Rurouni Kenshin EP 3 “Kasshin-Ryu – Reborn” Review; Did The Third Episode Of This Adventure Anime Finally Took A Speed? *SPOILERS*


Rurouni Kenshin EP 3 was dropped on the 21st of July’2023. Extremely sorry my TOTTers for the late review situation. But here we are with the third chapter of this adventure genre taking place in the Meiji era of Japan which begins where it left off in the last drop. Yahiko takes a crucial chance of leaving the life of a pickpocketeer. However, his sudden change of heart was not appreciated by his boss.

See, unlike the last chapter(which was kind of a foundational bit of the anime), of Rurouni Kenshin, this episode holds some interesting plot points which I genuinely liked. So, without any further ado, let us get going with-

Things You Might Like About Rurouni Kenshin EP 3

The narrative was heavy this time. It was packed with actions, emotional struggles, and profound sensibility. I will tell you how. Now, we watch Yahiko getting brutally trashed by his boss, in the context of leaving the life of a pickpocket. He was actually fascinated by Kenshin’s swordsmanship and the way he managed the Sword Bearer Police singlehandedly, that very day.

Luckily Kouru watches wounded Yahiko being carried by their boss’s underling, which prompts her to seek help from Rurouni, of course. Here we finally learn what happened to Yahiko’s family which was very sad. In the previous episode, the kid boasted himself as a son to a Samurai. However, the new policies applied in Meiji Era abolish carrying a sword in public which is not good for a typical Samurai to begin with. Well, that is what we are hearing since the beginning of the show, isn’t it?

In fact, the new era is all about cash. Surviving without a solid plan is effortlessly challenging. Besides Samurais tend to be egoistic warriors. Therefore we can presume, that living even a simple life will be much more difficult for these brave individuals in the Meiji era.

What affected me the most was the fate of the daughters and the wives of the late Daimyos. It was uncalled for them. The drastic change of fate of the ladies is something, that listening only hurts. Further, it’s revealed that a band of thieves might turn out to be a group of fallen Samurais. I totally agree with what the chief believed. It is certainly miserable.

The Yakuza chief’s words, thankfully do not brainwash our little enraged hero anymore. This little man has got guts which was inspiring to some level. His reaction to the arrangement proposed by the chief was brave. Even though he knew his fate is not secured amidst the group of wrongdoers, he does what he feels like. He spits!!

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Later this exhibition of bravery gets amplified when he bites to stop the man from speaking the rubbish against his family. He tries to protect his honor along with the honor of his family. And I felt Yahiko’s response was justifiable since no one likes to hear any outsider criticizing one’s family. In fact, the goons were spewing false. Yahiko knows what actually took place and it was not a happy ending for the couple.

His life under the Yakuza was extremely petty. The way they treated Yahiko simply shows, that it was already miserable. He was used to the beating. The kid finally finds the courage to leave this mess behind and start a new one. Yes, he did not have any plans as of now. However, the decision was wise.

Yahiko without a doubt is a brave heart. If he is nourished and nurtured, the way he deserves, he would be the next Himura Kenshin, according to me.

Rurouni Kenshin EP 3 "Kasshin-Ryu - Reborn"  Source Liden Films
Rurouni Kenshin EP 3 “Kasshin-Ryu – Reborn” Source Liden Films

So, our Hero finally arrives at the location for whom I was eagerly waiting. I was missing his gentle smile actually, which he, of course, does the moment he sees Yahiko. But his swift entrance in the narrative of Rurouni Kenshin EP 3 was superb. The sharp look on his face along with his cold glance towards the menaces was spectacular.

Can’t keep calm when I watched him defeat the Himura Gashkeh on the spot with a single swing. It was enough to make everyone out there stop what they were doing. The stance was undoubtedly stunning. Also, I loved what Kenshin spoke to those goons. The words appeared sincerely dangerous which I totally enjoyed of course. That brief interaction was catchy.

However, the kid was constantly in his rebel mode. He was missing the point that without Kenshin he would have been dead by now. Instead of being thankful he continues to fight, and it made me annoyed actually. But the way Kenshin perceives the situation, it was enlightening. He understands the psyche of Yahiko and totally gets him. It was once again very much like him.

Himura Kenshin never misses a chance to amaze me. Honestly, this Rurouni is providing me with lots of social techniques to handle difficult situations. His words and voice differ from person to person. The gentle smile and his meticulous yet innocent approach have the charm to win anyone’s heart, don’t you think? Later we also see that Yahiko opens up to the man crying out his frustration. The montage was an exhibition of profound sensibility and emotional struggle.

Now, begins the anticipated squabble between Yahiko and Kouru. Their first interaction was nowhere cordial, did you remember at the bridge? See, that’s why I remarked anticipated. He continued calling the beautiful old hag and was nowhere willing to listen to his present Dojo instructor, Kouru.

On a sincere note, handling such a rebellious kid requires patience which Kouru precisely lacks because she is a teenager as well. Moreover, the kid was not ready to take Dojo lessons from Kouro. Maybe because he was unfamiliar with Kouru’s skill in the subject.

So, he openly declares that he wants to change his current instructor to Kenshin. Since Kenshin was not looking forward to teaching his killer sword style, he suggest Yahiko to learn the sword style that gives life, from Kouru.

This questions Kourus’s position as a Dojo teacher in her locality too. My argument is answered impeccably by the incident where the 15 candidates leave as soon as they learn that their instructor won’t be Kenshin. It was intensely underwhelming for Kouru.

A sudden change and opportunity appear when Kouru’s ex-students seek help. This very moment gives Yahiko the chance to watch Kuoru in action. Yes, it was a very brief instance, but her swift moves in swinging her Dojo sword showed how dextrous she is.

Now, once again we see, how much easy this young girl can be. The kid Yahiko surprisingly understands that the former students of Kouru are the real miscreants in this situation. Every word Yahiko utters proves his reliability in handling challenging situations better than Kouru.

This might be another solid reason why the students left, learning Dojo under Kouru. Her simplemindedness is preciously saved by Kenshin though, don’t you think? But her skills are never questioned by Himura Kenshin, which is something that validates her capability as a swordsman.

Kouru has a heart of gold. She feels responsible for her former students and is willing to take the fall. Her words were very sincere. Further, I loved how Yahiko comes into the front line trying to protect Kouru, kicking the chief of the bandits with all his strength. It was his pride and courage since his veins run the blood of a Samurai.

Once again our hero takes the spotlight by just arriving at the school. His swift and smooth swing of Sakabato divides the explosive shocking every spectator, including me. His demanding words coupled with his sharp cold gaze at the bandits were so cool.

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Can’t deny that whatever transpired between Kouru’s former students and Kenshin on the spot was something required. The grave tone spoke louder than a formal threat. Those guys should never hold swords because they don’t deserve to be honorable swordsmen in the first place. On the contrary, Kouru’s kind words also struck them hard. Not only the sentences were insightful but also impactful as well.

The ending of Rurouni Kenshin EP 3 was impressive which gives us a glimpse into the new beginning of Kasshin-Ryu. Finally, the sheltered kid takes his mentor seriously and agrees to take Dojo lessons under Kouru. Yahiko also vouches for never becoming like anyone of her former students, ever. He is still quite enthusiastic about becoming someone exceptional like Kenshin, but he is willing to take a first step under Kouru for now.

It was genuinely nice. What happened a few minutes back made Kaouru question her skills as a Dojo teacher, which certainly makes her disappointed and hopeless. But Yahiko understands what perspective Kouru holds and decides to join her school as her official student.

TOTT’s Take On Rurouni Kenshin EP 3 “Kasshin-Ryu – Reborn”

The Rurouni Kenshin EP 3 “Kasshin-Ryu – Reborn” was very nice. Well, we definitely did not see that much of Kenshin here, but whatever instance followed by him was amazingly stunning. The episode was deep, from the point of Yahiko and Kouru.

Both try their level best to preserve their family’s honor in society, in their own way. One takes the violence while the other takes the gentler approach. It was as I said packed with actions, emotional struggles, and profound sensibility which I thoroughly enjoyed.

So, this was my take on Rurouni Kenshin EP 3 “Kasshin-Ryu – Reborn”. It’s time to know yours. What’s your call on the third episode of Rurouni Kenshin? Comment down below.

But this is all for today. Hope to meet you all very soon in our next publication.

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