Which Quotes From House Of The Dragon Ep1 Gave You Goosebumps?


There were some genuine quotes from House Of The Dragon Ep1 that made me watch the show in anticipation to hear more of such dramatic lines which you can also utilize in your life(both literally and figuratively).

Welcome back my TOTTers I truly hope everything is amazing on your end. I am also doing good. So, which quotes from House Of The Dragon Ep1 enthralled you most?

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Top 6 Quotes From House Of The Dragon Ep1 Which Dramatized The Montage Beautifully; Ranked From Least To Best

6th “You cut the image of a conqueror brother…..Did you say it..The Heir for a Day..”

The enraged conversation between King Viserys I Targaryen and his brother  Daemon Targaryen From House Of The Dragon Ep1

The entire piece was a very sizable sequence that clarified how much Daemon wanted to be with his brother. Yes, not only Viserys found it doubtful, but also Deamon’s celebration was wrong. It once again puts a wrong impression on the character.

Every sentence uttered by the King appeared justified since the prince totally behaved like a spoiled brat. It was not the right time actually, he was seeking out his older brother’s affection all this time.

5th “It’s A Small Cut From Sitting The Throne”

A simple minded instance rolled out by the King in House Of The Dragon Ep1

King is a very good human being who tries to look at the positive side of life, just like he believed, that the prince would be born in no time. However, sitting on the throne completely damages his life. First, it destroys his relationship with his daughter and then his brother.

Secondly, the responsibility of being a King also takes away the love of his life Queen Aemma. The wound was just the beginning of a painful filthy death in his future.

4th “You do understand nothing can will cause the babe to grow a cock…if it does not already possess one.”

A sassy remark made by Queen Aemma on her husband’s blind faith on having a boy this time

Yes, it was a very sassy quote sentenced by the Queen which depicted her neverending frustration with her pregnancies. She was infuriated by the constant demand made by the King to have a boy to name him the heir to the throne.

Her tone every time, in this montage showed how displeased she is with all the fuss about having a male heir to the throne. Her consequential sentence kind of confirms her intention of not getting pregnant ever again.

House Of The Dragon Ep1 Source HBO

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3rd “The childbed is our battlefield we must learn to face it with stiff lips”

Another execptional sentence stommped down by the sassy Queen Aemma

Quit right in this generation as well, where women are treated as childbearing machines, even knowing how much of a painful situation it might be. Nonetheless, it was pretty brutal in the past. A very practical thought shared valiantly and sarcastically by the Queen.

2nd “Daemon was not made to wear the crown”

King Viserys I Targaryen confirms his view on not crowning Daemon the king of the seven kindgdoms.

Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen was frustrated by her father’s voracious desire for a son to name him the heir to the Iron Throne. She simply doubts the King’s intention. However, Viserys confirms his real motive through this line. This quote by the King also signifies that he took time to learn, for which his Queen had to die, which is brutally sad.

1st “I wonder if, during those few hours my brother lived my father finally found happiness …… I will never be the son… Dracarys”

Quiet an understandable quote from the House Of The Dragon Ep1 spoken by the Princess

She lost her mother only because her father desired to have a son. It was very painful watching Rhaenyra, contemplating on commanding “Dracarys” because that very instance would burn her mother to ashes. It was very cruel.

Quotes From House Of The Dragon Ep1 Source- GRRM
Bastard Sword
1:26 Pictures Inc.
HBO Entertainment
Quotes From House Of The Dragon Ep1 Source- GRRM
Bastard Sword
1:26 Pictures Inc.
HBO Entertainment

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Make sure to comment down below and let me know which was your favorite quote from House Of The Dragon Ep1 that stuck with you. Also, do we have your quote/quotes of choice here or not? Let us know.

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