ZOM100 Ep 5 Hero Of The Dead Review, Was It A Entertaining Episode???*Spoilers*


ZOM100 Ep 5 was dropped on the 13th of August 2023. So, as you can assume from the title, it’s about being a Hero. Therefore Akira Tendo, the lead of the show, takes up the mantle to run as the Hero of humankind during the zombie breakout.

Now, Kencho, when we met him for the first time in the show, threw light on Akira’s heroism. It was, because, Akiro did not care about his safety rather he took the chance and set off to rescue his best friend. He travels from Tokyo to Shinjuku in his Hardley Davidson dupe while the living dead roamed crazily all around. Undoubtedly this is an act of heroism.

And, in the last release, Akira wanted to remember what is his childhood dream, like what he actually wanted to be when he grew up. And this episode answers his question. On that note let us get going with-

Things You Might Have Liked From ZOM100 Ep 5 Hero Of The Dead

So, the narrative smoothly takes off from a flashback. Akira was Akiraiger back then, saving the needy from bullies. This generously inspires him to take up his role as a hero of humankind, right now. He talks about his desires with Kencho which his best friend support with an inquisitive and doubtful mind though. Also, in ZOM100 Ep 5 we meet blonde Kencho. This hair transformation heightened Kencho’s good looks for sure. Well, I liked it, did you too?

Let us now talk about these two. The lives that these two young men are living somehow prove that zombie breakouts are a delight to experience. They camp over a rooftop where they spend time cooking scrumptious meals and playing games every day.

They enjoy each of the seconds of their life like they are living on vacation. In fact, they casually go out running errands as if nothing is wrong outside. What I wanted to say is that they are actually enjoying their life right now, much more than before.

So, as the title suggested, Akira is all about being a hero who once again amazed me with his impeccable wit. It was astonishingly informative when he shares the information about the diver’s suits. It is helpful to the point, that now, we can go straight to an aquarium that exhibits White sharks and Crocodiles if there is a similar situation.

Now, ZOM100 Ep 5 also brings back the mysterious self-aware girl from episode two, who happens to be a completely different human than Akira. We got a name, she is Shizuka Mikazuki. Her over-analysis totally saves the day. But initially, it was really annoying.

ZOM100 Ep 5 Hero Of The Dead Source Bug Films
ZOM100 Ep 5 Hero Of The Dead Source Bug Films

Akira is the hero of the show who finally suits up to save the damsel in distress, well, I am talking about the schoolgirl here. It was genuinely courageous, going face to face with the living dead. Yes, he was wearing that diver’s suit which was undoubtedly a protective cover but he took the brave step of going in front rather than running back. He returned safely as well, and that matters.

I totally enjoyed the entire aquarium sequence. Shizuka dismisses Akira’s attempt to save the civilians was the point where I was annoyed at her. Her logical reasonings infuriated me, and so was Kencho’s. However, she was proved wrong the moment she was left all alone to face death. Akira comes to save the lady, from whom he is trying to get a number.

Also, the logic behind the shark with 6 human legs was kind of ridiculously funny. The chase and Kencho’s expression every time got me. Further, what Kencho does to save his best friend was numbing, like 🤯.

I wanted to slap that schoolgirl from ZOM100 Ep 5. Her cowardly mind forgets humanity which infuriated me a lot. Her escapism was a liability to the entire group of civilians inside the aquarium.

I loved ZOM100 Ep 5. It was a fun, entertaining, and thrilling episode which I enjoyed. I love Akira a lot. Kencho was pretty good. I appreciate how Kencho was confident about Akira returning safely, therefore he closes the door. Additionally in the later part of the episode he was there supporting and trying to protect his best friend at the cost of his life.

He is a good friend indeed. And as for Shizuka, her girlier self was popped open by Akira. Don’t get me wrong, but to me, she is more of a badass chick. She blushed and, she shared her contact details which is an obvious success for Akira. Now, let us hope that these two meet again very soon.

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So this was my take on ZOM100 Ep 5 and I am really that I have covered almost everything from this plot. But now it’s time to know your call on the 5th drop of the season. I really hope you all liked the episode as I did. Write your comments down below.

But, this is it for today, hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication.

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