Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Swordsmith Village Arc EP 1; Which Moment From This Brilliant Episode Marked Your Heart?*SPOILERS*


Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Swordsmith Village Arc EP 1 was dropped officially on 9th April 2023 after the theatrical release of the plot on 3rd February 2023. Yes, I watched the movie in the theater but was also looking forward to seeing the first episode of this year’s ARC all by myself in my room. Here in India, the anime was released on Netflix and my anime-watching time was generously fun.

So, after watching the first episode i.e. “Someone’s Dream” of the Swordsmith Village Arc, I have come to the conclusion that the episode is segregated into 7 major plot points, which should be ranked from least to best. And undoubtedly these major plot points can be rewatched several times as well.

So, here I am with –

7 Highlights of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Swordsmith Village Arc EP 1; Ranked From Least To Best

7th The Swordsmith Village

Now, being a guest there, Tanjiro meets the head of the Village, as soon as he arrives there. Tanjiro pays his sincere respect as he was asked. By the village leader, he learns that Haganezuka is missing, and people are looking for the individual, quite sincerely all these days. The village leader also spills that Haganezukas’ complete name is Hotaru Haganezuka in his sweet cute voice.

During their cordial conversation, Tanjiro reveals why he is visiting the village, and why Haganezuka might be sulking. Well, it was because Tanjiro broke and chipped his sword. Interestingly the tone of the Village leader drastically changes.

The cute, small, and esteemed village leader says that it’s Haganezuka’s fault in the first place, for forging weak and dull Nichiren swords that break. They will soon find him and bring him in front, for forging Tanjiro’s sword. They request Tanjiro to relax and recover till then, otherwise, they will replace his swordsmith.

6th Tanjiro’s Journey To The Swordsmith Village

Along with Tanjiro, we the audience also embark on the journey toward the Swordsmith village. Permitted by the Master, the Kakushi arrives to take Tanjiro to Swordsmith Village. She clarifies that she won’t give in her name and identity to Tanjiro for obvious circumstances, and asks him to stay relaxed all this time.

The journey requires Tanjiro to seal his ears, blindfold his eyes and seal his nostril too(due to hypersensitivity). The Kakushi also says that Tanjiro will be carried on her back to his destination.

The journey to the mysterious hidden village was pretty interesting. Just like Tanjiro, the audience is also kept blank about the direction and a proper address as to where one can find the swordsmith village. Yes, I understand the real reason behind the same and the reasons are quite significant too. But we all know that it was futile in the end.

What made the explanation pretty interesting was the visualization, which was beautifully created for the audience. Sure, it was a challenge for all the Kakushi who were involved in the process. They carry our Hero, one by one according to their turn, during the journey changing routes frequently as well. The professionals are guided by a crow who were also changed frequently.

It was a challenging affair, which the Kakushis and the crows took care of skillfully.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Swordsmith Village Arc EP 1 Source Netflix
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Swordsmith Village Arc EP 1 Source Netflix

5th Tanjiro Awakens

So, Tanjiro finally awakens after being in a coma for straight two months. I was happy, that Kanao was the one, who finds him the first. She was delighted.

Now, just after that, a series of chaotic sequences take place one after another giving us the audience a break from the grave ambiance which brewed a few minutes back. I was humored satisfyingly. And the breakeven point occurred when Tanjiro reveals that Inosuke is clinging to the ceiling shocking the spectators and us, making the montage jawdropping while being extremely hilarious.

Inosuke’s only concern was, that he is stronger than Tanjiro since he recovered 7 days before him. Also, he repeats, Tanjiro is weak and it makes him worry about him. I guess, from their history, Inosuke loves Tanjiro a bit more than Zenitsu. What do you think?

4th Tanjiro Meets Mitsuri & Genya

The moment Tanjiro arrives in the alluring landscape of the Swordsmith village, after meeting the village head he meets Mitsuri Kanroji the Love Hashira, and Genya Shinazugawa another fellow demon slayer. The entire time Tanjiro spends with Mitsuri, it was nice very warm, and can’t forget it was pretty informative as well. While the brief minute, Tanjiro spends with Genya, it was spiteful. Genya’s first word to Tanjiro was “Die”.

I loved how Nezuko clung to Mitsuri as if she knew her from before. Also, can’t skip on the fact that Mitsuri gave Tanjiro nosebleeds, which was kind of unexpected from Tanjiro.

3rd The Man From The Dream

It was Mitsuri’s insight that motivates Tanjiro to look for the secret weapon or something significant hidden in this village. On the way of his adventure, he stumbles across a secret conversation between Muichiro Tokito, the Mist Hashira, and a nameless kid for now.

He also watches the man from his dream involved in between the conversation however he was a silent spectator. Watching this montage from Swordsmith Village Arc EP 1 really made me excited for the upcoming episodes.

2nd The “Someone’s Dream”

It was a genuine surprise for me when Yorichi the legendary swordsman and Muzan’s nightmare, suddenly appears in the narrative of Swordsmith Village Arc EP 1. It was more of a surprise to me when the host of Yorichi gets revealed to the audience and he is none other than our Tanjiro. But a little later we come to know that he was not Tanjiro but he was a look-alike named Sumiyoshi who also happens to be a charcoal seller, just like Tanjiro was.

After digging into the situation, I found out that Sumiyoshi is Tanjiro’s ancestor hence the uncanny resemblance. Further, he is a gentle, kind, and very generous human being just like Tanjiro.

Well, we can say that Tanjiro dreams about this little fragment of memory that was passed on to him through genetics. It was quite sudden but insightful since the audience can determine the relationship dynamics which evolved between Yorichi and Sumiyoshi after he rescued him and his family from a demon. More to be learned in the upcoming episodes for sure.

1st Upper Moons

I just cannot deny the visual representation of Infinity Castle and Akaza’s trip to meet his master Muzan Sama. With him, we are also made aware of the actual reason behind his sudden call to the castle. The entire montage wins my heart. I can say, I can rewatch the sequence from Swordsmith Village Arc EP 1 multiple times in just one day.

The amazing animation along with the perfect BGM was sufficient to make the montage memorable and spectacular. It was a perfect start to another dramatic journey and more bloody success against Muzan.

For the first time, and I am talking for all the anime watchers here, we are officially introduced to Upper Moons. Except for Gyokko and Hantengu, the superior three had a cold air running amidst them. I don’t know about you all but I felt that there was a power struggle.

Now Muzan’s entrance into the Infinity Castle was deliberately swift. His presence inside the Infinity castle was announced by the Upper Moon Kokushibo. His placement in the montage and the way he communicates with the Upper Moons was too classy.

So, I felt that Muzan holds the Upper Moon in a special place since we all know what happened to the Lower Moons like there is no Lower Moon right now. He gets infuriated by these 5, like a lot since for the first time in 113 years an Upper Moon was murdered. He was utterly displeased.

But he does nothing as such(being his typical self) to scare the shit out of them(except for Hantengu, who is a scaredy cat). Muzan orders the 5 to work desperately and asks Gyokko to be sure about his collected information and take Hantengu with him. The Demon King leaves the place admitting that he might have been spoiling the Upper Moons.

While TOTT Wraps

So, this is my ranking of the 7 significant highlights of the Swordsmith Village Arc EP 1. Now, it’s time to know your thoughts and opinions on the ranking I made. Also, I am very much eager to know your ratings of the situations discussed here.

On an honest note, Swordsmith Village Arc EP 1 was interesting and I can rewatch the episode a lot of times for sure, in a month. Especially my number one sequence of “Someone’s Dream“.

But, this is it for today, hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication.

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