Jujutsu Kaisen Ep 28 “Hidden Inventory 4” Review, How Much Intriguing Did You Find This Episode??*SPOILERS AHEAD*

Jujutsu Kaisen Ep 28 "Hidden Inventory 4" Source Netflix

Jujutsu Kaisen Ep 28 was droppd on 27th of July 2023. It was another mindblowing chapter of the anime which was packed with intense actions, soulful drama, and interesting revelations which were of course not new to manga readers but were freaking awesome for me.

From the beginning till the end, one would have to stay focussed on the conversations of the characters which are beautifully woven inside the content, that delivers intriguing plot points that are significant for the watchers to know actually.

Now, without any delay let us get going with –

The Things You Should Have Liked From Jujutsu Kaisen Ep 28 “Hidden Inventory 4”

The narrative takes off from the painful situation where Geto Suguru stands perplexed, as to what is happening right now. He was emotionally content in his mental space that he is able to protect Riko Amanai from merging with Tengen Sama. But now she lies dead, lifeless bleeding from her blown skull while the smoke from Toji’s gun is still flaring out.

Toji replies to Suguru’s normal question, which clarifies Satoru is Dead. And now the narrative actually boosts up, where we, the audience finally get to watch some spectacular and dramatic action sequences of these two dextrous individuals.

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MAPPA definitely did some extravagant tasks in animation. The impressive order of events which was arranged frame by frame was a delight to watch.

Coming back to the narrative, the watchers finally get an elaborate answer to their curiosity brewing, regarding Toji Fushiguro. He illuminates the facts on how he is able to enter Tokyo Jujutsu High’s barrier, then how he could trace Riko inside the shrine, and how he could manage his exceptional non-sorcerer power using a cursed spirit. The explanatory montage was nice, eloquent, and easy. Everything was made clear to the audience.

Jujutsu Kaisen Ep 28 "Hidden Inventory 4" Source Netflix
Jujutsu Kaisen Ep 28 “Hidden Inventory 4” Source Netflix

Suguru misinterprets Toji’s position giving him a quick example of how Toji functions. Further, the entire eye-to-eye conversation while walking with a straight face, was interesting, isn’t it? Geto definitely wanted to know about the walking danger in front of him, and Toji wanted to tell him about his marvelous excellency as a sorcerer assassin. The sequence was a give-and-take type.

After observing Toji from the last three episodes it’s often witnessed that he is forgetful. Thankfully, he instantly catches the queue on Kuroi which Suguro throws at him. I was also curious about Kuroi, and I was sad after learning about her situation, of course.

Well, Suguro was keeping his calm until now, don’t you think? The blatant remark made on Kuroi might have triggered him, as Toji says, he neither wanted to save her nor kill her, like what was that…

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The breathtaking action sequence was so picturesque nah!! Every bit of the montage was packed with drama, rage, and confusion which both of them tackle skillfully. I just could not keep my eyes away from the stunning shots the entire time. I loved how the animator did justice to Geto’s infuriated emotions by building such a layered sequence. Every second was a display of extravaganza.

Yeah, the director should also be credited along with the animator. Thank you, Arifumi Imai and MAPPA.

Just imagine watching and experiencing these shots in IMAX 3D.

I have got answers, Rainbow Dragon is the name of Haku’s lookalike Dragon. And the Eren lookalike curse spirit is a lady, who is very much concerned about her viscous appearance. Jokes apart!!

Well, Toji singlehandedly and mesmerizingly handles Suguro’s “Bundle of Scarps” and it was breathtaking. For a second, honestly, I thought Toji’s game is over. But, he stops me right there and amazes me once again beating the “imaginary curse spirit” terrifically.

Here comes another spectacular moment, when Suguro undermines Toji and believes the ball is in his court. The assassin’s sharp instinct paired with his quick swing at Geto says it all. It was a devastating situation.

Well, this is the magic of Shonen’s action-driven fights, right? These fights not only give us a breathtaking and jaw-dropping time but also amuse us with powerful adrenaline rushes.

The sudden realization of having a kid back home who he himself named was a funny break that was arranged for the audience. I was wondering though, why the cursed spirit was also surprised!!

Then we are all taken to the headquarters of Star Religious Group, where Toji brings in Riko’s lifeless body. When the cursed spirit vomits the body out, I sincerely felt bad for the girl. This is something no one deserves.

Here the representative explains how the cult has evolved over the ages, their obsession with Lord Tengen, and why they needed Riko dead. Now, soon after Toji and his agent leave for good for the moment, here comes the staggering part of Hidden Inventory 4.

The OP hero of the show arrives at the spot with a maniac expression clouding his face. The instance Satoru comes, I was mindblown!! See I knew, he is invincible, but I wanted to know badly how he recovers from those fatal wounds inflicted by the sorcerer killer in the last drop. I was waiting all this time, to see how the Six Eye returns. The seamless entrance of the white-haired hero, exuberated the brilliance of the character much more.

The crazy expression of Satoru terrifies Toji which throws him in denial, like what is happening right now!! Like is this for real!!

Our would-be Gojo Sensai has finally skilled Reverse Cursed Technique. Well, sometime, we should appreciate the phrase “Everything happens for a reason” right? The fatal injury finally helped the invincible, master the Reverse Curse Technique.

For this Toji Fushiguro needs a shout-out for pushing Saturo beyond his limit and making him an OP character of the show, who is feared by the oldies as well. He was strongest, till “Hidden Inventory 3” but now he is generously invincible.

Again the elaborate explanation clarifies the nook and corner of what happened back at the spot, and how Satoru is able to stand strong and recovered from those damaging wounds.

Saturo says that if Toji would have beheaded him or stabbed him in his head at that moment, Gojo would have died, which kind of made me sad…

I too agree with Toji. Saturo honestly appeared high with rage. His spirit was bubbling with the abundance of power.

And once begins another dramatic action montage which made me a fan of Satoru Gojo; once again. The creative art direction of this fight sequence between these two dextrous beings was mindblowing. Whatever power of Satoru Gojo was missing from the narrative till now, which we have watched in the sequels already, comes together to fanservice the audience all at once.

I was happy, speechless, and mindblown. I can rewatch the montage a million times. The minutes curated to develop these fight sequences are honestly a piece of art for me.

Toji understands whatever was happening right in front of his eyes by the way. All credit goes to his blood, which Gojo too appreciates in the later part of the episode. He was confident, however, something was bothering him. His guts were telling him that something is definitely wrong.

What caught my attention was Saturu’s quote “Above and below, only I dominate”. The magnanimous proclamation says clearly what he was feeling right then. The stance, Satoru floating mid in the air with an interesting smile on his face won my heart.

The sun behind him, appeared as a divine aura, suggesting the good is about to defeat the evil. Everything was so magical. What made the situation more dramatic was the melody in the background. It was played in the last episode too. The music added profoundness to the context.

Hollow Purple comes into action, my goodness. The presentation was so creative and attractive. It was an exhibition of power and dominance which was showcased enticingly. Everything was kept aligned with all the ingredients needed to make the montage mind-blowing.

As I said, Toji also, understood that he made Satoru the OP character of the modern times. He helped Gojo unleash his potential actually.

Again a stunning projection of creative direction the episode gifts the audience. Hollow Purple and its excellence is finely kept in front of the viewers, which brings a robust end to Toji Fushiguro in the anime. The ending to this marvelous character was very calm actually and sudden too. I never imagined this brutal death could be his fate.

But we all know now that he loved Megumi because his son was the only one who pops into his mind when Gojo demands his last words. What I felt was, Toji indirectly wanted Satoru to take care of Megumi, which he does of course.

When Suguro opens the door and I hear clapping, I thought for a second, that he died and he is heaven right now. Then watching Satoru carrying Riko and approaching him confirms my delusion. But I was happy after I realize that everything I assumed, is my delusion only.

The mystical end to the narrative was captivating, and I am again in the waiting period to learn what Suguru actually means by his last sentence of the episode.

TOTT’s Take On Jujutsu Kaisen Ep 28 “Hidden Inventory 4”

Now, I can assume that by whatever I liked about “Hidden Inventory 4” you can come to a definite conclusion, that how much I was enthralled by the entire content, right? It was awesome for me.

But now, it’s time to know what’s your call on the Jujutsu Kaisen Ep 28 “Hidden Inventory 4”; write it down in the comment section below. Please do let me know, whatever I missed also, on the episode in the comment section below.

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