My Happy Marriage Ep 5 Ripples Review; Was 5th drop of this supernatural romance genre worth your time and energy?*Spoilers*

My Happy Marriage Source Netflix

My Happy Marriage Ep 5 was released on the 2nd of August 2023. The 5th episode Ripples shows a much more progression into the lives of our Hero and Heroine where they come much closer to each other, emotionally and spiritually. Everything was wholesome, until…

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Things You Might Like About My Happy Marriage Ep 5

The narrative of the 5th episode “Ripples” begins with a calm and peaceful vibe. Miyo is all set to have a meal situation happening in her home. She is very grateful to Godo for helping Kiyoka in reuniting Miyo and Hana, after so long. So, to thank him, Miyo invites the young man.

Well, Kiyoka wholeheartedly respects the initiative prepared by Miyo however he was not happy. He completely disliked Godo’s overenthusiasm over the invitation. He does not budge to kick Godo out of the vehicle. In fact, he was on the verge of using his supernatural abilities on Godo as well.

Honestly, he appeared kind of jealous.

Now, after the ambush, Kiyoka has grown cautious. So, in this episode, there are subtle moments that show that he is intensely occupied at work. Nevertheless, Godo’s act infuriated him.

However, the chaotic situation between Godo and Kiyoka takes a beautiful pause when Miyo comes and greets the boys. Her alluring beauty was enough to make Kiyoka happy. He was further mesmerized by the lady’s elegance and awestruck beauty.

The meal montage was nice, right? I loved how Miyo assumed that Godo was serious about the marriage proposal. But, this instance also gave Kiyoka clarity about Miyo’s innocent intention of staying with him, which was so pure…

Now let us talk bout Kaya and Minoru. See, the last episode pretty much made it clear what we can expect in this 5th drop, isn’t it??? Minoru Tatsuishi along with Kaya is a menacing duo who were about to join hands in the fourth episode. Now they are planning together, to force Miyo into rejecting Kiyoka Kudo for the marriage.

My Happy Marriage EP 5 Source Netflix
My Happy Marriage EP 5 Source Netflix

I just wanted to slap this human. Her venomous words were blood-boiling to me. But something was revealed as well. Konoko, Kaya’s mother wanted Kaya to be the best of the Saimori daughter which was a kind of stress on Kaya’s shoulders from her childhood. This constant reminder might have enhanced her insecurities. So, Kaya believes that her sister is superb, and her mean words are just a mask behind her complex.

Further, we also learn through Minoru’s conversation with Koji, that the constant abuse that Miyo experienced throughout her childhood was needed for the well-being of the Tatsuishi family’s lineage. If the situation were nice, things would have been different for the Tasuishis.

“Ripples” also broadcast Koji’s supernatural abilities. The infuriating conversation with his father triggered him quite influentially. Can’t blame him though. He loves Miyo, however, I feel it’s not romantic, as he assumes. He is weak, spiritually, and mentally which kind of hinders every plan he brews for himself and Miyo. Also, I am no longer angry at Koji, his instinctive action against his Father was enough to make him win my side.

Again that handsome young man from “The Gift” appears on the screen. But he proves generously, that he is a good man by heart. I am talking about Kazushi, Koji’s older brother. His words might look sarcastic but were intensively motivating. He knows that his little brother is weak, but he also understands the situation’s gravity. His words were something that Koji needed to hear actually.

I love watching Miyo grow confident each and every day. She was timid, but the love she receives from Ms. Yurie and of course our Hero is letting her bloom like Sakura. Her beauty is multiplying every single day. There is a constant smile on her face and a glow that is noticeable.

However, I did not expect Miyo to be challenged so soon in the anime. The moment she panics at the situation of not carrying the amulet with her, I was dead sure that she is going to be troubled by Kaya and Minoru just right now. It was predictable to some extent actually.

But this time she has Kiyoka and Ms. Yurie with her. Fortunately, Koji is the one who is here to help Kiyoka with the whole Miyo situation. See, it’s his father who is the man behind the heinous scheme. But Kiyoka also says that he knows who is doing all these things. Let’s just wait to find out, what Kiyoka does to save Miyo, for now.

Also, I would like to put that, Kiyoka’s sincere concern ensures that he would do something so magnifying that would give me butterflies for sure.

Now, I loved how the dynamics between the love birds are growing strong with the episodes. Kiyoka’s calm demeanor beautifully matches Miyo’s elegance and poise. They are a match that is growing strong each day which I just love. Their soft chemistry is making me wait patiently for the weekly release of the episodes. Now, I am again standing in the waiting period.

While TOTT Wraps

So, I loved Ripples. Definitely, I did not appreciate Kaya and Minorus’ planning against Miyo, I disliked those montages. However, the love between Kiyoka and Miyo and their time on screen together, and their efforts to make each other happy were quite wholesome. I am also enjoying the slow and steady character development of the eldest of the Saimori.

We can see a lot of Miyo actually, in our neighborhood. Therefore watching such a pure-hearted soul receive unconditional love and care is nice to watch.

So, this was my take on My Happy Marriage Ep 5. It’s time to know yours. Do tell me everything about your thoughts and opinions here in the comment section.

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