Rurouni Kenshin Ep 4 “The Fighter for Hire – Sanosuke Sagara” Review; Did you like the new inclusion in the narrative?? *Spoilers Ahead*


Rurouni Kenshin released its fourth episode on 28th July 2023 and this episode has thrown light on the suspicious shadow from the last episode. We are introduced to Sagara Sanosuke who happens to be a handsome young man who is a fighter for hire; I will talk more about him later for sure.

But for now, let us now get going with the review of Rurouni Kenshin Ep 4…

Things Which You Might Like About Rurouni Kenshin Ep 4

The narrative begins on a funny note, but it was all homely. I loved watching Yahiko and Kenshin doing their morning thing. One is practicing his recently pursued dojo skill while the other is chopping wood. The interesting thing about the scene was Kenshin was using the legendary Sakabato to chop the wood.

Rurouni Kenshin Ep 4 "The Fighter for Hire - Sanosuke Sagara" Source Liden Films
Rurouni Kenshin Ep 4 “The Fighter for Hire – Sanosuke Sagara” Source Liden Films

It was quite irritating for Yahiko, and it was kind of obvious. Kenshin is not ready to teach him any of his Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū, rather he will chop woods that have perfect cuts with his Sakabato. Further, the sound of chopping wood was distracting and it was again quite understandable.

Well, perceiving the situation from an enthusiast like Yahiko makes the situation easy to understand. However, the whole montage was very homely. It appeared like the younger brother is annoyed with his older brother.

Yahiko’s dialogues against Kouru never fail to steal the moment. Likewise, just when Kouru comes up with her extraordinary idea of selling the painting made by her grandfather, the blatant remarks continuously made by Yahiko were top-notch. In fact, it seems, Kouru has increased her tolerance level for the matter. However, Kenshin was scared and shocked. It was a funny beginning of Rurouni Kenshin Ep 4.

So, the trio visits a fancy restaurant for grabbing lunch, and thanks to them I finally get to meet another handsome man from the show. Yes, according to me Sagara Sanosuke is a gorgeous face. And the way he is introduced to the audience and to the Trio radiates his brilliance a lot.

He emitted a charm, which I must say, seemed equal to what I felt when Kenshin was introduced. We can depend on the individual even though his first appearance on the show is odd than Kenshin. He is hired by the Hiruma siblings, the goons of the first episode to take good care of Kenshin. But still, I perceived him as a positive inclusion because of the stunt which he puts up in front of the civilians, just in front of the restaurant.

He observes Kenshin’s valiant act from a distance. I am talking about when Kenshin takes the hit to save Kouru, at the restaurant. In addition, we see that Sagara along with Kenshin can determine foreign presence near their energy which was kind of cool. I also enjoyed the quick stance, when Sagara shatters the gun that Kihee bought from the Yokohama market. It was awesome.

At the restaurant, when Kenshin receives the hit on his head, I was amazed to find Yahiko standing up to the situation. He actively shows the drunk their reality without being scared at all. He asks straight into their face to apologize. The group of men however shows their true color when they hit the waitress. They called themselves activists, rather they were the scum of the society, which they proved clearly with their violence amidst the crowd.

Sagara too, points out their behaviors which they actively stay ignorant of. The whole thing in front of the restaurant exhibited Sagara’s power extravagantly. A single flick was enough. But the scums were about to go far if Kenshin wouldn’t step in. The sharp order sufficiently stops the goons from aggravating the situation further.

Well, the supposed dual in front of the restaurant amazes Kenshin along with the common spectators. Now the small cordial conversation ignited by Sagara with Kenshin seemed like a beginning of a new friendship. Kenshin too appreciates Sagara and his expertise. I also liked how sportingly Sagara receives the rejection of his dual proposal, by Kenshin. It was an exhibition of true sportsmanship. It was respectful indeed.

Now let’s talk about the interaction between Sagara and the Hiruma siblings from the first episode. The conversation showed how much honorable this young man is, isn’t it? He never stops his honest remarks on the sibling duo. He calls their resentment pathetic.

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Further, his evaluation of strength is different, which was interesting to me. But after learning about Kenshin’s past he was fascinated about the upcoming fight he was hired for. He even does a background check, before meeting Kenshin face to face which projected his commitment to the task he was hired for.

See, this is my first time watching Rurouni Kenshin, hence things are all new to me. Therefore the context of Kihee’s brother impersonating Sagara was surprising to me. He was a bandit in the first episode who was a scary AF dude. His get-up told me so.

But I found it totally funny when he was impersonating Sagara in his absence. Like the whole scary essence drops severely, and he is all buff and nothing else. He is the heavy muscle behind the evil brain of his older brother Kihee.

Now, when Sagara comes to fight Kenshin, Kenshin determines his fighting instinct from a distance, but not him. Which was kind of cool. It was surprising for me actually. His sixth sense also understands that the Hiruma siblings are hiding behind the gate.

Kihee is a notorious man who schemes a lot and trusts no one even the remarkable Zanza, Sagara. He is evil by heart and brain. But we all know what happened to his evil plan which was kind of funny to me. Like all his money on the gun goes down the drain within the blink of an eye.

I loved the insightful conversation between Yahiko and Kenshin as well. Yahiko is undoubtedly mature for his age. He perceives things from a practical scene which many people miss. His thought on Kenshin along with Sagara’s weapon of choice was quite astonishing for me. I like this kid a lot actually. And I like his remarks and comebacks more.

Now, since Sagara wields, Zanabato a legendary sword belonging to the Sengoku era(the one from Inuyasha’s timeline), therefore, Sagara is called Zanza in short. Well, what happens between the two is questionable. The first swing was handled skillfully by our hero Kenshin but as the cloud of dust moves and we see Sagara is all fit and fine, the situation gives me another example of Sagara’s power and dexterity.

Now, we will have to wait till the next episode drops.

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