My Happy Marriage Ep 3 “Our First Date” Review, Did The Third Episode Make Your Heart Skip A Beat? *SPOILERS*


My Happy Marriage dropped its third episode titled, “Our first date”, henceforth we can presume what was the subject of the content. But, I was also eager to know, why was the deal, about Miyo Saimori being promised to the eldest son of the Tatsuishi family made in the first place. Well, everything is answered to the point, satisfactorily, and it was a nice 23-24 minutes to be honest.

So, without wasting any more time, let us begin with-

Things You Might Like About My Happy Marriage Ep 3 “Our First Date”

So, in My Happy Marriage Ep 3 Kiyoka asks Miyo to accompany him on his weekend errand to the city. As usual, the overthinking girl feels burdened. However, Kiyoka understands Miyo pretty much by now. Therefore, he readily answers her queries and assures her, that she won’t be a burden.

Once again I felt emotional while seeing the situation. Miyo’s mental health is extremely poor. Self-love is nowhere in her dictionary. She was always considered to be a burden by her biological father and of course, by her step-relatives. It was natural for her to feel that way.

Well, it was quite a relatable situation for me. And I can say, many of us who have undergone the wrong parenting, feel such.

Now, My Happy Marriage Ep 3 “Our First Date” shows the audience about the secret proposition, which is openly broken by Mr. Saimori. He promised Minoru Tatsuishi that Miyo will be married to Kazushi Tatsuishi. However, he sends off Miyo without a proper Goodbye to Kudo’s residency abandoning the promise and his daughter.

Minoru wanted Miyo because of her Usaba blood, which she has from her mother’s side. Later in the anime, we find out what was so special about Usaba Blood. Now, the anime watchers like me will have to wait patiently, to see the first-ever supernatural exhibition of the Usaba blood in the show. Let’s see when it happens, but I don’t think it will take place in season 1 in any way.

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Well, now, I would like to talk about the internal conversation between Mr. Saimori and Minoru. Mr. Saimori is confident about the situation of Miyo being abandoned once again in life, but this time it will be by Kiyako Kudo. Her inability to be a supernatural being would leave her in the street. And when the Tatsuishis will offer shelter to her, it would only make her smile.

He hardly seems to care about the brutal and supposed circumstance of her daughter. It was quite a blood-boiling moment for me. The statement thrown by Mr.Saimori saying that he hardly cares how Miyo survives or if is she alive or dead is not his concern anymore; it was infuriating for me.

Mr. Tatsuishi believes that Miyo might be powerless, but her children won’t be. Therefore his interest in grabbing the marvelous opportunity to have Usaba blood, run in their family, is something he simply cannot miss. Well, for me, his intentions might come as a bothersome factor for Miyo and Kiyoka in the future.

While the conversation takes place inside, Kaya seems to be eavesdropping. She gets furious to learn that the topic of discussion is her elder sister. Her expression in regard to the conversation appears skeptical, since according to Kaya Saimori, Miyo Saimori stands in no comparison to her. But her intense change of mood was something worth thinking about.

I did not like how rude Kaya was towards Touji. Agreed that she has no sense of respect towards her would-be husband. But, the partnership which she and Touji are about to begin, she should have some value in the relationship, isn’t she?

Touji and Miyo were friends for a very long time and it will take time for him to dismiss whatever emotions he holds for his first love. But we know that Kaya knew everything about Touji and Miyo and still accepted the marriage proposal decided by her father then and there. She just wanted to make Miyo sad.

My Happy Marriage Ep 3 "Our First Date" Source Netflix
My Happy Marriage Ep 3 “Our First Date” Source Netflix

But Kaya should have appreciated the fact that Touji is trying to bond with her in advance of their marriage. He keeps in front of her, the idea, of taking a short look at the new departmental store, which was nice of him. However, Kaya’s head was somewhere else. She assumes that the coldness of Kiyoka Kudo was enough to kill Miyo by now. It was too sad.

Let us now go back to Miyo and Kiyoka. Ms. Yurie comes forward to help Miyo, for getting Miyo ready elegantly, for the outing. Her efforts were just to the point which of course Kiyoka’s eyes answers sparkingly. By the end of the episode, we come to the conclusion that everything was planned by Kiyoka, and Ms. Yurie knew about the same beforehand.

Since Miyo doesn’t possess any special kimono, she repeats her worn-off dresses daily, sewing the shabby pieces, every time to make them wearable. It hurts, Ms. Yurie along with Kiyoka. So Kiyoka takes her to buy her some new kimonos.

Everything was going nice, but it just made my heart skip a beat when Kiyokoa head pats Miyo and says that she needs to relax for she is no nuisance to anyone here. He will never consider her so.

Kiyoka invited her to accompany him on his weekend errand, therefore she can enjoy it to her heart’s content. It was very nice to see someone value our Heroine so much. Not only his words were kind to Miyo but also, his sentences were cordial to me.

Now, in the kimono shop, Kiyoka ordered some of the requisites in advance, which gives us the window to understand that this whole weekend thing was planned. Even though he repeatedly dismisses his feelings for Miyo, his actions speak otherwise.

Kiyoka and Yurie have already perceived, that Miyo was under the toxic influence in her own home. They both give her space. But Kiyoka decides to take things into his hand to make her feel good. So he took her on their first date.

Kiyoka genuinely appreciates the choices made by the shopkeeper lady. However, when his glance catches sight of the cherry blossom fabric, his visualization of Miyo wearing the beautiful kimono was kind of a profound emotion to me.

Unless you hold someone deeper in your heart, visualizing someone on their best, does not often come to mind. Miyo is slowly growing on this young man which I felt is kind of wholesome. To his surprise, Miyo was also looking at a replica of the kimono visualized by Kiyoka. But the words uttered by Miyo grab his attention.

Next, we see, Miyo having a good time at the restaurant with Kiyoka. Kiyoko wants to see Miyo smile and would like to learn about her honest thoughts and opinions(like me on this argument) on their subjects of discussion. Kiyoka’s statement makes Miyo speaks blatantly. Miyo apologizes for her supposed rude behavior however, Kiyoka appreciates her words very much and encourages her to speak honestly every time since he seems to be looking at a future together. Just lovely isn’t it?

Miyo likes Kiyoka’s company so much that she feels like not sharing her powerless status with him any time soon. She believes that Kiyoka is likely to abandon her the very moment her true identity reveals, till then she would love to enjoy his company.

What makes the episode so welcoming is when Kiyoka gifts Miyo a new comb which is like an indirect proposal to marriage. Miyo finds the gift to be very expensive and was reluctant to accept it. However, our Hero convinces her in his own way making Miyo smile. It was delightful.

Coming to the ending where we see, Kiyoka’s secret investigation of Miyo and her family; it was superb to me. It gives us the idea that even if he knows about Miyo’s lack of supernatural capabilities, he hardly pays attention to that. He is more concerned about healing Miyo and her mental wounds.

Later he also learns about Miyo being a Usaba by blood. But the knowledge also seems to be nothing essential for him, at the moment though. But let’s see what happens next, in the later part of the show.

TOTT’s Take on My Happy Marriage Ep 3 “Our First Date”

Well, I thoroughly enjoyed My Happy Marriage Ep 3 “Our First Date”. It was a nice episode for me, where the main leads, slowly approach the point to fall in love with each other. Right now, however, they both like each other and very soon they are likely to immerse deep into the cavern of LOVE.

This was my take on My Happy Marriage Ep 3 “Our First Date”. I know I must have missed some points. So, do let me know about it, by commenting down below.

But, it’s time to know your POV on My Happy Marriage Ep 3 “Our First Date”. Do let me know in the comment section what’s your opinion about My Happy Marriage Ep 3 “Our First Date”.

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