Zom 100:Bucket List of the Dead EP 2; What ingredient made the episode so much more interesting?*SPOILERS*


Zom 100:Bucket List of the Dead EP 2 was released on 16th July, which gave the audience much more interesting and engaging content this time. All the hopes from the second drop were meticulously handled for the non-manga readers. Thank you Hiroshi Seiko for writing such optimistic content and thank you Toshihiro Maeya for developing the second drop so articulately.

So, without any further ado, let us get going with-

Things You Might Enjoy From Zom 100:Bucket List of the Dead EP 2

The narrative of Zom 100:Bucket List of the Dead EP 2 shows us two perspectives of two different survivors. Yes, in episode two, the girl in the official poster of the anime, is finally addressed. However, her name is still unknown.

Let us begin with Akira for now, who is so traumatized that even now, he is watching nightmares of his boss, threatening him; the instances are from his professional days. However, the minute he wakes up and realizes that those horrific days are over, the ecstasy he shows, was so relatable.

He greets his morning so happily, that I became happy. He begins his three-year worth of vacation. The gravity of the zombie pandemic is hardly giving him any stress. On the contrary, our hero Akira is extremely relieved that his workdays are over.

Zom 100:Bucket List of the Dead EP 2 Source Bug Films
Zom 100:Bucket List of the Dead EP 2 Source Bug Films

Akira also takes up the task of three year worth of cleaning. He cleans up his messy room, washes his clothes, cleans his toilet, and drinks beer in the morning which he never did typically, but he feels so refreshed. Well, his messy ambiance was a genuine portrayal of how messy his life transformed after he got hired in his dream job. In fact, he admits that a clean house replicates a clean mind.

With his professional days being over, he has time to clean and declutter his space and air giving him the chance to feel rejuvenated mentally and physically. It was symbolic of his mental health which was going down to drain, according to me. After his room was cleaned, his priority instantly shifts to drinking beer in the morning.

The optimism in Akira is exceptional. He shows his middle finger to the horrors, lurking outside his home, and sets out to get his beers. It was hilariously optimistic. Akira also finds two survivors in his apartment. We find the couple being in a typical terrified mental space, where they are losing their hope to live. While Akira is all about getting his beers to live and enjoy every second of his remaining life. He also agrees to help the couple by bringing their requisites.

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When Akiro meets the unnamed girl in 11 Eleven, his day begins to take another beautiful turn. He openly shows his interest in the other survivor. Well, isn’t this obvious? He might not get the chance to meet another girl in this critical life-and-death situation. However, his enthusiasm over getting a lot of beer, makes her consider Akira as a liability.

Now let us move our attention toward this meticulous girl. She is all prepared to survive this pandemic with intellect. She is a proactive individual who believes in not compromising on the situation. She takes care of her health, drinks water, and keeps a close observation of the current situation outside.

While Akira is fascinated with upgrading his cycle to a scooter and later to his dream cruiser bike, this girl is avoiding sugar intake. The overenthusiasm over getting a lot of beer definitely put Akira in a non-reliable corner according to her.

Zom 100:Bucket List of the Dead EP 2 Source Bug Films
Zom 100:Bucket List of the Dead EP 2 Source Bug Films

By how her apartment appears, she seems to be all prepared for quite some time for this unprecedented situation to come. The list of how to survive, planned by the female lead was mindblowing according to me.

She takes note of how the zombies are behaving and plans accordingly. She is not going to take the slightest risk to fall in front of the mindless creatures and risk her life in the process.

Akira and this smart health freak female offer the audience two perspectives of life. Akira is preparing, a bucket list of 100 things he wants to do before he becomes a zombie. While on the other hand, this female is all up for 100 things to do to not become a zombie.

I enjoyed the non-typical outlook on the apocalypse by Akira again and I loved how meticulous this young girl is. She is all about staying fit and surviving the situation by hook and crook.

Now, something caught my attention, during the news broadcast. The reporter states that their workers overrunning the premise, have turned into living dead. Well, isn’t this the real face of corporate culture, where people are stuck to serving the rat race and getting insufficient wages as well?

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No need for a virus infection, the corporate 9-5 jobs are enough to make happy-go-lucky humans, into living dead, exactly like a zombie, repeating the same routine every day. It is terrible, and no wonder Akira felt so happy at the realization, that he has no work. I am sure many of us feel genuinely like him, which gave the writer the opportunity to create something so relatable, especially for the millennials.

Akira amuses me a lot actually. How goes down the apartment, sliding down his waterpipe line, and meeting the Kosaka couple, is so funny. In addition, his excitement seems so innocent when he announces his entry, cheering out ‘Beer Beer’ in 11 Eleven.

His overexcitement for the situation however makes him completely ignore the fact, that the doors of 11 Eleven were not closed, which lets the zombies enter the shop in the later part of the sequence. It was inexcusable though.

Further, he was embarrassed by his song and did not pay any attention to the stuff, the female lead was hoarding for survival. He belongs to a different category of humans, I must say, or as the unnamed girl identifies him as a classic case.

I loved how Akira’s eyes sparkled when he began writing down his bucket list. I can vouch that many of us felt the scene hard. His sudden realization to spend time with his parents because he might not get the chance later was quite intense, don’t you think? The melody added in the background made the montage so beautiful.

TOTT’s Take On Zom 100:Bucket List of the Dead EP 2

So, it was a superb episode that showed us two different ways of perceiving the zombie apocalypse, which is much different from the ones, which we have witnessed in remarkable Hollywood movies to date. I enjoyed watching both the characters and their way of dealing with the crisis. It was an entertaining episode for me. I found Zom 100:Bucket List of the Dead EP 2 as a happy content. I am now looking forward to watching the following episodes consequently.

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