The Witcher S3 – Which Moments From The”Shaerrawedd” Touched Your Heart


The Witcher S3 episode 1 paves the foundation for what awaits in the next exhilarating episodes. We find the happy family of Geralt, Ciri, and Yennefer traveling from place to place, on horseback, in search of a permanent residence, but failing every freaking time. In addition, the entire Continent is hunting down Cirila of Cintra, because she is the answer to each of their specific query.

Even though it was just the beginning of another adventurous season of a fantasy drama, the episode “Shaerrawedd” has some beautiful moments surrounding our hero Geralt of Rivia, his child surprise Cirilla of Cintra, and his longing Yennefer of Vengerberg, which effortlessly caught my attention.

Therefore here I am, with my choice of beautiful moments from “Shaerrawedd” of The Witcher S3.

Read to find out if we match in this regard or not. So, without any further delay, let’s get going with-

4 Best Moments of “Shaerrawedd” The Witcher S3 Which Were Exceptional According To TOTT, Rated Least to Best

4th During the Belleteyn

After spending around 6 months of a happily sheltered life, under the home provided by Yerpen, the witcher along with his unofficial family gets an invitation to visit the Belleteyn festival. The idea was not acknowledged positively by both Geralt and Yen, however considering Ciri’s teenage years, they all visit the festival together.

I loved how much the dynamics between Geralt and Yen have improved by now. Geralt is definitely a protective father, but he is also, an absolute loverboy for Yen. His undivided stare at Yen spoke louder than his heartbeat.

While Ciri enjoyed the festival the aware parents, spent their time reminiscing their good old days. The conversation gave each of them clarity on what the future might hold for the lovers. Their profound time suddenly gets shaken up when they enter the Maze.

The Witcher S3 Episode 1 Source Netflix
The Witcher S3 Episode 1 Source Netflix

Following Ciri inside was a priority, but Yen and Geralt were having their own beautiful time together. I loved watching them. Further, have you noticed Yen trying to spook up Geralt inside the Maze? It was so wholesome.

Even though the happy family time was shaken up by the sudden invasion of the Jackpace, the way the responsible adults tackle the situation is worth the discussion. The direction of the montage was amazeballs. I loved the sequence while enjoying the same as well.

3rd Geralt living his family time

After settling down at Yerpen’s cabin, Geralt, Ciri, and Yen continues to live their life, but under constant skepticism about being caught. However, they enjoy their livelihood there. They live a very gentle life where the father looks for food while the mother and the daughter practice sorcery.

Yes, it is their good and nice life. I loved watching the three having sincere and wholesome family time. Their daily meal time and the way Ciri and Yen spend their time laughing and giggling together bonding on household chores and practicing magic, it was pleasing to the eye.

Yen was living her dream life. In fact, the soft look on Geralts’ face was enough to express how much happy he is. Both of them can go miles to protect Ciri and the life they are enjoying presently.

2nd Introduction of Geralt in Season 3

Geralt’s introduction to The Witcher S3 was a stunning affair according to me. The way he singlehandedly manages the hunters were superb. Can’t deny that the entire fight montage was crafted with excellence. Each of the seconds showered the brilliance of Geralt of Rivia and his swordsmanship. The cinematography, the direction, and the choreography of this particular action arrangement were mindblowing.

The minutes end with a perfect finish when Geralt decapitates the professor. We the audience, are left to watch from the professor’s perspective, where the eyes watch the body fall in front of him. The comprehensiveness of the montage was excellent. It was one of the best introductions of Geralt in the show.

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1st Shaerrawedd

Shaerrawedd offers the climax of the first episode. A brilliant showdown takes place among the Rience and his men, the Elves, and the leads of the narrative. Every angle choreographed made an impressive impression on the audience. Ciri fought valiantly, while Geralt broke Reiance’s hand. It was brutally astonishing.

We also watch Yen putting up with the portal while combating the elves independently, it was magical. Her instant response to Francesca that Ciri belonged with her amidst the chaos appeared striking just like her. Geralt’s family is amazing actually.

As for Yerpen and his men, they fought enthusiastically as if it were their battle to begin with, isn’t it? Further, Jaskeir’s attempt to save Yerpen and his crew from the sudden commotion was generous of him and kind of courageous too.

The lead of the show remarkably tackles Rience with their brain and brawl. See, everyone, howling down at Shearrawedd had their particular reasons in mind to hunt down the princess. But she has Gerlat of Rivia as her father.

It was presumably a chaotic situation, yet very deep.

TOTT’s Take on Shaerrawedd; A Quick Review on The Witcher S3 EP1

Now a quick review of the first episode from TOTT would include… I totally savored the first episode. I loved how Ciri and Geralt have grown closer this season. I enjoyed watching Yen and Ciri spending quality time laughing and practicing magic ultimately living the life Yen desired for so long. The three living together and Geralt admitting that they belong with each other is what he wants to be with was wholesome for me.

Apart from the leads and their lives, the kingdoms from the Continent are corrupted and people are hunting down Ciri to fulfilling their specific goals. The constant differences between Elves and humans still remain intact. Honestly, there is nothing much changed since it was only the beginning of the third season. The first episode simply laid a foundation of what is incoming in The Witcher S3 which would be undoubtedly spectacular.

It was charming, homely, yet thrilling while being thoroughly entertaining for me. Now it’s time to know yours.

What did you like about The Witcher S3 Episode 1? Do we match on-the-moment situations as well?

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