Yen and Ciri From The Witcher S3 EP 2 “Unbound”; Which Yen and Ciri moment from EP 2 seemed pleasing to you the most?


The last season, i.e., The Wicher S2 was more about Ciri getting to know Geralt, the white-haired Witcher. This season, The Witcher S3 gave the audience the opportunity to watch Yen bonding with Ciri at a parental level. After the whole Ciri abduction situation in season 2, Yennefer messed everything up, especially her relationship with Geralt.

But her sacrifice in the last episode of the second season, she tried to compensate for the matter significantly. Now in season three, EP 2 is the time when Ciri and Yen are left alone without Geralt for the very first time ever. It was unintentional, yet it was very necessary for the family, to take separate ways.

Over the course of days, Ciri has managed to trust Yennefer. And Yenefer also worked sincerely in improving her relationship with Ciri.

So, here we are with Yen and Ciri from The Witcher S3 Ep2 “Unbound” where we got to witness a new, mother and daughter relationship blooming. I am discussing all the instances of Yen and Ciri from this episode, ranking them according to my liking. See, if we do match over the situation or not.

Let us get going with-

Yen And Ciri From The Witcher S3 Ep2 “Unbound” 4 Moments From EP2 That Shows Profound Strengthening Of The Bond Minutely, Ranked Least To Best

The instances discussed here fall consequently in the show so, it won’t be hard to understand my perspective at all. Besides, I am discussing what I discerned from the instances, so it’s subjective and can be significantly different from yours. But you are always free to correct me and share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

Yen and Ciri From The Witcher S3 EP 2 "Unbound" Source Netflix
Yen and Ciri From The Witcher S3 EP 2 “Unbound” Source Netflix

4th The Night At Ellander

The night at Ellander was cold and Yen and Ciri were on their usual itinerary. It was a purposeful trip though. Yen was meeting a girl to deliver a message to Tissaia, her mentor in Aratuza, about her homecoming. Ciri’s unprecedented vision strikes back just for a brief moment which kind of becomes the issue for the time being.

Ciri’s innocent and young mind is willing to help everyone around, every stranger whatsoever, without thinking about the consequence. Her cordial yet reckless behavior to some extent reminded me of Yen. She was similar to Ciri a lot back in her days. But her experiences over the years learned her pretty harsh lessons.

Thus, she does not want to Ciri to grow up like her in any way. Besides, Ciri is far more powerful than Yen, who is wanted by everyone on the Continent. Further, Yen’s promise to Geralt to keep Ciri safe and secure is what she is trying to keep up, by staying low profile.

But Ciri’s help can put the teenager’s life in danger which Yen cannot manage right now. She will not only lose Ciri in the process but will also lose Geralt, which will kill her for sure.

Yen’s quote to stop the argument from further extending was funny though. She blatantly says

“Apologies good sir. Never mind the girl.

She was kicked in the head by a horse

Hasn’t been right since then”

The senstence was stupendpusly catchy.

3rd During Their Shopping

Well, the sequence throws light on how much Ciri wants to know about the mysterious Mage who entered her life. Yen is willing to help Ciri with all her might and means, but Ciri definitely didn’t get a touch of Yen’s past and her conquest through the ages.

Ciri wanted to know about the 3 drafts of the letter Yen was writing to Tissaia. Well, we all know, Yen and Tissaia share mother-daughter compatibility. The rogue Mage Yen messes up things, taking chances according to her will, while the Mother figure Tissaia patches things up for her.

Coming back to Ciri and Yen, she admires Yen, she perceives Yen as a ” Powerful Perfection” but she also sees that Yen is scared for some reason. Well, after what happened in Aratuza back in season 2, visiting the castle is a skeptical situation for now.

Tissaia might approve of Yen and her mission to protect Ciri but, the others might prove to be dangerous. Besides, once again her promise to Geralt about protecting Ciri will be questioned at an unforgivable level since Geralt was against the idea from the beginning.

A few moments later, once more Ciri does what Yen has asked not to repeat ever again. She interferes with destiny to save the dwarf from its decided fate. But Yen is a perfect mother, who handles the situation with her impeccable power very subtly. Her friend, Keira another Mage, however, gives up on her.

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2nd Yen Is Disappointed

This instance offers the audience the exactness of the mother-and-daughter relationship, which Ciri and Yennefer have developed through their times together. Yen was not angry, she was disappointed. Her repetition of the fact to stay LOW was ignored again by Ciri. Yen’s silent treatment was bothersome, thus, Ciri breaks it and asks directly the question which was swarming in her brain all this time.

Cirilla will be a superb queen for sure, however, Yen is also right, don’t you think? Yen’s argument over the fact of saving one, while putting the lives of 100s in danger is simply harsh. Sure sometimes, discretion is more important than valor.

But since Ciri is totally unknown of Yen’s past and how hard she worked to become the higher version of herself, Ciri’s rude judgemental observation sounded typical juvenile. It appeared that every teenager sees their mother’s POV as unreasonable, without knowing what they went through, and it’s universal.

1st Ciri And Yen At Vengerberg

Ironical to what Tissaia assumes, Yen is all set to bring Ciri to Aratuza. And, it was finally the time, Ciri learns about Yen’s history. Beginning from Yen’s first interaction with Tissaia to her powerful transformation, Yen reveals everything to her. She also admits how rebellious she was towards Tissaia, always wanting to do things her way.

Yen confesses her misdeed which created confusion and conflict between the North and Brotherhood. She clarifies, possessing chaos should always be balanced since this is the essence of power and that is how Yen and Ciri will move mountains together.

TOTT’s Take On Yen and Ciri From The Witcher S3 EP 2 “Unbound”

The first episode was all about Geralt’s sweet family time. However, Ep2 “Unbound” was an episode dedicated to Yennefer and Cirilla. Yen and Ciri from The Witcher S3 showed us, the typical mother-daughter relationship. The young teenager always wants to take her own chances to live while the adult mother is always trying to protect and keep the girl safe when the father is away.

The episode sure had some other essential corners like Emperor Emyrh and his tale of bravery, Cahir’s entry to the series, Sigismund and Philipa’s secret conversations, and Prince Radovoid’s shocking exhibition of intelligence. We also watch how much Tissaia is happy over the news of reuniting with Yen after so many days.

On a sincere note, the episode was integral, for the advancement of the narrative of the third season. Apart from Yen and Ciri from The Witcher S3 Ep2 nothing was actually important. It was all the same, about hunting down the girl. However, one thing I must talk about here.

Geralt takes a quick check with Codringer and Fenn to learn about Rience. In the process he gets informed about Rience is under a leash however they don’t know the real identity of the superior Mage, which we the audience know.

The interesting thing about the montage is Fenn and Codringer talk about finding a replacement for Ciri to protect the original Ciri. By the end of Ep 2, Geralt meets Ciri’s replacement for the sacrifice, decorated and placed in front of him as a platter. Odd right?

Also, was it Jaskier who indirectly caused the untimely demise of Codringer and Fenn?

Let’s look forward to knowing so many answers in the upcoming episodes.

Now, it’s your time to let me know, if by any chance I missed out on any instance or important points from “Unbound”. Also, you are all welcome to share your thoughts and opinions on Yen and Ciri from The Witcher S3 EP2 right in the comment section down here.

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