ZOM 100 Ep 4 Flight Attendant Of The Dead Review, So tell me what is Your Dream Job?*SPOILERS*


ZOM 100 Ep 4 was released on the 6th of August 2023. And you can already assume, what I deduced from this profound episode of this show? Yes, just like Akira several of us are now pondering over the fact, are they working their dream job?

On that same note, let us also get going with-

Things You Might Have Liked From ZOM 100 Ep 4 Flight Attendant Of The Dead

The title also summarises that Akira along with Kencho will encounter flight attendants on their survival journey, and likewise, they do. However, the beginning of the episode was a bit interesting and can throw you off your seat.

So, our entertainer Akira is all engrossed in the VR experience of hunting down zombies while Kencho is all busy, preparing both of them scrumptious meals. The boys are genuinely happy living their dreamlife right now. But to add the cherry on their cheesecake life, they decide to get themselves an 85-inch flat screen which is available at a 100% discount.

This episode once again shows how brave this Akira guy is. I loved how Akira takes his chance and enrages towards the wrecked gas tank. The pillion, Kencho, his reaction was so accurate. However, he trusted his best friend with all his heart. But what made the situation a bit more humorous was when the head of the zombie flew and hit Kencho’s handsome face. Kencho’s expression was so to the point, isn’t it?

ZOM 100 Ep 4 Flight Attendant Of The Dead Source Bug Films
ZOM 100 Ep 4 Flight Attendant Of The Dead Source Bug Films

Now, while they were moving toward their destination, they stumbled across the topic of their dream job. This pushes Akira to ponder whether getting hired by the exploitative company was actually his dream job. Or if he was just mesmerized by the profile he was working on.

Kencho seriously wants to become a stand-up comedian and he is planning different milestones to reach his professional goal. This planning lets Akira delve deep into the concept of a dream job, and ask himself what his dream job is.

Now, after the amazing stunt pulled by Akira, these guys finally settle down inside a departmental store, which was stormed by a massive mob of zombies outside. So, getting inside was the only great option. However, they meet three flight attendants and a man trapped inside the building.

The boys suddenly fell on the verge of checking out another wish from their (it’s now Akira’s and Kencho’s bucket list) bucket list, which was wining and dining with a flight attendant.

Being trapped in the departmental store gave them the option to consume unlimited booze. Honestly what happens with the girls in the later part of the story, was only because of the alcohol they consumed, don’t you think?

So, Akira’s inexperienced hand on girls, overdoes the situation, while Kencho and his good looks and persuasive nature help him hit a girl pretty fine. But after finishing the entire episode, I concluded, that Yukari was the only sober girl in the group of three. She did not drink, but she fell victim to the fatal situation only because the other two lost their consciousness.

Well, I was not sure about the identity of the man with them. If you know, please do let me know too. If Reika was sober, she would have handled the situation meticulously and Maki would have done the same as well. Consequently, Yukari would have been alive. But this is my opinion, I would like to know your thoughts too.

However, amidst all the chaos, Kencho manages to get an 85-inch flat-screen TV and this makes Akira happy.

Now, when Yukari and Akira were having a deep conversation, once again Akira was pushed to seek what is his dream job. But I liked how Akira makes Yukari happy and content with his input into her life as a flight attendant, right? See, he doesn’t know what his dream job is, therefore talking something so positive to a girl whom he just met was nice.

But he also witnesses the worse fate of Yukari happening in front of him. They were having a good time honestly, but the shocking change of events disheartens this young man. But thanks to Kencho who managed to make Akira smile once again with the 85-inch TV at EOD.

After returning Akira spaces out in his zone, gaming and pondering about his dream job. He decides to add the idea to his bucket list as “Remember his childhood dream”. It was quite profound.

See, the competitive world both in academics and in work tends to divert our brains from our area of specialty. And this often makes us live a life out of compulsion and not comfort. We grow unhappy day by day and forget what was actually our ambition. Therefore my TOTTErs taking breaks in life is important. I totally agree with Akira we need to remember our childhood dream to live the life which we really want.

While TOTT Wraps

On a genuine note, the episode was pretty insightful. Honestly, many of us are living dead. But just like Akira chooses to be alive, we must also choose the same and live for yourselves and what makes us happy, even if that means working on our dream job.

So, this is my thoughts and opinions of ZOM 100 Ep 4 Flight Attendants Of The Dead. Now, it’s time to learn your call on the story. Do write it down in the comment section below.

But, this is it for today, hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication.

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