My Happy Marriage Ep 7 Glamorous Lady of Summer Review, Was it the calmness before the impending storm???*SPOILERS*


My Happy Marriage Ep 7 introduces us to another Kudo of the anime and she has a heart of Gold just like the male protagonist of the show. She is none other than our lord Kudo’s elder sister, about whom we will talk a bit later in the blog.

After reading the title of the episode, I seriously considered the Glamorous Lady Of Summer would be Miyo since she is slowly walking toward her higher self. And after the last episode, we can confidently confirm that Miyo is not the Miyo from before.

On that note let us get going with-

Things You Might Like About My Happy Marriage Ep 7 Glamorous Lady Of Summer

So, the narrative takes off where it ended in the previous plot, i.e., Miyo waking up from her unconscious state and realizing that she has been rescued by her silver-haired prince. The generous young girl shows genuine concern about her evil family which is very much like her.

The audience then learns that the heads of the Saimori, which is Shinichi and Konoka are no longer in the town; they have permanently moved to their country home. And as for their young brat, she has been appointed to work as a servant in a strict household.

It seems like the clock has turned harsh for the Saimori. The father and the mother-daughter duo were cruel to Miyo. They kept no stone unturned in making Miyo’s life living hell. And look at them now, they were forced out of their own home where they tortured the motherless kid for so many years.

Kaya believed that Miyo does not deserve any happiness, and her unnecessary greed to become the lady of Kudo’s house brought her to an unthinkable position which I of course genuinely enjoyed. She will taste her own medicine now.

My Happy Marriage Ep 7 Glamorous Lady Of  Summer Source Netflix
My Happy Marriage Ep 7 Glamorous Lady Of Summer Source Netflix

Kiyoka takes Miyo to her parent’s house one last time as requested by Miyo. Well, she wanted to see what is the condition of the cherry tree, that belonged to her mother. It was burned severely. The condition disheartens Miyo for sure but she loudly speaks her own emotions to Kiyoka which cheers up our Hero.

So the moment Miyo touches the burnt bark, she feels some power. And within a blink of an eye, the bark turns to ashes and blends into the thick air. This was something that left me wondering. Miyo also says that she felt that her mother called her. To answer the call, she took her chance to visit the place one last time. It felt like a goodbye from her mother to Miyo and now there is no reason for Miyo to visit the horrible place anymore.

As it happens, Koji also visits the Saimori residence and they meet each other. Koji speaks with Miyo in private and he wanted Miyo to remember what he said during their last meeting in the Saimori house. I was happy that Miyo totally denies the memory even though she remembered the incident clearly.

She is happy with her current life right now and taking a peek into the past is something that she would gladly forget is what she is looking forward to.

My Happy Marriage Ep 7 made sure that Miyo and Kiyoka are finally and officially engaged. They are one step closer to being together forever(according to the social norms, not me). But Miyo’s character development has totally amazed me. The way she blushed and responded while looking at Kiyoka, I felt her inner child which needs healing came out for a brief moment in Kiyoka’s presence.

She has opened up a lot, her spirit is sprinting in joy and she blushes and smiles quite often. The few days under Kiyoka Kudo and Ms. Yurie were enough to shelter the wounded inner child of Miyo. She is on her healing journey. She is moving forward in life letting go of her injured past and she is much braver and more confident which is an excellent progress. I am just enjoying teenager Miyo.

Encouraged by Kiyoka, several times by now, Miyo openly speaks what is there in her mind, which was, that she wants to get taught as a Lady of the house to be a good wife to Lord Kudo.

She shares her thoughts with her fiance which Kiyoka supports. He even asks his elder sister, the Glamourous Lady Of Summer to take up this task. Well, she is family and Miyo is his love, and getting an education from someone whom he trusts is an absolutely right decision.

Kiyoka’s elder sister was mesmerized by Miyo’s presence in the house. She even wanted to take Miyo with her which somehow made Kiyoka frown. It was very cute of Kiyoka, to be honest. Additionally what I felt was, Miyo is finally getting a sister which is so cool right?

Now, Hazuki is a bright sunny positive vibe who came and made the entire Kudo residency echo and vibrate good and pure energy. She is opinionated and very generous in her intentions. Her gestures towards Miyo were so nice, kind, understanding, and dependable. She welcomes Miyo into the Kudo with an open heart and she was happy about it. I loved this young girl.

My Happy Marriage Ep 7 also made sure that we ponder about the unsealing of The Grave for now. The incident has shaken up Kiyoka as well, which ensures that it is a genuine grave situation.

Also, Miyo’s growing nightmare each day has finally come up, as her concealed power, which she inherited from the Usaba blood. And as per Kiyoka’s narration, we can assume that Miyo is certainly a Gift user.

Now, I was left wondering and confused, about the ritual taking place at the Grave. The lighting and the ambiance were creepy and chilling. The narrative of My Happy Marriage is going dark with its progression. It is not only a romance fantasy anymore.

When the first episode of the anime was dropped I genuinely consider the plot as a Japanese Cinderella story. But as it’s moving further with the plot, it’s going dark which is thrilling by the way.

So, Miyo and Kiyoko have started smiling a lot more than usual which I enjoyed in My Happy Marriage Ep 7. I also love the glamorous presence of Hazuki Kudo. She is a warm soothing breeze, which Miyo is blessed with, in her life.

Also, I am wondering about Arata whom we watched for a few seconds in the last episode, who openly stated, that he is coming for Miyo has left me worried. Let’s see what waits in the My Happy Marriage Ep 8.

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