ZOM100 Ep 3 Best Friend Of The Dead Review, How much did Akira make you happy the third time???*Spoilers*


Extremely sorry, my TOTTers for bringing ZOM100 Ep 3 review so late, but here it is now. Well, the title of the episode generously says it all. But the story behind the relationship is the essence of the third drop of the anime. So, what’s your call on ZOM100 Ep 3, do let me know in the comment section.

However, for now, let us get going with-

Things You Might Have Liked About ZOM100 Ep 3 Best Friend Of The Dead

So, finally, Akira checks out another wish from his bucket list in the third drop of the season which is meeting with his best friend. Well, I believed previously, Kencho Ryuzaki is his childhood friend, but rather he is his college friend. Therefore, it’s a mature friendship that is profound and more inclined towards being brothers to each other.

So, the moment Akira learns that Kencho is stuck amidst the mayhem, he does not waste any time, he leaves to save his buddy. This young man has a heart of gold for sure.

Now, the episode begins on a different note. We see some members of an elite club located in Shinjuku. The young men are engaged in the rescue situation of the civilians of the zombie infestation. They are courageously safeguarding and securing the civilians, providing them with shelter.

ZOM100 Ep 3 Best Friend Of The Dead Source Bug Films
ZOM100 Ep 3 Best Friend Of The Dead Source Bug Films

However, all the members fall victim and the leader Shou was about to as well, just then our Hero takes charge of the situation. Nonetheless, unknowingly, Akira saves the young gentleman with his wit.

Kencho, by all his luck, takes refuge in the bondage room with a zombie. What I deciphered after watching the entire episode is that this man very easily loses his balance. I suppose for around 3 times, he assumed that his life is about to end. And every time, Akira mysteriously arrives directly or indirectly in front of him. He shows the possibility of neverending opportunities life has.

Also, I feel, whenever Akira appeared in the scene, he emanated a beam of light, as if he is the light bringer in Kencho’s life which he is presuming to be ending quite soon, a lot of times honestly.

So, according to me, the entire piece was about keeping promises, dedication to time & life, and friendship. Shou was determined to keep his promise to the young kid. Akira wanted to meet his only friend before he becomes a zombie. Akira also inspires Kencho to become a stand-up comedian as he wants to be one. He motivates his friend and saves him as well, from a naked death.

While TOTT Wraps

The story of ZOM100 Ep 3 was nice. The prominent characters namely Akira and Kencho were poles apart yet wants to live a happy life at EOD. The promising nature of Akira even makes Kencho believe that Akira actually might be the savior of humanity in this Zombie apocalypse.

Well, Kencho although appears a strong buff he is very weak at heart. This man bluffed about his professional and personal life instigating Akira to leave his job since he could not. He often thought of giving up on life, during this single episode. I also believed that he will die by the end of the episode.

While on the other hand, Akira was dying inside because of his professional life. But he is not at all depressed over this sudden Zombie apocalypse. In fact, his athletic side has amplified even though he could not exercise for the last three years at all.

He never stops to amaze me with his optimistic approach to life, in this dystopian situation as well, where he believes he will complete his 100 things before he turns a zombie which is kind of great according to me.

The aspiring individual Shou also seems inspiring. He is the only survivor of the elite club. I hope to see more of this young man in the upcoming episodes.

So, this was my take on ZOM100 Ep 3, and now it’s time to know yours. Do write down your thoughts and opinion in the comment section below.

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