Rurouni Kenshin EP 5 And Then, Another Review, How Did You Like The 5th Drop Of The Anime?*SPOILERS*


Rurouni Kenshin EP 5 was released on 4th August 2023. The episode was scripted to narrate a brief from the life of Sagara Sanusuke. Additionally, the episode had plenty of stunning katana swings and a lot of Kenshin situations where he amazes everyone including the audience once again.

So, what were the likes of the episode, “And then, Another”?

Things You Might Like From Rurouni Kenshin EP 5 And Then, Another

Well, the narrative begins from where it ended in the last episode, which was a dramatic climax indeed. However, from Kihee’s POV it’s assumed that from the start itself, the game was under Kenshin’s palm. His Sakabato is exceptional and can handle the hard blows from Zanbato effortlessly. Honestly, I did not assume that sleek katana could tackle Zanbato. Like it did not appear practical, right???

So, with Kenshin’s superior skill and years of practice, beating Sanosuke was child’s play. But this fight triggers the 19-year-old boy emotionally. He goes back to the days when he was accompanying Captain Sagara Sozo of the Sekihotai. The difference in thoughts and opinions killed the optimistic young men mercilessly. This shattered the poor child. To forget the tragedy Sanosuke was fighting street fights since then.

Rurouni Kenshin EP 5 And Then, Another Source Liden Films
Rurouni Kenshin EP 5 And Then, Another Source Liden Films

Now, in this episode, Sanosuke and Kenshin were fighting, following the honorable rules of a typical duel. In the meantime, Kihei along with his scum brother attacks the watchers i.e., Kouru and Yahiko, infuriating Kenshin and Sanosuke both. However, the Hiruma brothers generously receive what they deserve. I toh loved it…

Honestly, the episode did not have many remarkable instances to talk about. The episode inclined towards letting the audience peep into the life of Zanza, the fighter for hire, Sanosuke Sagara. And it was prepared to amaze the audience with Kenshin’s marvelous dexterity in handling his Katana. No wonder he was Hitokari Battosai once. This red-haired dude never fails to amaze me actually.

Also, we now know, how Sanosuke, the son of a farmer has Sagara in his name.

See what I perceived is, Sanosuke is a promising young lad who can acquire anything if he puts his mind to it. He is simple minded gentle man who is honest. Nevertheless, every time he forgets to pay while he eats at a restaurant.

He boasts about his strength openly and loves fighting with unbeatable opponents. I love this optimistic young fella, and I also appreciate the constant smile on his face. But he is not a quitter. The punch from Kenshin and the inspiring good words from our hero Kenshin could only stop the injured fighter. Overall this character is a nice inclusion to the show.

Now, what awaits to be included in the upcoming episode titled “Kurogasa” sure looks terrifying. Let’s see what happens next.

While TOTT Wraps

Rurouni Kenshin EP 5 was a good chapter which kind of was a flashback episode. Also, you have to experience the episode, since it was packed with awestruck katana action. You can consider the 5th drop as an insightful situation where the audience learns a lot about the characters.

See, Sanosuke is a determined young human, he saw the reflection of his captain in Kenshin, which stopped his injured body from ruining it any further. The past which pushed Hitokari Battosai simply triggered him because those Imperialist ideals killed his captain who was his inspiration. Anyway, Kouru and Yahiko clear their doubts about Kenshin and now they are good friends which I like about the ending.

I was also stunned at how impressively, Kenshin manages the upcoming bullets wounding Kihee fatally. It was an exhibition of extravagant katana techniques, which he has masted over the years. I also enjoyed the moment when Sanosuke’s Zanbato cuts the nose of the younger Hiruma sibling, who was on his way to breaking Kouru’s legs. It was so nice.

I hope I have covered almost everything and this was my review of the Rurouni Kenshin EP 5. Now it’s time to learn your thoughts and opinions on the episode. Write your call on Rurouni Kenshin EP 5 in the comment section below.

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