Demon Slayer S3 Ep2 “Yoriichi Type Zero”: Did Kotetsu from the Swordsmith Village ARC stole the episode from our hero?


Demon Slayer S3 Ep2 “Yoriichi Type Zero” holds significant situations which throw light on Tanjiro and his impeccable character development. Going back in time might make me emotional, to be honest. This young lad went through serious shit that transformed the personality of this young man effectively.

However, we are here to talk about Kotetsu. So, for those who can’t remember this name, Kotetsu is the 10-year-old boy, from the Swordsmith village who appeared prominently for the first time in this ARC in EP 2. On a sincere note, he is the rightful owner of Yoriichi Type Zero.

After rewatching the episode I have concluded that he is an underrated character of this episode. Tanjiro is simply exceptional while Muichiro Tokito is splendid as swords men. However, this young lad generously needs some shout-outs as well. But why right?

It’s simply because of him, Tanjiro gets to train before time which unknowingly prepares him for the impending doom in the swordsmith village. His rigorous training sessions prepared Tanjiro for fighting the Upper Moons.

In addition, there are some other important layers of this character with which we can relate as well. So let us dive into-

Kotetsu From Demon Slayer S3 Ep 2- What Makes Him The Star Of The Episode???

1st He is Straightforward

I loved how Kotetsu asks Tanjiro, not to pay attention to Tokito’s crow. He identifies the crow as a “mean female crow” which was true as well.

Now, the moment he gets a hold of Yoriichi Type Zero back again, he spills his heart content to Tanjiro. By now, Tanjiro and Kotetsu have spent quite some time with each other which was sufficient to win Kotestu’s trust by Tanjiro. So, he believes that Tanjiro can outmatch Muichiro who till now has happened to upset this kid a lot of times.

The infuriated emotion came out straight in front of Tanjiro where Kotetsu is willing to share Yoriichi Type Zero with him in return Tanjiro needs to become the best to outmatch Muichiro.

The sentences which Kotetsu puts on the plate to serve Muichiro were understandable. And I also understood that it was pretty impossible for Tanjiro to serve those sentences to Muichiro because he is a gentle soul. But I genuinely enjoyed it when Kotetsu goes straight on the idea of beheading Tokito.

The context was funny(for us) yet very sincere from Kotetsu’s end.

2nd He is Kind

The moment the mean female crow mocks our hero, Kotetsu relieves the tension off Tanjiro’s shoulder and clarifies the subject of inherited memory. He also adds that it’s common and people in his village are pretty aware of the situation. So, nothing to worry about.

Also, the moment Tanjiro caught the chance to defeat the training doll, Kotetsu gives the boy permission to swing his sword. All this time he was worried about the well-being of the doll, but when the right time came, he did not flinch and gave Tanjiro the persimmon to swing and offend the doll to win the fight and end the training. It was absolutely unexpected, but it was sincere and mature.

Demon Slayer S3 Ep2 "Yoriichi Type Zero" Source Aniplex
Demon Slayer S3 Ep2 “Yoriichi Type Zero” Source Aniplex

3rd He is Determined

When Tokito Muichirio asks for the key to Kotetsu to train himself with Yoriichi Type Zero, he was determined to not share his family’s heirloom with a stranger, which is something normal. The Mist Hashira even hits the kid to get his hands on the key, but still, he refuses to hand over the keys. The 10-year-old withstands continuous insults but was determined to not give the Hashira his belonging.
But he ultimately gives up.

Kotetsu was scared that further training with the machine might break it apart since the model belongs to the Sengoku era. And this is something his ancestors made. He is all alone in the world, therefore it’s his responsibility to safeguard the doll. In fact, he was doubtful of trusting Tanjiro in the beginning too.

In the later part of the anime, his rigorous training plan for Tanjiro is also some exhibition of determination we need to talk about. He did budge at all calling Tanjiro worthless. I am sure that he was criticizing Tanjiro rather than sharing constructive criticism. He even says that he won’t give food and water to Tanjiro if he does not follow Kotestsu’s words. It was brutal actually.

What surprised me the most was Tanjiro kept his patience with the kid. He could have left the spot but he was there following the kid’s orders A-Z.

Tanjiro wanted to grow stronger than Muichiro which made him stick to this harsh training session laid down by the kid. He starved but still trained, which was kind of motivating for us, don’t you think?

Also, at this time, I kind of felt that Kotetsu is annoying too.

4th He is a Secret Keeper

When Tanjiro passes out, apart from Kotetsu, Haganezuka was also around him. They were talking about how to get Tanjiro off the mountain. The moment Tanjiro flutters his closed eyes, Haganezuka leaves the spot instantly. However, Tanjiro overhears their conversation.

On this note, he asks Kotetsu about Haganezuka, whether him being around the spot or not. But the kid completely hides the fact, becoming an astonishing secret keeper. His blatant statement even makes Tanjiro doubt the circumstance.

5th He is a Grateful soul

He is genuinely thankful to Tanjiro who without thinking for a second stands up for this young kid. I guess Tanjiro’s brother-side triggers open whenever he finds innocent kids being bullied by the powerful. Muichiro was harsh in his actions and in words.

He simply appeared to be someone who was taking advantage of his Hashira position. The kid shows his sincere gratitude towards our hero, which precisely strengthens their brotherhood more in the season.

6th He Is A Walking Encyclopedia

Without the boy, Tanjiro would have been left in shambles. Kotetsu offers precious information such as his entire knowledge of Yoriichi Type Zero. Later he also offers beneficial info about inherited memory. This fills in the gaps in Tanjiro’s book of knowledge, proving Kotetsu to be a walking encyclopedia.

While TOTT Wraps

So, this was everything on Kotetsu from Demon Slayer S3 Ep 2. I am hoping that I have covered everything good about this lad in this blog. Yes, he was a pain in the butt a lot of times for sure. He has some poor characteristics too, like easily giving up and imposing orders without understanding the limits; this was something that gave me a headache. But thankfully it helped Tanjiro, so everything is cool from my end.

Now, tell, me do you consider Kotetsu an important character for Demon Slayer S3 Or not… Whatever your thought on the kid is, make sure to write it down in the comment section below.

But, this is it for today, hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication.

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