Tokyo Revengers Season 2; Which were the highlights of the second season? *For Anime Watchers*


Tokyo Revengers Season 2 was another emotional adventure that I enjoyed wholeheartedly. The narrative was pretty intense and much deeper than its debut installment. Of course, Takemichi is still our Cry baby Hero, but, he has experienced a lot of changes in the meantime as well.

But we are not here to talk about Hanagakikun, we are here to find out which were my, i.e. TOTT’s highlight moments of Tokyo Revengers Season 2.

So without any further ado, let’s begin the countdown with-

13 Highlighted Instances Of Tokyo Revengers Season 2

Ep 1 Takemichi’s realization

Well, according to me, this was one of the horrific moments of Tokyo Revengers Season 2. When we see, our Cry baby hero as a scum on the hidden recording, it was unbelievable. The smirk on his face was genuine and he was not the Takemichi we are acquainted with. He was a lackey to Kisaki and was terrifically corrupted.

Without even knowing, he gives the order to Akkun to execute a special murder. It was definitely unlikely of him because he is a very reasonable person. We even see this big shot of TOMAN lacking empathy towards his friend Akkun.

The hopeless stare on Takemichi’s face, when he realizes he gave orders to murder the love of his life was accurately depicted in the anime.

Ep 2 Black Dragon Enters

We heard about the Black Dragon in season 1, and of course, it was the pronounced reason behind forming TOMAN and TOMAN is also the gang that defeated the 9th generation of the same. However, with Taiju Shiba’s leadership, the gang found its lost glory once more.

Taiju is a very strong and powerful leader who redesigned the gang’s legacy by making it a team of soldiers. They are notorious and act villainously without any explanation or a proper reason. Therefore when they appear in the anime, they seemed quite aggressive and hostile.

Taiju’s heavy built and his sudden hit planted on Takemichi were meaningless. In fact, he later came to realize that he hit TOMAN’s 1st squad leader. But, I was totally shaken when Taiju hits his younger sister in front of his comrade, which was pretty insulting and disrespectful.

Ep 3 Takemichi’s Truth to Chifuyu

We all need comrades to fight our daily professional situations. Of course, Takemichi’s mission was nothing related to a particular profession, however, it was much more than that. But fighting it alone was getting tiring and perpetually exhausting.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Source Lidenfilms
Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Source Lidenfilms

Thank goodness, Chifuyu believed each of the words uttered by our Cry baby hero without complicating anything. Similar to Naoto, he believed everything and went ahead with his support and unconditional help, to save TOMAN and help Takemichi with his 100%.

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Chifuyu was the brother he needed the most in his time travels, and I really enjoyed their bond throughout Tokyo Revengers Season 2.

Ep 4 Hakkai’s plan

When we love our near and dear ones, we tend to go overboard to save and protect them. Yuzuha was passionate about saving her little brother, which tolled her physically and mentally. However, when it came to talking to Taiju, it seemed, Hakkai froze every freaking time. He was so damaged mentally, that his nerves froze when it came to facing Taiju and defending his ideas.

Killing his big brother was certainly the effortless move that Hakkai assumed would save him and his sister. As per the future, Hakkai kills the 10th-generation leader and becomes the 11th-generation leader. However, it’s rumored that the 10th-generation leader was killed for money. So, Hakkai revealed his intentions to Chifuyu and Takemichi, clearing the rumors with the money, then and there.

Honestly, at some level, I feel for the sibling duo, Hakkai and Yuzuha, their life was a living hell that nobody wants to experience. But killing is definitely not the answer.

Ep 5 Hinata falling for Takemichi

Finally, I got my answer here in Tokyo Revengers Season 2. Our crybaby hero was a brave kid. He swings in trying to defend Hinata and protecting her from the bully, only to get beaten up in the end. However, this move makes Hina fall for the human hard and intensely.

The thought of not giving in to failure, even though you know you will lose is our Takemichi’s specialty. It makes him tough and this is what is loved by every other member of TOMAN which is cool.

Ep 6 Kisaki’s betrayal

The willingness to help Takemichi to stop Hakkai from killing Taiju seemed suspicious. However, his words and consequent friendly actions were enough to put me off the suspicious grid and believe him. But when Taiju enters the church and starts with the prayer ‘Our father…’ it was a scary moment for sure.

It means, either Kisaki, Hanma, and Chifuyu are badly injured, they failed terribly. Or else, they are no more. But Kisaki betraying them was completely out of my mind. Thank goodness, it was the case, ultimately.

Ep 7 Mitsuya shows up

Takashi Mitsuya is the big brother Yuzuha and Hakkai wanted so badly. He was there as a blessing in disguise in their life, who taught them that life is good. He fed them, and supported them with good ideas, even though he struggled in his life with his responsibilities.

Just like a savior to their life, Takashi Mitsuya turns up in the Church, not only bringing hope of light to the Shiba siblings but to me as well. His presence was a positive energy that gave Yuzuha some room to breathe and rest.

Ep 8 Hakkai’s secret

Coming to know the reality inside the Shiba household was horrific, well according to me at least. Hakkai was never the protector of his elder sister, instead, she was the protector all along. She took the responsibility to save Hakkai and be there for him always. Yes, it was mentally exhausting, therefore she was easily manipulated by Kisaki’s proposal of killing Taiju and rescuing themselves from his continuous abusive “parenting”.

Hakkai’s failure to protect his sister was a sign of weakness which he was not proud of. Yuzuha too acknowledges the fact, and she also did not want others to know what was happening inside their home. But when the secret was revealed, it was very shocking. And in addition, Takemichi also understood there is a chance that Hakkai never killed Taiju in the first place. It was always Yuzuha who killed and also served the legal consequence.

Ep 9 TOMAN Leaders

When everyone catches the noise of Mikey’s Bobber, the TOMAN members experience a sign of relief. Just then Mikey enters with a nice smile on his face it was so like him, isn’t it? Overconfident Taiju hits our invincible Mikey hard, just to see if the title fits the boy or not. As a loyal audience, I was shocked just like the spectators, when Mikey falls on his feet.

But the single blow delivered by Mikey to knock down Taiju was remarkable. Mikey gained the title invincible for some reason right? Consequently, Draken fighting all the 100 Black Dragon members singlehandedly was another remarkable instance in favor of TOMAN. This marks the terrible fall of Black Dragon in the show and Taiju’s retirement.

Ep 10 Twin Dragon

The sweet tale of Twin Dragon was impressive and a pleasure to watch. Draken and Mitsuya became friends over beef barbecue and dragon mural. They spend some sweet time together and Draken shows him how Takashi is lucky to actually call someone family and criticize their food. It was an insightful conversation.

Ken’s strong and friendly demeanor attracted Mitsuya so much that he chose to become a hoodlum and be like him. He also tattooed the dragon, from his mural which was however bought by Draken in exchange for the beef barbecue. But since Mitsuya respects Draken a lot, as per his order he grows back his hair and has never faltered to follow him since then.

I was introduced to another dynamic of TOMAN friendship in season 2 that’s all, which I generously appreciated.

Ep 11 Mikey’s Decision

Mikey and his TOMAN leaders agree to include Koko and Inupi in their gang. But they are willing to work under Takemichi Hanagaki only. Well, it’s the beginning of Black Dragon and TOMAN working together. But what makes me the happiest in this regard was when Mikey kicked out Tetta Kisaki. It was fabulous. Kisaki was finally served.

Ep 12 Mikey

Mikey is the highlight of Ep 12 who stole the episode by turning completely opposite to what he believed and how he was. He killed each of his TOMAN brothers brutally because they appeared as obstacles. We all know, that Mikey does have an issue and he can be excessively friendly while changing to being deadly cold in just seconds. But it was over the top.

He kills the humans whom he loved, respected, and adored so much. Takemichi’s retirement from TOMAN caused him to lose his mind entirely. He was the big brother, and Mikey wanted to stay in his life. But what makes the episode much more painful is when Mikey dies in the arms of Takemichi. Along with him, TOMAN takes his last breath.

The montage was very intense, thoroughly profound, which simply touched my heart and left me speechless for some minutes. Being in Takemichi’s footsteps is genuinely not easy.

Ep 13 Tenjuku Enters

Kisaki’s revenge strategy and Tenjuku’s entrance in the climax of Tokyo Revengers Season 2 was something unexpected. The gang certainly appears dangerous and I am eagerly waiting to see what holds in Takemichi’s and TOMAN’s future in the next season. Also, I would like to know the answers to Kisaki’s cryptic exclamations. That is a must actually.

TOTT Concludes On the Highlight of Tokyo Revengers Season 2

So, while concluding, I can see, I loved each of the 13 episodes of Tokyo Revengers Season 2 comprehensively, and if you have made it, till here, then you are simply here to know what’s my take on the highlights. Well, these are my highlights of the episode, now I would like to know which were your highlights of Tokyo Revengers Season 2.

And I loved the season and I might rewatch Tokyo Revengers Season 2 if I get time in the next 6 months for sure.

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