My Happy Marriage EP 4 “The Gift” Review, How Much Did You Love The Fourth Drop Of The Season?

My Happy Marriage EP 4 "The Gift" Source Netflix

My Happy Marriage EP 4 was released on the 26th of July 2023. The content is prepared by Koji Furukawa, Momoko Toyoda, and Takao Abo. Nonetheless, it was another soothing chapter of the show, which I found quite content. What we can see is that the show is transcending toward a jovial space, which mind alike people will enjoy then love for sure.

So, what was in the episode that I found to be nice? Let us get going with-

Things You Might Like About My Happy Marriage EP 4 “The Gift”

The narrative, from an overall perspective, represents a serene start to a beautiful love story.

So, the episode takes off from a dream sequence where Miyo watches her mother begging her father, not to abandon Miyo because she lacks supernatural power. Her mother was incapable to protect her young kid. Therefore she requests her daughter to stay strong since one day, Miyo will be able to turn her clock back.

It was a kind of assurance that Miyo wanted to listen to so badly. Well, the confidence, that good times are coming her way, came from her mother, who was her only Family. I believe that the dream is also one thing that made Miyo decide, to gift something to Kiyoka.

Also, I noticed Miyo’s mother wearing the exact replica of the Kimono, which both Kiyoka and Miyo find on their kimono shopping day out at the dress shop. I now understand why Miyo was staring at that particular Kimono so dearly. It reminded her of her late mother.

But when I was watching the last episode, I felt, that since her mother and the Cherry blossom tree in her father’s house represented Home to her, therefore it was symbolically special to her. But now, it’s crystal clear to me.

Now in the last episode, Lord Kudo gifts Miyo a pretty comb. Hence, it was obvious for the kind, and pure-hearted soul to plan a gift, something that would be special to Kiyoka, to showcase her gratefulness towards the man.

What makes me happy the most was watching Ms. Yurie’s enthusiasm. The moment she finds out Miyo’s intention to gift Kiyoka something, the matchmaking soul in Yurie jumps out. Doing the dishes can wait since they are going nowhere!!

My Happy Marriage EP 4 "The Gift" Source Netflix
My Happy Marriage EP 4 “The Gift” Source Netflix

Ms. Yurie is more than happy to help the love birds come close since both Miyo and Kiyoka don’t have the insight on how to express their emotions correctly. Thank goodness, Ms. Yurie is there to guide the introverts.

The lady also suggests Miyo, to make something from her heart, which Kiyoka can use daily. This way the gift would be much more intimate since she is putting her time into preparing something for her special person.

Miyo picks up the finest choice of a gift out of a lot of options, i.e., a Kumihimo for her would-be husband, don’t you think? Her sparkly eyes revealed her cheerful emotions.

Well, honestly those long gorgeous locks definitely need something beautiful to hold them together. Also, Kiyoka ties his hair. The gift will enhance the look of his beautiful strands significantly.

When Miyo asks Kiyoka’s permission for going on an errand, I loved watching how Kiyoka is worried(well, of course, he would because, in the last episode, Kiyoka was ambushed at the entrance of his workplace). His inquiries on the errand, like will Miyo be going alone, what’s this about, and if the lady can wait, he would accompany Miyo for her errand.

These questions were simple but represented how sincere this man is toward his would-be bride. His sudden leaning toward Miyo gave me butterflies. And lastly when the hands over the amulet to Miyo it showed his genuine blooming affection for Miyo. It was wholesome.

Well, it was surprising yet not, when Miyo talks to herself about the amulet. She has never seen anything as such in her life before, which was kind of obvious because no one cared for her well-being till now. Her dream is coming true.

Now we are taken to Koji’s residence where Kaya has arrived and we finally get to meet the handsome young Kazushi, Toji’s elder brother. He typically gave me a Kaya vibe. He is sassy and extravagant as it seemed from his appearance. His traditional dress looked fancy and much more appealing than his younger brother’s. Toji can be missed when Kazushi is on the screen.

Toji’s remarks on Kazushi’s nonchalant lifestyle were handled brilliantly by this young handsome man, it was a wish coming true moment for me, actually. I don’t know about you all but, I loved the brief moment shared by the handsome Kazushi on screen.

I personally don’t like Toji at all. He is a coward who loves hiding behind his family’s “Responsibility”. Which Kazushi does not. His rebellious personality appeared appealing. Let’s see how long I keep on liking this young man. Also, it seems that this sibling situation is also not good, like the Saimoris(but not to that extent I believe).

Now we are back with Miyo and Yurie, where Miyo is bewildered by all the options of yarns available in front of her. She did not plan on the color prior to visiting the market that day. But the instance she visualizes Kiyoka wearing the purple/violet Kumihimo, her eyes once again shine brighter than the day itself. The positive encouragement by Ms. Yurie is a blessing for her new life.

Just then a dramatic corner subsides in the plot of My Happy Marriage EP 4. Kaya meets Miyo and Kiyoka meets Shinichi Saimori along with his wife. Both of these sizeable situations take place separately, however, the intention was the same. The seamless disclosure of Miyo, soon to be the bride of Kiyoka Kudo was perceptibly and beautifully revealed to the toxic parent and Kaya.

I enjoyed how Kiyoka Kudo puts in front the proposition of making his engagement to Miyo, official since he wants to marry Miyo in the upcoming future. The shock on the face of the Saimori couple was expected, and I loved it. However, I loved the agreement more. It was a delight.

Kiyoka reveals that he is aware of the fact that Miyo had a hellish childhood with the evil couple.

On the other hand, we watch the spoiled brat making repeated assumptions about our good-natured Mr. Kudo. Well, I expected Kaya to act as such when she meets Miyo before her marriage or without Kiyoka. But what again infuriated me was Toji stood there without protesting at all. He only persisted in leaving, which infuriated me once again.

It seemed he also believes that Miyo was stranded and left for good by Mr. Kudo and that nothing good can ever happen to her. Remember in Ep 2 he said that he will help Miyo if she is left on the street. I can confirm that it was a bluff right now.

And as for Kaya, she deserves a tight slap. She needs to be taught some lessons on respecting human beings. Her entitlement is toxic. The sharp stingy words put our damsel in distress, more in distress. Well, Miyo is happy now, living a nice life with Ms. Yurie and Mr. Kudo. They try their level best to make Miyo mentally, spiritually, and emotionally content.

But the sudden occurrence of Kaya in her life brought toxicity paired with intense negativity, pulling Miyo and her mental health down, back to square one.

The arrangement of cutting ties with the Saimori was a dramatic proposal thrown straight into the face of the couple by Kiyoka. It was something that I found explicitly charming. What did you think? The Saimori’s toxic influences need to be removed entirely from the root, away from the pure-hearted soul, Miyo.

Ms. Yurie reveals the good fortune Miyo holds right in her palm now, to the weird pair. Both of them get shocked. Kaya’s response was excepted but, I wonder instead of being happy, Toji was shocked too. He was a good friend of Miyo and wanted to make Miyo happy. I wonder were those talks were all bluffs as well.

The intelligent lady understands the depth of the situation, and she smoothly pulls away Miyo from the brooding negativity, which I was looking forward to.

The cold and piercing glance of Kiyoko spoke louder than his words which were enough to intimidate the Saimori couple. However, I am not feeling good about how Kaya perceives the beauty and handsomeness of our Hero. She was enamored as Miyo did, but apparently, she doesn’t know that this man is her would be brother in law. This girl is a genuine trouble for sure.

I loved how Kiyoka understands Miyo’s mood and tone just by her little simple words. He is quiet an observant. Later Yurie talks to him about what happened back in the market. She also understood the negativity radiated by Kaya which was substantial to make our heroine feel terrified, pained, and miserable about her existence once again.

Kiyoka comes to talk with Miyo. He says that he is here for her if she wants to talk about her emotions. It was a sentimental step taken by Yurie’s young master. He was defined as a cold young man who was left alone by his previous fiancees. But Miyo was successful to bring out the best and the sweet version of Kiyoka, which only Yurie knew.

He takes the most logical and cordial step for Miyo, which was enough to break the ice and make her smile again. The letter to Hana to invite her and talk to Miyo after all these years was so nice of him. He utilizes his available resources to the fullest, showing how quick-witted he is.

Well, honestly when I watched Kiyoka writing a letter, I thought he is writing a love letter to Miyo. However, the approach, which he takes to make Miyo happy, was much more than a simple love letter. He is an extraordinary Sigma male, don’t you think?

Hana makes Miyo come to a beautiful conclusion about Kiyoka’s generosity. The conversation enlightens Miyo, offering her courage on the go. She feels positive and motivated to tell Kiyoka, about herself that she is not a supernatural being even though she belongs to a distinguished family.

Well, isn’t it an obvious response from Miyo? She was repeatedly deprived of the love, care, and attention she deserved from her family. The constant destitute broke her spirit down which impacted her confidence significantly. She is an insecure human who believes she belongs nowhere, she is not worthy to be happy and is certainly worthless.

It was very sad. The worse thing is, people are still treated poorly in this generation too, even without the need for supernatural powers.

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The sweet gesture from Kiyoka Kudo made me teary. A hug and those beautiful words were enough to make Miyo(and me) feel happy and assured. Kiyoka takes Yurie’s sincere advice and expresses his affection and devotion toward this relationship one level up. The montage was soft, serene, pure, and beautiful.

Honestly speaking, we all want someone who understands us, loves us just the way we are, and is there for us, all the time. Kiyoka is Miyo’s and we all deserve a Kiyoka in our life.

Now, Kiyoka hands over the hair tie to Miyo and asks her to tie his hair. It was another cordial touch to the episode which gave me butterflies. This Kiyoka man is growing on me.

The ending was peaceful especially when Kiyoka holds Miyo when she bid adieu to Hana. It was peaceful unless it was revealed that the ambush in the last episode was schemed by none other than Koji’s father. Besides, he seems to think about including Kaya in his malevolent plan, which I am stressing about right now.

TOTT’s On My Happy Marriage EP 4 “The Gift”

The episode was indeed full of warm gifts which the kind and sweet couple tried to surprise each other with. Kiyoka Kudo’s personality is layered, profound, and sweet. He thinks about Miyo all the time. He is a gift and a blessing in Miyo’s life what’s say?

I loved every bit of the content and now I am eagerly waiting for the next drop.

Now, it’s time to know your take on My Happy Marriage EP 4. What did you like and disliked about the 4th episode of My Happy Marriage? Do comment down below.

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