Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead Live Action Review, Was The Live Action A Good Consideration To Watch On The Weekend*SPOILERS*


Not For the Anime Watchers or Manga Readers

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead Live Action was announced by Netflix on 7th June 2023 during the Geeked Week Livestream. The movie is directorial production of Yusuke Ishida that is entirely based on the screenplay by Tatsuro Mishima. Now, the movie was dropped on Netflix on 3rd August 2023 about which I was not sure at all.

But I gave the content a try since I really love the anime and I am totally into zombies. However, as I have mentioned in the beginning, it’s not for anime watchers or manga readers, and trust me on that, otherwise, you keep on comparing. So should you watch the movie in the first place or not?

On that note, let us get going with-

Things You Might Like From Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead Live Action

The Narrative

The narrative of Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead Live Action is different from the anime. Like there are significant changes crafted to make the movie unique. Yes, the movie has Akira Tendo, Kenichiro Ryuzaki, and Shizuka Mikazuki, and they bear similar characterizations too. But the narrative is warped, to prepare a 2-hour watchable and entertaining content.

The movie is typically framed for people who love zombie content. I am personally into zombie movies or series, therefore I sat watching the movie keeping the mindset that I am not going to compare the narratives. But failed, I compared the live-action with the anime numerous times. Nonetheless, this is a good watchable content.

The narrative is fun, thrilling at some edges, and entertaining for sure. The production team beautifully summed up the situations in 2 hours making the plot points interesting. I personally enjoyed the trio’s adventure and at some points, I was feeling generously jealous too. Yes, they were living a perfect retirement life but at a young age.

The Characters

Before watching the live action I was adamant about not liking Akira from this movie, because I love Akira Tendo from the anime adaptation. But watching the live-action swiftly changed my mind. I enjoyed Eiji Akaso as Akira Tendo. He was superb.

Now coming back to Akira as the primary character, he is the leader and Hero we need in our regular life. The personality does not stop motivating us at all. He directly or indirectly takes initiation to be a Hero in the plot. His first initiative was to save Kencho and he does save him. In the process, he utilizes his athletic skills and wit simultaneously. It was obvious for Kencho to drop some tears, even if I was in Kencho’s shoes, I would have also, done the same.

His enthusiasm for living a carefree life after the beginning of the zombie apocalypse was inspiring and showed the viewers that we must look at the brighter side and stop living like a corporate drone (or you can also say literal living dead). He embraces the dramatic change in human life and starts enjoying his daily chores making them seemingly magical. His vibe changes Kencho and Shizuka as well.

Kencho well, all the anime watchers know how much of a coward he is. But when he begins his survival journey with Akira, he also starts taking his chances. He is a best freind whom I would cherish. Also, did you find Kencho’s blonde makeover somehow replicated Zenitsu from Demon Slayer Franchisee? Well, I felt so, to be honest.

On the subject of Shizuka, she is a very self-aware human who is trying her level best to not transform into a zombie. But again Akira changes the girl’s perspective. She loosens up and tries to embrace the positivity, that life has in store for her.

Now let us talk about how Akira, and how he was traumatized. Can’t skip the fact, that when Akira reunites with his former boss, the corporate drone side of him triggers open and his lively personality completely disappears. He turns mechanical and is scared.

This was the moment when Kencho and Shizuka, realizes that they wanted their Akira to come back for which this duo challenges the forthcoming hurdles, confidently. They came out of their shell and helped Akira to become the Hero he wants to be. Well, according to me, it was very nice of Kencho and Shizuka; isn’t it?

I genuinely Loved the TRIO.

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead Live Action Source Netflix
Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead Live Action Source Netflix

The Production

The production team which includes Yusuke Ishida, Akira Morii, Tatsuro Mishiima, and Kohei Chida did an amazing job in creating the project. I enjoyed the movie, from the beginning till the end. I was waiting for the zombie shark in the movie, and OMG, I was astonished by the outcome. Similarly, there are more plot points to which I was looking forward to, and the live-action satisfyingly brought those situations into the screen which I loved.

The Ending

The entertaining narrative has a soft and satisfying ending that offers the speculation of an upcoming second part. Well, this is what I feel. See, till now, nothing is resolved and I would love to watch how Akira Tendo, the savior, saves humankind with his heroism and liveliness. And how his best freind and crush accompany him in his journey.

The ending gave me the vibe that it was just the beginning of another great adventure to come. What did you think though? Tell me in the comment section below.

TOTT’s Take On Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead Live Action

So, this was everything that I found nice from Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead Live Action. Honestly, I was a bit off when I found the significant alterations adapted in the movie which is there in the anime but placed differently.

Then I thought, that it’s not practically possible to sum up everything essential in a 2-hour movie. Since the production team followed their unique formula to craft the distinct movie, I thoroughly enjoyed the content. So I give Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead Live Action

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Now, tell me what did you like or dislike from Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead Live Action here in the comment section below. Also, pardon me if by mistake I missed out on any point from the content, so make sure to tell me about the same in the comment section below as well.

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