Tokyo Revengers Season 2; Which Brotherhood Dynamic, Amazed You The Most? Rated Least To Best


Tokyo Revengers is a masterpiece that depicts the delinquent culture intensely. Well, this is my first anime on delinquent culture, therefore it’s a masterpiece for me at least. I found the anime to be a multilayered feature, which sheds light on male sentiments in the most authentic way possible. Yes, I took a generous amount of time to sit and watch Tokyo Revengers Season 2, and I loved the season much more than its debut.

Now, males are often called heartless. Nonetheless, the male characters of the series have proven the whole stigma of men’s sentiments wrong. Well, it was evident from season 1 itself. The anime showed that men too have profound feelings and emotions, which they fail to show and express. They are conditioned in the most brutal way.

On a similar note, I am here to discuss the brotherhood dynamics of Tokyo Revengers season 2. The bonds were unmistakably more than comradeship. They are brothers, friends in need, and friends indeed.
So here are my thoughts and opinions on-

3 Brotherhood Dynamics Caught My Attention From Tokyo Revengers Season 2, Rated Least To Best

1st Draken and Mitsuya

Mitsuya is one of the smartest members of TOMAN, who is tackling both gang affairs along with his school chores exceptionally. He is also a great brother to Mana and Luna. However, it was not an easy journey for him. Takashi Mitsuya wanted to escape his responsible life.

When he meets Draken, his completely different lifestyle situation, changes Takashi’s perspective. Mitsuya has a family to take care of, while Draken did not have a single member to call family. He grew up in whorehouse where he earns money using his wit.

Ken meets Takashi unprecedently and the warm energy discharged by Ken was enough to motivate Mitsuya to love his family willingly. Draken shares his beef barbecue with Takashi and also invites the guy to his home. Mitsuya enjoys his time with Ken and decides to follow his step.

They both have the same tattoo, but unfortunately, Mitsuya was asked by Draken to not show the same, because he bought the impression on their first meeting from Takashi in exchange for his beef barbecue. It was one of the sweetest stories which was shown to the audience in Tokyo Revengers Season 2 and which I thoroughly appreciate. It was very warm, kind, and friendly.

2nd Mitsuya and Hakkai

Hakkai Shiba belongs from an abusive sibling situation where he perceives the bitter side of life. He learns to use power only to help/protect people from Takashi Mitsuya. He fed him a nice meal and showed how a good brother should treat their siblings. Yes, Mitsuya had his own problem with his family. He was not at all happy dealing with his mother’s responsibility. He wanted to live a carefree life.

But Takashi did not show his displeasure with managing these unwanted responsibilities to Hakkai any time. In fact, he always advised Hakkai to embrace his life to the fullest. Keeping this in mind, Hakkai tried his level best to abide by Taiju’s ideals and orders.

But with days, the tortures grew and he wanted an easy way out. Killing their big brother seemed the only way. However, when the murderous intent was revealed to Mitsuya he did not encourage the action.

Mitusya is basically the canopy who was providing emotional shelter to both Hakkai and Yuzuha. He was a positive influence in their life which made them not stray from the good side human realm. Takashi provided the Shiba siblings with love and care, which Mitsuya had for his sisters. They were basically family.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Source Liden Films
Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Source Liden Films

The dynamics between Mitsuya and Hakkai evolved only because Taiju was not a good brother at all. In fact, Taiju gladly accepts the bet that Yuzuha offers, which was practically insane. Taiju gave Hakkai so much trauma, that Hakkai froze every time Taiju appeared in front of him. It’s an unhealthy relationship that I felt deeply. He felt unsafe in the presence of Taiju, but Mitsuya gave him happiness. No wonder Hakkai kept Takashi’s image as his lock screen.

During the Christmas Showdown, it was Takemichi who made it easy for Hakkai to accept his weakness and land his first punch on Taiju. This behavioral transformation of Hakkai genuinely caught Taiju’s attention about which he was impressed as well.

Overall, Taiju took a harsh parenting style to make his siblings ready for a bitter world outside. However, this distanced him from Yuzuha and Hakkai. And this gap was filled up, with Mitsuya’s presence. The dynamics which Mitsuya and Hakkai shared were more than the captain and vice-captain of TOMAN’s second squad. It was a beautiful brotherhood which was saved by Takemichi.

3rd Mikey and Takemichy

Mikey from Season One itself, felt a deeper connection with Takemichi. He perceived the crybaby side of Takemichi essentially and admired this individuality a lot. Well, Hanagaki’s determination to never give in to failure caught Mikey’s, as well Draken’s attention. They befriended the guy because of his homely personality and wanted to spend some quality time with him. They even included him in their TOMAN sessions when he was not an official member as well.

But Tokyo Revengers Season 2 showed how much Takemichi means to Mikey. He sees Takemichi as his late big brother Shinichiro whom he respected, adored, and admired the most in the world. In fact, Shinichiro was a father figure to Mikey. His sudden demise shocked Mikey while shaking him up emotionally and spiritually.

When Takemichi enters Mikey’s life he found the missing link and was happy with Takemichi’s presence. After the Christmas showdown, the moment Draken points out how much Takemichi resembles Shinichiro, Mikey smiles and borrows Takemichi from Hinata for a solo bike ride.

Takemichi’s curiosity about Mikey’s life gave us a brief window to know about Manjiro Sano’s family. He and Emma loved following Shinichiro around and his presence was pretty natural to them. Mikey even confirms that he feels lost without Shinichiro sometimes, where his mind stops working and he blacks out. He even finds it difficult to decide what is right and wrong.

The audience eventually learns that Shinichiro was a gang leader but a poor fighter which is a notable trait of our Cry baby hero, isn’t it? Further, Shinichiro was an exceptional leader who was inspiring and was followed by the strong hoodlums of Tokyo. When he lead the team, it was a spectacular affair to watch.

Mikey assumes, that the tough dude of Shinichiro’s gang might feel, that as long as Shinichiro has their back, losing is out of the plate. Mikey also gives such vibes, undoubtedly. But Mikey himself feels that he is weak but Takemichi is strong.

Once again, Mikey clarifies the notion that winning is not important, but not giving in to failure is. Takemichi exemplifies this belief with his action every single time. He does not falter while coming face to face with Taiju Shiba.

Mikey asks Takemichi to help him. He believes that one day he might become a heartless fella who will lose his way of the world. He asks Takemichi to call him out and show him the right direction just like his big brother did. Takemichi promises to help Mikey. However we all know, in the future Takemichi retires from TOMAN which kind of triggers Mikey significantly.

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Mikey loves Takemichi so much that he gifts Hanagakikun, the twin Bobber which Shinichiro saved for himself. Draken and Mikey configure the machine and prepare it for its first ride. The excitement in Mikey’s eyes was so innocent. He runs to get Takemichi.

The story behind the twin Bobber is also deep, right? Draken and Mikey build the bike, part by part. In addition, Mikey is also quite ready to teach Takemichi how to ride the same. Mikey narrates the whole story of Bobbers, giving us the knowledge of how important the bike is to him. In fact, Mikey and Takemichi promise to meet at that specific spot once. How would we know, that the very spot would give Takemichi years of trauma?

In 2018, when Takemichi returns to the future, the shocking state of affairs made me speechless. It appears that his purpose behind the entire journey went down the drain. The consequent revelation of Mikey being the killer of Draken, Mitsuya, Chifuyu, and every other TOMAN leader was shocking. He loves, respects, and adores each one of them, killing them is certainly unlikely Mikey.

But we all watch how cold he was when he took the life of every one of them. According to me, Hakkai met the cruelest end to his life. And as for Chifuyu, his last sentence was so deep, that it hit hard our invincible Mikey undeniably.

He saved Takemichi for last, but never intended to hurt this soul. He wanted to die in the hands of Takemichi because he was the ray of hope and positivity in Mikey’s life. I felt horrible walking in Takemichi’s shoes. The entire montage in the Philippines was dark and pure.

Thanks to Naoto, he relieves Mikey from his dark burden and his pain.

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Also, have you wondered how much the bond between Takemichi and Mikey exposes the beautiful sibling relationship Mikey had with his big brother Shinichiro? Yes, we might not know Shinichiro so well, but the small glimpses exhibited in both seasons were enough to summarize the sibling energy Mikey shared with his brother, isn’t it?

The peek into Mikey’s POV was sufficient to let us know, how wise and nice this person was. It almost makes us feel jealous of Mikey since he was lucky enough to have a big brother like Shinichiro.

TOTT’s Take On Other Brotherhoods Shown Here in Tokyo Revengers Season 2

When we are talking about brotherhood from Tokyo Revengers Season 2, skipping on the dynamic shown by Hanma and Kisaki is not happening. It is definitely worth talking about, isn’t it? Additionally Koko and Inupi, we simply can’t ignore these relationships from Tokyo Revengers Season 2.

The bonds might present hardcore negativity in the narrative, but each of them is loyal to the other as of now. Hanma leaves TOMAN while Kisaki is kicked out and joins Tenjuku when Kisaki joins the same without a single question asked.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Source Lidenfilms
Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Source Lidenfilms

Likewise, we watch Koko following Inupi around for a very long time. Further, Koko was the one who introduces Inupi to Taiju, to reinvent the Black Dragon gang once again. They were shattered by the remarkable fall of the Black Dragon, therefore both of them agrees to join TOMAN and support Takemichi. They were impressed by Hanagaki’s never giving up attitude. The duo promises to offer their services to TOMAN under Takemichi when he would require them.

So, these were my thoughts and opinions on brotherhood dynamics shown in Tokyo Revengers Season 2. Now, I would like to know what’s your take on the argument. Every dynamic displayed in Tokyo Revengers season 2 was a diamond. The bonds are pure, simply genuine, and utmost unbreakable. I thoroughly enjoyed the brotherhood disguised in the form of friendship in the entire show. But did you? Feel free to comment down below.

So, this is all for today. Hope to meet you all very soon in our next publication. I invite you all to write and share your thoughts and opinions on the brotherhoods shown here in Tokyo Revengers Season 2 here in the comment section below.

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