House Of The Dragon Ep1: Which Dramatic Moment Did You Like The Most?


Hi, everyone, I hope you are all doing fantastic. So, have you watched House Of The Dragon Ep1 which might have made you watch the entire series by now? But as the name suggests how much did you appreciate this Pilot episode to the prequel of the magnificent Game Of Thrones(let us forget the last 2 seasons for now)? Well, it was pretty amazing to me.

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So, here I am with the multifaceted moments which I thoroughly enjoyed from the show. But don’t forget to share your thoughts on the House Of The Dragon Ep1 in the comment section below, like whatever you felt about the same. On that note, let us begin with-

House Of The Dragon Ep1 Source- HBO, Bastard Sword
1:26 Pictures Inc.
House Of The Dragon Ep1 Source- HBO, Bastard Sword
1:26 Pictures Inc.

6 Best House Of The Dragon Ep1 Moments Ranked From Least To Best

6th- The Intro To The Prequel

Yes, we got to learn about the specific timeline, of this series. It was nearly 172 years before the mother of the Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen was born. Corruption was quite prominent in the patriarchal mentality that denied Rhenys Targaryen the throne. Which might look like a win for Viserys I Targaryen. However, as the series advances, we understand how much pain was it for Viserys to sit on the Iron Throne. What do you think?

5th- The Heir To The Iron Throne

Finally, Rhaenyra Targaryen gets announced as the legal heir to the Iron Throne stopping Daemon’s succession. Well, the entire first episode when watched for the first time, Daemon seemed a mean badass fella who loves taking reckless decisions.

However many of us can relate to him(I relate to this character), and I find him to be misunderstood. He wanted to stay with his brother, nevertheless, his brother too misunderstands him from time to time right?

But watching Rhaenyra Targaryen being honored as the heir to the Iron Throne was a pleasure to the eyes. Well, the hope for an unprecedented good future was clearly visible in her eyes.

4th- Daemon And Rhaenyra Targaryen

The interaction taking place between Daemon and Rhaenyra Targaryen somewhat gave the slightest hint of what holds in their future. Since it is normal in Targaryen blood, their chemistry totally seemed gorgeous.

Additionally, the gift(a true Valerian steel neckless), their personalized conversation(talking in Valyrian tongue), and the gentle look shared by each other was certainly hinting their future, don’t you think?

3rd- The First Dracarys Of The Season

Did you know, that in the books, it was only Daenerys Targaryen who used the command Dracarys to order her dragon to fire? However, the enraged popularity of the word ‘Dracarys’ made the production include the command in this series as well.

So, here we hear the first Dracarys of the season in House Of The Dragon Ep1 commanded by Rhaenyra Targaryen to light the pier of her mother. It was sad and heart-wrenching since her mother was her everything (well, it seemed to me at least, because her father was all about having a son to name the babe the heir to the Iron Throne )

But honestly, it was the moment things began to change quite drastically both for the Princess and the King.

2nd- The Princess And Her Best Friend

The intimacy shared by the girls gave a blissful vibe where I strongly rooted for them to end up together. It was so pure and natural. The way Rhaenyra looked at Alicent made me believe that at least. They loved walking together while holding each other’s hands, sharing their time together all the time was so nice.

However, Otto Hightower had something else in his head which completely finished what the girls were enjoying. They were happy unless this political man intervened and damaged what these teens were experiencing.

Honestly, I totally loved every moment that these two girls had in House Of The Dragon Ep1. But I would like to know what’s your thought on the montages. Do let me know in the comment section below.

House Of The Dragon Ep1 Source- HBO, Bastard Sword
1:26 Pictures Inc.
House Of The Dragon Ep1 Source- HBO, Bastard Sword
1:26 Pictures Inc.

1st- The Tourney/The Deathday

The exceptional choreography of the moment where the tourney takes place one hand, where the king is anticipating holding his boy by the end of the show. On the other end, the Queen begins her labor undergoing excruciating pain and showing a high chance of failing to deliver this time. It was scary.

I was so scared. Additionally, the sudden untamed situation at the Tourney was something unpredictable (even though I watched Game Of Thrones). However, the dual between Prince Daemon Targaryen and Ser Criston Cole was sophisticatedly interesting.

Prince Daemon, performing his duty as the commander of the Watch was barbarian. His method appeared rough but he did what seemed precise for strengthening the security of Kings Landing. Therefore, his out-of-character performance at the Tourney showed her is not savage but rather meticulous and knows what he is doing.

Coming back to the birth scene, Queen Aemma went through some pain which ultimately brought her death. It was cruel, and her expression when she found out that the babe will be dissected from her belly it seemed pathetic, as her love for the king was betrayed brutally. However, what degraded the montage was when the audience found out that all the fuss about having a boy simply went down the drain since the babe died(breathed for some minutes) with the mother only. It was terrible.

While TOTT Wraps

So, these were my moments from House Of The Dragon Ep1. Hope you found your moment from the discussion here. However, make sure to comment about your moment from House Of The Dragon Ep1. The episode House Of The Dragon Ep1 was the pavement that we needed to cross to finally stand on the highway. And on an honest note, I am sincerely waiting for the second season since I totally enjoyed the prequel.

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So, what’s your call on House Of The Dragon Ep1? Please do share your honest opinions in the comment section. But this is for today, I hope you found House Of The Dragon Ep1 moments by TOTT nice and relatable. Also, do check out the first seasons of GOT, well you should if you haven’t.

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