Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 25 ‘Hidden Inventory’ Review, Yo Weebs, Another Freakin’ Journey Starts Now! *Spoilers*


Guess what, TOTTers? Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 EP 25 just dropped worldwide on July 6, 2023! It’s about time that people who haven’t read the manga get a taste of the friendship between Gojo, Geto, and Shoko when they were students at Tokyo Jujutsu High. Oh, and in this episode called “Hidden Inventory,” we finally get to meet the notorious Toji Fushiguro as well.

My buddies can’t stop talking about him, but all I knew were bits and pieces from my manga-loving friends. So you can imagine how pumped I am to get to know his character arc.

So, let’s get into the first episode and see what’s up!

Things You Might Like About Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 EP 25 ‘Hidden Inventory’

The Characters

After watching JJK 0, I couldn’t wait for Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 to drop just to see how much cooler Satoru Gojo was as a student. And let me tell you, I am not disappointed. His sassy remarks, the way he struts and talks, it’s all freakin’ awesome.

Gojo once again made my heart skip a beat, and I know he does the same for you, right? His no-nonsense attitude, his swag, his pride, and most importantly, his carefree behavior, all of it was a blast to watch. It seems like Gojo always knows how to keep the episodes hella entertaining for the viewers.

So now we got a taste of how disgustin’ cursed spirits are, huh? Yeah, the accuracy might be sketchy, but we got Suguru Geto’s description for now. From all the previous stuff, we’ve got a solid idea of how powerful Geto is.

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 25 'Hidden Inventory' Source Netflix
Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 25 ‘Hidden Inventory’ Source Netflix

‘Hidden Inventory’ also spilled the beans on when the whole cursed spirits consumption started. Turns out Geto was the only friend Gojo had in JJK 0, and just one episode was enough to show their dynamics.

Geto is just as sassy as Gojo, and they both love messin’ with Utahime. They kept callin’ her weak, which was pretty damn hilarious. It also took us back to season 1 when the Tokyo Jujutsu High and Kyoto Jujutsu High were goin’ at it in the tournament, remember?

In ‘Hidden Inventory’, we also got Mei Mei, Shoko, Yaga, Kokun, Kuroi, Bayer, Kong, and a whole bunch of talk about Tengan.

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I totally loved watchin’ Shoko and Utahime hangin’ out! And Utahime and Mei Mei’s investigation of that spooky mansion was also super awesome.

The connection between Gojo, Geto, and Shoko was such a joy to see. And when Shoko fixes Gojo’s glasses, you can just tell that they’re really tight. Plus, when Yaga asks about Shoko, Gojo immediately mentions that she might be in the washroom. We anime fans know for sure now that Shoko and Gojo are like simply close!

And as for Utahime and Mei Mei, Utahime is like this super-skilled sorceress, you know? And Mei Mei, well, even though she’s pretty amazing, she can seriously hog all the money like it’s her job. It’s just her usual thing, you know?

The whole scene inside the mansion with these two was so enthralling. They were all focussed on the investigation on how to break the curse, and they didn’t even notice that they were stuck for whole two days. But what cracked me up was how Utahime kept calling out Mei Mei for being this money-grabbing queen. It was funny!

Now, let’s talk about Geto and Gojo. Well, their job to protect Riko Amanai was no joke! The non-stop chit-chat over the phone between Gojo and Geto, then watching the explosion from afar while having complete faith that Geto is still kickin’ proves how much Gojo relies on his buddy. It also shows that Gojo might be a bit cocky, but he never underestimates his best pal.

Now there comes this crazy curse user group called Q that’s on a mission to get Riko as well. I gotta say, these guys appeared a bit funny, but they’ve got some serious skills. They even tried to blow up a building to catch Riko and went after Gojo, but reasonably, both attempts ended up as epic failures.

And hey, we’re still in the dark about what Toji Fushiguro has planned, I am talking on behalf of the anime watchers right now. But I can tell that it’s gonna be one hell of a ride!

The Op & Ed of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2

The Op and Ed of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 were pretty good, that I must say. The Opening credit is called ‘Where our blue is’ and the Ending credit is known as ‘Light’. Now, I’ll be honest, they weren’t as great as the ones in the debut season. I mean, I couldn’t stop listening to the opening and ending of the first installment. But hey, the new ones are still worth a listen. They’re not something you’d wanna skip.

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The Narrative

The story takes us way back to Gojo’s school days at Tokyo Jujutsu High. He, Geto, and Shoko all went to school together and were sent on a mission to save Utahime and Mei Mei from a spooky haunted mansion.

These three were all students of Yaga. Later on, we see Yaga giving Gojo and Geto another super important mission. This mission is like the ultimate quest of the season, where they gotta save Riko Amanei, who’s like the chosen sacrifice needed to revive Lord Tengen.

Our best buds set out on this mission to capture Riko just as Lord Tengen instructed. But wait, there’s more! They gotta face the Curse User Group Q. And if that ain’t enough, we also spot Toji Fushiguro keeping an eye on all the chaos from afar.

So, like, that was just a quick overview of the ‘Hidden Inventory’ storyline. They give us all the required deets about Lord Tengen needing a Star Plasma Vessel and what the deal is with Riko and those groups after her. It’s all laid out for us anime fans and is super easy to follow.

Let me tell you, which part I enjoyed again, is when Gojo breaks down Geto’s explanation. His nods were on point and totally caught my attention. I gotta say, I absolutely loved the first episode. It was an engaging and entertaining episode that got us pumped for what’s coming up this season.

Let us now focus, on the basketball montage. We heard the total opposite of what Geto believes in the present, isn’t it? Geto believes in helping the non-sorcerous ones, which is tiring for Gojo. Ironical isn’t it?

I would also like to add, I loved Geto’s expression every time Gojo said something out of the ordinary.

The Direction

The direction is done by Shōta Goshozono who has done a superb job let me tell you. The slow introduction to Geto’s secret, the consequential built-up of the haunted mansion situation, and the stunning entrance of Gojo in the season were beautifully executed by the man.

The minute things like Gojo, Geto, Shoko’s friendship, Utahime, and Gojo’s usual complications, Mei Mei and Utahime being trapped for two whole days were presented in the most subtle yet outstanding way possible.

Every detail the audience must know was laid in front of us, to grab the bits one by one for enjoying the debut episode of season 2. I simply enjoyed it.

The Ending

In the last few minutes, where Gojo is introduced to the Curse User Group Q, Geto saves and protects Riko and Toji Fushiguro’s small cameo confirms that the next episode will be a lot more captivating than this one and I am all booked for the same. It seemed that 23 minutes vanished in just a second for me. But what about you?

Things You Might Not Dig About Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 EP 25 ‘Hidden Inventory’

Well, from A-Z of episode 25 ‘Hidden Inventory,’ of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2, I was hooked to the content. What I disliked, is the sudden realization that the episode is finished for now, and you have to wait for the second episode till next week. Yes, just when we watch Toji Fushiguro for the very first time, the episode ends. I was not ready.

TOTT’s Take on Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 EP 25

So, as you can assume, I loved the debut episode of the second season. According to me, it was impressively entertaining and thoroughly intriguing. I loved the characters, the narrative, the direction, the ending, and the OSTs. It was spectacular for me.

Now I would like to know your perspective on the same. I am inviting you to write your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

So, this is all for today. Hope to meet you all very soon in our next publication.

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