My Happy Marriage Ep 2 “About My Husband-to-Be” Review, What Are You Going To See In Ep 2?


My Happy Marriage Ep 2 “About My Husband-to-Be” is available to watch right now. Well, the episode gives the audience a brief peek into the past of Miyo Saimori and also reveals that Saimoris possesses the unique power to see Grotesqueries. Being just an anime watcher learning about the fact, that My Happy Marriage isn’t just a slice of life definitely made my day.

In fact, while researching the plot, I stumbled across that this show is fantasy and supernatural content. However, I wanted to see the very fisrt episode on supernatural elements before writing about the same.

Honestly, My Happy Marriage Ep 2 “About My Husband-to-Be” gave me the opportunity to watch something pleasant and interesting.

So what makes My Happy Marriage Ep 2 “About My Husband-to-Be” worth talking? Let us get going with-

Things I Liked About My Happy Marriage Ep 2 “About My Husband-to-Be”

The Narrative

The storytelling of every anime stays so on point that the audience gets where the plot is taking them so effortlessly, right? Basically what I understand by looking at Miyo is that she is simply a girl from a toxic household, whose inner child needs healing.

The abusive days of Miyo’s life were briefly shown which might be provocative as well. The moment she fails the test of seeing Grotesqueries, her father shifts his love and care toward his younger child Kaya. And since then she lived a toxic life all these years. She lived a life of a servant, which simply made her hands not presentable. Further, she lacked the confidence of a girl belonging to a premium household.

Her dress was shabby too. Our Kudo Sir observes the situation precisely thus he wants to investigate Miyo’s upbringing which was kind of nice of him. Ms. Yurie also found his personality to be interested in Miyo which was something he didn’t do for any of his other ex-fiancees.

Coming back to the narrative, the story shows Miyo’s attempt to settle into her new household and make herself valuable. Thus she finds her way to the kitchen and makes her first meal for everyone however her attempt was not appreciated by Lord Kudo.

His unwillingness to taste the food made by a stranger was presented with brutal words. His apology to Miyo, at night significantly makes up for his rude behavior in the morning, though. We also find out, what is the profession of Kiyoka Kudo in My Happy Marriage Ep 2 “About My Husband-to-Be”. Kiyoka himself is a pyrokinetic and is currently working as a trainer to supernaturally gifted students who fight Grotesquries.

My Happy Marriage Ep 2 "About My Husband-to-Be" Source Netflix
My Happy Marriage Ep 2 “About My Husband-to-Be” Source Netflix

Now, Miyo is trying her level best to please Kiyoka Kudo apologizing way too much. This catches Kiyoka’s attention as well. However, Kiyoka is still unaware that Miyo lacks supernatural power and is just a regular girl.

Now, The sudden environment change is making Miyo watch nightmares daily. We find out more about her abusive days and how her own father allowed her stepmother to abuse the little girl. She was constantly deprived of love, she became accustomed to being neglected and insulted all the time. Hence, when Kiyoka appreciates her cooking, her tear gland automatically swells up. I don’t know about anyone, but the scene kind of hit me hard.

This too was noticed by Kiyoka, which makes him discuss the fact with Ms. Yurie. Now what was new in My Happy Marriage Ep 2 “About My Husband-to-Be” was the call for Mr. Saimori. We learn that Miyo was promised to be married to Koji’s elder brother Kazushi because her blood from the Usuba family makes her valuable. But as we know that the promise is broken by Mr. Saimori, the reason for which I am sure holds a negative purpose.

Miyo’s gratitude for what the Kudo household is offering to her was nice and sad both at the same time. She used to live in a tiny room without any windows back in her home. The cushiony futon and the bare minimum to live a happy satisfying life were given to her by the Kudos. The room has windows and a place to store her belongings. It was more than enough for her. In fact, Koji was sad to find out about Miyo’s living conditions in her own home, as well.

The story was nice and quite engaging for me. I am looking forward to seeing what happens in the 3rd episode which is about to be released on 19th July.

The Characters

Well, in the debut episode itself, we learn that Miyo was abused very badly right after her mother passed away. And when her father discerned that his eldest daughter does not have any supernatural capabilities, his attention completely falls on his younger child Kaya. It was disheartening to watch Miyo grow up feeling silly and unworthy. Her own father kind of left her to be abused by her stepmother. It was harsh.

No wonder the young lady lacks self-confidence, and apologizes so often. Honestly, she depicts several other Miyos out there who are treated the same, unworthy, and unvalued by their parents because of similar(not talking about supernatural powers here TOTTers) and different reasons though.

I believe that her serene personality is sufficient to make anyone happy. She is a kind girl who was not nurtured the way she deserved to live. My Happy Marriage Ep 2 “About My Husband-to-Be” provides us with more instances of how much the young kid was tortured mentally and emotionally that she lacks love for herself and finds herself worthless, it was very sad.

Coming to Kiyoka, he is handsome both inside and outside. Yes, he behaved callously on Miyo’s very first morning though, can’t ignore that, but he apologized for the same as well, on the same night. All credit goes to Ms. Yurie for the situation, who made her point appreciably hit Kudo’s mind.

The constant apologies asked by Miyo catch Kiyoka’s attention significantly. He is quite observant and is willing to invest his precious time in learning about Miyo’s background and her parentage. I must also say that Kiyoka is considerate about leaving the warm water for Miyo. I found it nice.

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He also asks Miyo to sit beside him while both of them eat, which shows how much sincere he is with his intention of marrying her. This also throws light on the amount of respect Kiyoka has for his would-be wife. Well, he is also trying his level best to welcome Miyo given his personality is pretty introverted, don’t you think?

I despised how Miyo’s father treated the young Miyo. Can’t comment on her stepmother though, because it’s kind of typical, watching stepmoms holding unknown reasons of hatred for the kids not birthed by the ladies. I simply don’t understand why. Kaya watched her mother hating her big sister from her birth, so no wonder she also repeats showing the same emotions towards Miyo, right? She enacts what she absorbed from her parents.

As for Koji, I highly doubt his intention of helping Miyo would be successful because according to me he is nothing but spineless. Also, Miyo was supposed to be married to his elder brother so, in that case, leaving the situation as it is would be good for him.

I love Ms. Yurie. She is a mother figure to Kiyoka, and now Miyo too. She adores Miyo and is willing to embrace everything that this girl has to offer. She did not like the way Kiyoka behaved on the very first morning after Miyo’s arrival, and she clearly shows her displeasure with the situation to Kiyoka. Yurie is a dependable lady whom I like a lot. Also, I suspect her to be Hana, Miyo’s supposed nanny who was fired since she spoke in support of Miyo’s well-being.

On an honest note, there is nothing else to cover since it’s an ongoing show. I liked the above segments about which I wrote wholeheartedly. There is nothing to talk against on My Happy Marriage Ep 2 “About My Husband-to-Be” since I enjoyed every second of the second episode.

But if you have something to share, about My Happy Marriage Ep 2 you are more than welcome to write in the comment section below.

TOTT’s Take On My Happy Marriage Ep 2 “About My Husband-to-Be”

Well, it was quite a good episode for me. The inquisitive ending is however making me impatient to learn what happens next. Let’s wait till 19th July for now.

So this was my take on My Happy Marriage Ep 2 “About My Husband-to-Be”, now it’s time to know yours, what you liked about My Happy Marriage Ep 2 “About My Husband-to-Be”. You are invited to write down your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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