Rurouni Kenshin Ep 2 “Tokyo Samurai-Yahiko Myojin”, Review, So what was new in this second drop of the show?*SPOILERS*


Rurouni Kenshin Ep 2 was released on 14th July which introduces the third prominent character of the show that is Yahiko Myojin. The episode also offers the audience a glimpse of Kenshin’s honorable past. it made me generously happy.

Now, Rurouni Kenshin Ep 2 was directed by Araki Issei and it’s an interesting episode that appeared as another foundational drop of the series.

Well, genuinely there is nothing extra to talk about in this intro section, so, let us get going with –

Things You Might Like About Rurouni Kenshin Ep 2

The narrative of the Rurouni Kenshin Ep 2 is a peaceful one. It was an informational episode that was produced to let the audience learn more about our hero, Kenshin, and why he left being the Hitokiri Battosai.

So, Kenshin is living a fresh life with Kaoru now, his new friend in Tokyo, as he promised. He is basically a household helper who does Kouru’s house chores. But Kaoru is not at all happy with what Himura looks like because honestly from no angle Kenshin appears 28, LOL. Kenshin’s answer to Kaoru’s question was not satisfying as well.

The story then takes us to Kenshin and Kaoru in the marketplace where they are looking forward to shop. On their way, they meet with a new yet prominent character(the kid is presented in the title track) of the narrative who is Yahiko Myojin. In fact, the episode is titled in his honor.

Rurouni Kenshin Ep 2 "Tokyo Samurai-Yahiko Myojin" Source Liden Films
Rurouni Kenshin Ep 2 “Tokyo Samurai-Yahiko Myojin” Source Liden Films

The pickpocketer is greeted in the most unexpected way by Kenshin which somehow displeases the boy. He feels pitied which was not acceptable to Yahiko. Just after brief seconds, we learn why Yahiko is pickpocketing. The reason was harsh as usual, since we have already watched such circumstances in numerous animes, and it was not something that made me happy. However, we cannot include Gintama in this space.

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Yamagata Arimoto is another new character who is introduced to the plot, who knows Kenshin and is a former ally. He wants Kenshin to return to his professional post, which Kenshin will fully reject.

Now, let us talk about the swords bearing police force of the Meiji era. They are the scum of society who are roaming around wearing the uniform of the protectors while harassing the protectee in broad daylight. The way they address the civilians and their threat to humiliate Kaoru in front of the public was blood-boiling for me. Thank goodness Kenshin offers the group the precise treatment which they deserved, winning everyone’s heart

The narrative was pretty much balanced. It was very calm, there was nothing negative in the story. What was special about the Rurouni Kenshin Ep 2 was the revelation of Himura Battosia’s honorable past. The conversation taking place between Yamagata and the officer throws significant light on the subject. The interaction which took place later, between Yamagata and Kenshin, provides clarity to Kaoru’s questions about Kenshin’s past as well.

The public display of valor inspired our little Yahiko too. Yes, he knows very well, that he is physically not up to the level of beating those goons. But still, he stands up on his ground. Additionally, we also can’t ignore the change of his mind, when he hands over the lady’s wallet back to her even though he was under the deadline of bringing money by evening. It was very nice and brave of him, according to me.

As usual, I loved Rurouni Kenshin. He is the sweetest soul in the show. His smile has the power to enlighten the mood. He is brave, he is quick, he is kind, and can’t skip on being extremely humble.

I also appreciate the fact, that Kaoru never leaves Kenshin’s side. She sticks to him and is very happy just to be around him. Yahiko is a skillful character who although introduced as a cheat, has a nice heart. He is looking for a scope to change which he will probably take in the next episode itself.

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TOTT’s Take On Rurouni Kenshin Ep 2

So this was my take on Rurouni Kenshin Ep 2, what’s your call on the second episode of this adventure genre? The third episode will be dropped on 21st July and is titled “Kasshin-Ryu – Reborn”. The title is making me assume, Yahiko will join the dojo institute in this episode itself. Let’s see what happens.

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