Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Ep 29 Premature Death Review, Was The Finish To The Hidden Inventory ARC Good?


Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Ep 29 is a sensational finish to the prequel i.e. Hidden Inventory ARC, which most of the Anime watchers were deliberate to find out. I was honestly. Well, after JJK 0, it was high time to learn, how strong was the brotherhood between Saturu Gojo and Suguru Geto.

The dramatic conversation between Gojo and Geto, in the last movie was something that put me in the position to ponder whether was it rivalry or genuine friendship that did not last. Finally, I have the answer in my palm and I am not happy about the enlightening situation.

So, how was the last episode of the Hidden Inventory Arc for me? Without any further delay let us get going with-

Things You Might Like About Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Ep 29

So, the narrative takes off 1 year after the demise of Riko Amanai. We see that Saturu has mastered his infinity curse technique quite marvelously. However, his best friend Suguru Geto is undergoing spiritual metamorphosis. The audiences are taken back to the glimpses of the first episode, where Suguru talks about consuming the remnant of the curse energy, teaching us what curse energy tastes like.

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What I determined from this specific context is that Suguru was experiencing unsettling emotions about being a sorcerer in the massive non-sorcerer world. And he was getting tired of saving the people who were constantly birthing cursed energies through their unsettling and negative energies. He was also exhausted to watch his friends being slaughtered because of the curse energies.

On a precise note, he couldn’t process the injustice Amanai suffered. And then his mission to eliminate curse energies repeatedly was fuel to the fire. He was in a dilemma about choosing what was right and what was wrong. But his profound talk with Tsukomo Yuki, a special-grade sorcerer cleared his views. What intensified his POV was Haibara’s death. Actually, everything fell into place once all these series of events synced.

It was quite a sentimental episode for me. When Geto leaves for good, Gojo is left all alone. Gojo was perplexed about everything Geto committed consequentially, for instance killing 112 villagers just to save two kids. He did not exclude his parents whatsoever as well. But I was pleased that he gave those kids a happy home under him. And they grew up powerful as well, as we watched them in JJK 0.

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Ep 29 Premature Death Source MAPPA
Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Ep 29 Premature Death Source MAPPA

The interaction between Gojo and Geto on the walkway throws light on how things changed for Geto and Gojo significantly in the past 12 months. Previously, it was Saturu who considered the non-sorcerer to be weak and was tired of eliminating curses for the sake of humanity and Suguru was a happy-go-lucky fella, who was delighted to follow his job as a Jujutsu sorcerer.

Now, Suguru is tired of saving people, since they are the primary cause of birthing curse energies. And unleased Saturu is all set to work as an honest sorcerer, helping people in need. I was heartbroken when Suguru said to Saturu that he could kill him because it would be meaningful but Saturu could not. And, of course, he won’t be, Suguru is his best friend and only friend actually. Suguru was more of a family to him according to me.

Suguru gathered the courage to face Saturu during their conversation in the walkway. The entire time they were not facing each other. However, just before departure, Suguru faces Saturu and puts his last sentence in front of him, as his best friend, and leaves for good. Watching them take separate ways was painful for me.

Suguru’s spiritual metamorphosis was massive actually. The darkness inside this young man exploded out and he now considers every non-sorcerer Stinky monkeys. He did not flinch a bit while squshing out the flesh and blood from Mr.Sonoda of the Star Religious Group. It was out of his gentle character, which was a shocking change indeed.

Well, now it seems the opening of the season “Our Blues” actually gave us a genuine montage of how was life before Riko Amanai entered their life. The days were shiny and bright for Gojo but now it’s lonely.

Let us now talk about Gojo and Megumi’s conversation. I was shocked watching Saturu about to spill the tea about him killing Toji Fushiguro. However, what Megumi told about his father being missing for a while now, helped Saturu take a suitable decision fitting to the context. What do you think?

I loved how Saturu assured Megumi about his doubts and shifted the kid’s attention to becoming strong in his Jujustu Sorcerer journey.

The smooth transition surprised me emotionally. I was taken aback when Saturu opened his eyes inside the room, where the opening of the season set off. It makes me wonder if he was dreaming about his sunny bright past, that was actually his life once, all this time. The opening showed his good times with his best friends Suguru and Shoko and his junior Nanami and Haibara. There are subtle glimpses of Saturu unleashing Hollow Purple as well.

While talking with kid Megumi, he closes his eyes and speaks everything from his heart. And as he opens his eyes, he finds grown-up Megumi along with Nobara and Yuji. I was so happy watching the trio, I can’t explain the feeling in words honestly. I was happy because Saturu was happy at the end of the episode. However, the soft ending made me cry.

I cried because I felt Saturu might be the strongest now, but he is still quite lonely. And these feelings generously hit me hard.

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