Jujutsu Kaisen S2 Episode 27 “Hidden Inventory 3” Review, How was the third drop of the season? did it finally hype you up?*SPOILERS*


Well, honestly, it was my case, I am all hyped up to watch what is there in the 4th episode to come. Sure the manga readers hold a different POV than people like me, but this episode was lit AF. The last two episodes were produced to build a foundation for Jujutsu Kaisen S2 Episode 27, and I am just mindblown. Now I can genuinely say why people were all excited about seeing Toji Fushiguro.

Enough with the talk now, it would be better that I begin with the review of Jujutsu Kaisen S2 Episode 27 ASAP. So let us get going with-

Things You May Like About Jujutsu Kaisen S2 Episode 27 “Hidden Inventory 3”

The narrative of Jujutsu Kaisen S2 Episode 27 begins with a serene pace. It takes off from where it left off in the last episode, which is Kuroi’s kidnapping. Geto and Gojo contemplate the situation and we see Geto is not happy with his negligence. He left his position to secure Riko, as per his duty demanded. But in the meantime, Kuroi gets kidnapped.

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The conversation which takes place between Geto and Gojo pushes Riko emotionally. The thought of not saying Goodbye to Kuroi before she merges with Lord Tengen is not what she wants. Well, isn’t this obvious, Kuroi is her only family. The last time they were together, well, at least what was shown to the anime watchers, was in the hotel room. So, the teenager pleads to accompany her bodyguards to the location of the transaction.

Gojo overestimates the enemy and believes that they would be far more tactical in their kidnapping initiative. So he keeps a proposition in front of Riko which was according to his assumption. He considers Riko a liability. And protecting Kuroi and Riko at the same time might not be an easy affair. Gojo also puts that if Riko in the course of action, feels scared, they won’t care.

However, the skillful direction of Naoki Miyajima changes the mood and emotion of the audience then and there. A few seconds ago, we all are wondering whether Gojo finally takes Riko to the mission, and pondering what happens next.

In fact, the mystical tune playing in the background beautifully adds depth to the choreography of the montage. But then the sudden change of sequence and here we are, on the sunny beach, makes the plot point absolutely happy and cheerful, contrary to where we were. It was totally uncalled for.

So, here they are on Okinawa Beach where the four take a peaceful break. Gojo and Riko enjoy the sunny day playing in the sea while Geto and Kuroi watch the kids from a distance. The whole kidnapping situation finally gets closer, which I wanted badly.

Jujutsu Kaisen S2 Episode 27 "Hidden Inventory 3" Source Netflix
Jujutsu Kaisen S2 Episode 27 “Hidden Inventory 3” Source Netflix

Kuroi was kidnapped by the non-sorcerors group named, Star Religious Group, which Geto believes to be an ambush. Kuroi still does not know how was she attacked in the first place though.

So, when Geto remarks about Gojo’s good eyesight, I literally thought of him as having exceptional(Well, he is right!!) eyesight where he can watch someone from a notable distance. My imagination experienced a hilarious finish, when I watched him snooping around every passenger, who boarded the plane along with the crew and entire plane comprehensively. It was so typical of him, yet pretty adorable, isn’t he?

And talking about Geto’s cursed spirit, I seriously did not expect a nice-looking dragon(almost like Haku from Spirited Away). I was expecting some ugly-looking cursed spirit like the usual ones, you are getting me right.

So, they spend their time making some beautiful memories in Okinawa, waiting for the bounty’s deadline to cross. Jujutsu Kaisen S2 Episode 27 brings one new and one old character from the last season and I cant forget the movie as well. Yes, I am talking about Nanami Kento whom we know from season 1 itself, and Yu Haibara, who happens to be a new character for me.

Both of them are first years. Nanami was skeptical about their assignment from the beginning, but Yu was all excited. He wanted to show off his skills to Geto and believes their seniors are hard workers, therefore it’s essential for them to work hard as well.

However instantly the sequence shifts and we watch how much hard work Gojo and Geto were doing at the moment. Well, honestly, Gejo and Goto were silently working hard, don’t you think?

I am telling this because, while they were enjoying a blissful time, Gojo was using his Six Eyes for consequent two days keeping a thorough lookout, which Geto knew. Gojo tells his plan to Geto which seems practical. However, Gojo’s profound confidence in Geto is what catches my attention all the time.

The position of their friendship is not happy at this juncture in Season 1. Watching their closeness now, in Season 2 hurts me because I already know what happens later and how much of a bother Geto becomes in Gojo’s life, isn’t it?

Also, their unplanned extension of staying in Okinawa kind of ruined Nanami’s hope.

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Now, the beautiful time that the four spent together was so tranquil. They don’t miss any opportunity to stay and be in the moment. The scenic landscapes were extremely pleasant to watch. The four put all their faith in the phrase, “Every second counts” and thus they enjoy every second.

I simply embraced the montage with all my heart. Can’t deny that the beautiful melody played in the background offered an artistic touch to the happy context. I felt I was carried to the scene where Elizabeth realizes her love for Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice(2005). We watch Elizabeth standing on the edge of a hill immersed deep in her thoughts watching the sun from a distance and enjoying every second in her dreamland.

The sequences from Okinawa gave me a similar vibe. Most significantly, the moment when Riko and the others visit the Aquarium. Here the only difference was, Riko was mesmerized by underwater beauty. Well, when Jujutsu Kaisen S2 Episode 27 begins, we find, Riko being underwater. I believe that there might be some slim connection to the sequences. What do you think? I am totally impressed with Naoki Miyajima’s expressive direction.

So, after watching the content for 14:17 minutes (including the title sequence), we are finally in Tokyo Jujutsu High. It’s the third day of their protection mission and the time is as mentioned 3 in the afternoon. Geto congratulates everyone for staying fit and healthy all this time. And especially congratulates Gojo for being tirelessly cautious. Gojo’s statement however remains void, he does babysit Yuji in Season 1.

And here comes the shocking transition of the narrative which startles me to the ground. The entire 14:17 minutes of the episode now seems like the calmness before the storm which we all witnessed and experienced without a break.

The constant usage of Six Eyes made Gojo tired, therefore he did not get the scope to understand Toji was behind him. It was shocking for me to watch Gojo getting stabbed. What was more surprising for me was the ambush taking place inside Tokyo Jujutsu High.

The flashback takes us to where we watch Gojo walking past Toji. Toji was curious about the Six-Eyed kid born in the Gojo Family. He was more surprised to observe, Satoru’s Six Eyes catching Toji’s killer presence lurking around his entity.

He adequately estimates Satoru’s capability and takes every possible measure to tire him down and it happens too. Gojo’s sharp instincts dull down only to be stabbed from behind. It was shocking for me. And I felt Geto, who was also not happy at all.

Gladly, the wound was not fatal and Gojo beautifully summarises the situation assuring Geto, Riko, Kuroi, and us, the audience about his wellbeing.

The interaction taking place between Satoru and Toji was insightful. Gojo gets his answer about the bounty, but he is unaware of the capability of his unnamed attacker. Several questions stormed through his head which was pretty normal, since without understanding an opponent’s potential, scheming the next move is challenging.

Toji exhibits exceptional skillfulness. He is tremendously fast, and marvelous in his job. He stuns Satoru along with me. The way he was making those speedy moves definitely blew my mind. He was stupendously impressive.

What horrified me from time to time was, Satoru’s expression, he was shocked by every move made by Toji. He had to work completely on his instincts since reading the presence of cursed energy was impossible in Toji’s case.

Tracking down the cursed energy which was stuck on Toji’s shoulder, appeared as the only possible way out. His implementation of the Cursed Energy Lapse Blue proved devastating and I felt quite relieved. However, still, 8:47 minutes remained(including the ending), so I knew something was off.

The appalling cloud appearing behind the Gojo answered his skepticism. So, tell me, did you also feel the Fly Heads have a close resemblance to the Poisonous Bees from Inuyasha? Do tell me in the comment section below.

Satoru’s mind was breeding numerous questions which was kind of obvious. This became a serious challenge for our Blue-Eyed Hero and it was genuinely a problem. The mastery of developing the montage almost gave me a heart attack. The instance Satoru turns his back, his attention shifts to Riko, and it’s the precise moment when Toji stabs Gojo’s neck fatally wounding the invincible.

But I was amazed to see, Gojo determining Toji’s presence amidst the cover made by the Fly Heads, and just then he turns his front toward the sorcerer killer. This stuns Toji as well. Yes, it was because of his Six Eyes. So, this was once again like the moment from before, when young Gojo determines Toji’s killer presence, don’t you think?

However, Toji believes it’s because of the heterogeneous cursed energy imbibed in his killing machine which catches Satoru’s attention. Gojo still fights as per his capacity. Toji uses a Special Grade Cursed tool i.e., the Inverted Spear of Heaven which bears the power to dismantle any ongoing spells significantly.

Even if I know, that Gojo is alive right now in the anime, watching him in such a horrible situation definitely did hurt me. His lifeless blue eyes were not something I planned to watch while sitting for Jujutsu Kaisen S2 Episode 27.

Now, let us take a break from the chaos outside and find out what took place, in the meantime with Geto Kuroi and our Star Plasma Vessel Riko. So, Riko and Kuroi bid adieu in front of Geto which impacts Geto emotionally. They share a wholesome moment, expressing their affection towards each other. The situation was genuinely touchy since it was going to be the last time they touch each other and feel each other. Though Kuroi is Riko’s maid, she is her Home too. Hence, it was quite understandable.

So, after a silent walk, Geto and Riko finally reach their destination where Master Tengen resides. Here comes another twist of Jujutsu Kaisen S2 Episode 27. Geto betrays the intenstion of protecting Riko, and he is ready to help Riko live the life of a normal teenager which she deserves.

Seguro reveals that both he and Satoru had planned the same before meeting her and are ready to fight anyone. They would do whatever is required at the moment to secure Riko’s future. Riko feels free to share, her deeply developed sentiments with Seguro. She wanted to merge to be free of all her humane emotions of attachments.

Now she feels extremely relieved at the offer to live a normal life as she wants. Even though we watched the dynamic between Kuroi and Riko for just three episodes, the deep affection which brewed between them, living together for all these years, was amazingly represented by the director, don’t you think? Like I felt the sadness within Riko’s heart.

Geto is genuinely happy so he offers his hand to take Riko and leave the place ASAP. Can’t deny, that the ending OST “Light” by Soushi Sakiyama which was being played in the background added an optimistic connotation to the montage. The song significantly presents the happiness and hopefulness blooming inside Riko’s heart. The young girl is all ready for a new start.

Another heart-shattering twist of Jujutsu Kaisen S2 Episode 27 stumbles down in front of the watchers. And here we are, once again watching our hopes getting shattered piece by piece. I genuinely felt Geto at that very instance.

The non-sorcerer approach made by Toji was quite direct to his intent. He shoots his target and finishes the work he was assigned to, then and there. What catches my attention is the gentle transition of Geto’s expression from being happy to being shocked. The silence hovering over the situation along with Riko’s lifeless eyes(which sparked with joy a few seconds ago), and the blood flowing out from her skull, was horrifying.

Well, the question about Toji being present at the shrine sincerely concerns Seguro, because if he is here what happened to Gojo? We know the answer but its was time Seguro learns about his best friend. Toji gladly reveals Gojo’s demise which makes Geto call his curse spirits. The sequence was undoubtedly intense and full of rage.

Now, did you also feel, that the curse spirits resembled Eren Yeager and Haku(once again!!)? Please comment down below.

TOTT’s Take On Jujutsu Kaisen S2 Episode 27 “Hidden Inventory 3”

So, this was my detailed evaluation of Jujutsu Kaisen S2 Episode 27 “Hidden Inventory 3”. It was an exciting and intense episode that I thoroughly enjoyed from the beginning till the end. I must say, Naoki Miyajima did an awesome job in decorating the peace with artistic corners.

The instances beautifully added depth to the narrative. In addition, the direction also intensified every character emotionally. I totally liked Toji Fushiguro as an assassin who showed how terrifying he is. As for Gojo he simply proved his magnificence again. And as for Seguro Geto, well, honestly, he is growing on me.

The episode was brilliant and I can’t wait to watch the next drop.

So, this was my take on Jujutsu Kaisen S2 Episode 27 “Hidden Inventory 3”. What’s yours? Do let me know in the comment section below.

But this is all for today. Hope to meet you all very soon in our next publication.

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