My Happy Marriage Ep 6 “Determination and Thunder” Review, Did the episode align with your expectations? *Spoilers*


My Happy Marriage Ep 6 titled Determination and Thunder sums up the narrative wonderfully. After reading the title, I pretty much understood what would be the gist and well, I expected a little bit more. However, going out of character might have ruined the dignity of Lord Kudo. So, what’s your call on the 6th episode of this fantasy romantic drama? Make sure to tell me everything in your review in the comment section below.

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Things You Might Have Liked About My Happy Marriage Ep 6

So, the narrative starts off with Miyo who is held captive. Then slowly the door opens and we find Kaya along with her mother being equally involved in this heinous scheme. I did not expect Konoka Saimori’s involvement in the plot honestly. But when I watched her standing behind Kaya, some questions popped up in my head.

For instance, is Shinichi Saimori a part of this scheme as well? Is she taking Kiyoka Kudo lightly even after having a sincere conversation with the man? Aren’t she scared of Lord Kudo by any chance, because he is notorious for his cold nature? Is she so shameless?

As an audience I was well aware of the fact what Kiyoka Kudo felt about Miyo, hence, I was all hyped up to watch what happens to these ladies at the end of this episode. But Kiyoka’s calm demeanor was perplexing me as well. As if he was confident that the ball was under his court and nothing to stress about.

But he just blew my mind when he sabotaged the entrance of the Saimori residence. I genuinely assumed that he would just kick open the door. But there is no door left at the gate now. Kudos to Mr. Kudo. Also, have you watched Koji’s reaction, he was mindblown too.

I was amazed at Minorou. The old man thought that he can outdo the most powerful man of the generation. He is confident and certainly determined to not let Miyo sweep out of his hand once again.

Also, just then I was provided with the answer about Mr. Saimori. No, he was not involved in this scheme whatsoever. He did not even know that Miyo was present at the property at that moment. But without considering anything more, he joins Minoru to protect his house. It was a practical approach actually.

But the sharp gaze imprinted on Kiyoka’s face was enough to tell me that Minoru’s game will be over any moment. Also, I felt Kiyoka was holding his power back so that the property is not damaged.

My Happy Marriage Ep 6 "Determination and Thunder"  Source Kinema Citrus
My Happy Marriage Ep 6 “Determination and Thunder” Source Kinema Citrus

Nonetheless, Saimori’s house burns, but it was not Kiyoka’s fault in any way. They should have thought of a better place to hide Miyo. Actually all of them and I mean Minorou, Konoka, and Kaya are a foolish bunch of people who believe that they have brains.

Kaya and Minoru had evidence that Kiyoka was falling for this elegant kind young girl. Still, they took their chances thinking that Kiyoka would not come to take back his fiancee.

Now, let us talk about Kaya. I was shocked to watch this brat and her mother being assured about their action against our kind heroine. Their words and repetitive hits on Miyo generously made me hate them more than ever.

Their constant ignorance about Kiyoka Kudo’s response to Miyo’s abduction and engaging in their abusive action was giving me headaches. I was feeling like going inside that universe and hitting the mother-and-daughter duo hard for their choice of life. They were remarkably godawful.

Kaya was so determined in making Miyo repeat her words, she goes to the level of strangling the pure soul. But I was so proud of this young lady, Miyo. She stands up on her ground and fights for her love. Her character has developed impressively.

She experienced a scared abusive lifestyle during her time with the Saimoris. The little time with Kiyoka Kudo and Ms. Yurie was enough to strengthen her inner soul. Just imagine if she was loved and cared for, from her childhood. What a charismatic personality she would have been then. She rejects every attempt they make and stands strong. She believed in Kiyoka wholeheartedly. Her confidence pulled down the evil mother-daughter duo making me generously happy.

Now, Kiyoka’s entrance to the abandoned storehouse was very swift and subtle. Again his sharp gaze at Kaya was scary. But the brat spoke her heart out like Miyo does not deserve to be his future wife because she lacks spirit sight. I seriously, wanted Kiyoka to slap Kaya left and right. But, later I thought that this attitude does not belong to a dignified young gentleman, which Kiyoka is.

The man takes his lady love and leaves the burning Saimori house. I felt that the family deserved the fate. It was the result of showering all their love to the girl whose foolishness burned down the entire home.

Now, in this episode, Koji simply won my heart. He stood against his family and stood strong on his ground as well. He asked Kaya to evacuate and also simplified the reason behind his request. He also does not go to his injured father for once, because he was shocked by his father’s deliberate negative actions.

I loved watching Miyo waking up and Kiyoka snoozing beside her. The way he smiled at her made my heart skip a beat. He was looking so gorgeous. And the smile on Miyo’s face was a genuine heartfelt smile, right? The reaction from Ms. Yurie was again something I very much expected from her.

Now let us talk about the next bundle of hindrances that is approaching these love birds. And this time it’s the Emperor. The monarchy is against Kiyoka Kudo and I am scared honestly. Let’s see what happens next in “Glamorous Lady of Summer”.

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So, this is my take on My Happy Marriage Ep 6 “Determination and Thunder”. I loved the episode except I wanted some more actions from Kiyoka. But I am happy that the love birds are reunited once again. And I am scared too for what waits in the future episodes.

Now, it’s time to know your call on My Happy Marriage Ep 6 “Determination and Thunder”. Write down your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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