dismiss the kid’s needs every time and reject to listen to him. So, Ms. Divine was a genuine angel in this concern.

Now let us talk about the parents. Tolerating the overbearingness was going well, but suddenly the audience comes to know about the basement. There were shackles and the kid was forced to stay under there for a day without light. This cracked me up. What kind of parents do that? And the kid was just 8 years old.

When the parents brings him up, the promises they asked from the kid were again the moment I cracked up. They ask him “No Nightmares” like the kid can control that feature of his brain, switching it on and off as he wants. When Peter’s parents acted like these sick humans, the haunting voice inside Peter’s room appeared homely. The voice was a kind of shelter that Peter wanted really bad.

This juncture convinced the audience as well, that ghosts can be nicer than your toxic parents. The kind voice also motivates Peter to stand up for himself. But the path which Peter chooses was not justifiable, at all.

Now, Peter killing his parents was again a point when I realized that we the audience might be fooled all along. The kind voice from afar from the wall comprehensively brainwashes the little kid which confuses the boy full-fledgedly. He kills both of his parents and suddenly the air within Peters’s home turns much more grim than it was with the presence of his parents.

As for the horror part, honestly, when the monster Sarah came out from its cage it was daunting. I was not scared but imagining the similar ambiance was definitely chilling. The monster simply rips up the bodies creating a pool of blood all around. The boys were bad, they were scum to society but they really did not deserve that kind of death.

Now, in the last few minutes before the movie officially ends, I was genuinely thrilled. The chase montages were riveting which I generously enjoyed. I mean I was all focused and it was precisely entertaining for me.

Cobweb 2023 Source Lionsgate
Cobweb 2023 Source Lionsgate

The Characters

The parents Carol and Mark were intolerant. Their parenting style should not be followed otherwise you might end up having similar deaths for sure which no one deserves. They might be following an overbearing parenting style, but I appreciated that the parents bonded with each other. There was nothing wrong with the couple and their relationship.

The father remain outside for work while the mother worked as a homemaker. But from the very beginning, the characters gave the vibe that they are hiding something scary and nasty about themselves and always behaved pretty creepily.

I felt bad about Peter. He was not answered clearly by his parents and was always kept in the dark. The voice was honest with him when the movie begins but in the later part of the story, he realizes that he was fooled the entire time. The boy was kind and he was seeking help for the voice that lived inside the wall of his room.

Since his parents restricted his exposure to the world outside, he was not witty at all. Hence when encouraged to stand up for himself against the bully he did not hesitate into pushing the brat from the stairs even though the bully asked for forgiveness. It was not right!!

Ms. Divine was an angel, she practically save Peter from the sad and confused life he had. She does not stop meeting with Peter’s parents even though they show clear displeasure with her visits and insult her. But she keeps on taking the initiative in saving the quiet boy. Later it’s assumed that Peter is living with Ms. Divine when the movie ends. She saves the boy risking her bright future which definitely needs a shoutout.

Now, let us talk about Sarah the star of the movie. Sarah had a rough childhood because she was born differently. The character brews a lot of hatred for her parents and her sibling which was kind of understandable. She was deprived of love and affection from her parents entirely while her brother was loved and cared for.

She was locked up from the whole world and her cynical emotions were pragmatic. But we also know why she was locked up right? She is the monster of the movie Cobweb. But if she was loved and cared for by her parents her story would have been different, I think.

The Actors

I would say, I wanted to watch the movie only because it has Antony Starr(all because he is the Homelander). I find him extraordinary as an actor therefore I was adamant about watching the content. He was exceptional as a domineering father and he portrayed the flaws of Mark to the point. Well, what can you expect from a stunning actor like him, right?

As for Carol, I have watched her Mean Girls and she was a brilliant creepy mother. The way she dressed and behaved around Peter was genuinely suspicious. The actress did a fine job in portraying Carol in Cobweb.

Woody Norman the kid was too good as Peter. The silence that Peter was succumbing to was beautifully exhibited by this young lad. I totally understood what Peter was going through and why he took the drastic measure in saving his life. Woody was too good.

Cleopatra Coleman as Ms. Divine was nice. Her character portrayal was exactly to the requirement of a nice substitute teacher which was generous and satisfying from all corners.

And as for Aleksandra Dragova as Sarah, she was superb as the monster of the movie.

The actors were spot on while executing their job as the characters from the narrative, which I enjoyed thoroughly.

The Movie Almost To Ending

Now, when Sarah gets released from her dungeon, the genuine thrill portion of the movie gets a boost. She massacres everyone coming inside her home. It was nice actually otherwise Peter would have experienced another level of bullying which would have caused him an enhanced level of trauma.

See, I know that the boys did not deserve such brutal death and no one deserves so. But the girl takes her chances of ripping off the bodies like it’s normal. The last 20-25 minutes were awesome and the montage defined the movie as a horror flick.

Things You Might Not Like About Cobweb

The Ending

I am not at all a fan of the abrupt ending of Cobweb. If the production team had given another ten minutes or a minimum of 5 minutes to the most, they could have framed an amazing ending to the plot. It’s a bit confusing actually, like, is Peter having nightmares or is it a reality? The ball is in your court and now you can expand your imagination, which really did not work for me.

The Direction

The story of this horror movie has a sudden beginning to it, like, you will be wondering did you miss something? Is the family living here for long or do they just move (which is a typical start to almost every horror plot) there in a shabby neighborhood? After watching for some time you might conclude yourself that the family has been there from the start. What I am saying is that it was not clear.

Also, I was wondering if was Sarah locked in the secret room behind the grandfather clock from her infancy. How did she learn her language then, because she spoke clearly though?

Whose skeleton was buried in the garden behind the house? Was it the girl who went missing on Halloween? And did Sarah take her life? Or was it just a prop for Halloween, that the adults preferred it to stay in the mud in their garden than in their storehouse?

See, horror movies need to answer all such questions, otherwise, it feels kind of incomplete which definitely does not work for me.

Honestly, when you watch the movie you won’t find these minor flaws, but after some time, you might seek answers to these questions, like I am doing right now.

While TOTT Wraps On Cobweb 2023

So, how was the movie Cobweb for you? It was okay for me. I would watch the same again in bits if it’s played on TV. If you have nothing planned for the weekend giving the horror flick a try is not a bad idea at all.

TOTT gives the movie Cobweb

Rating: 3 out of 5.

If you have watched the movie, do tell me in the comment section below how much you enjoyed the flick. Also, do you have the answers to my questions? Feel free to write your thoughts and opinions in the section, below.

But, this is it for today, hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication.

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