Sweet Instances Of Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Which Was A Cherry On The Top


Tokyo Revengers Season 2 was another journey that I took gladly a few days back. The series, I felt was much deeper and more intense than its previous installment. To add more depth to the proposition, there were some sweet moments of the season that were choreographed brilliantly.

I personally liked the agreeable sequences because the montages gave me the time to relax and get ready for what was about to happen in the narrative every time. I really hope, that you too agree with me on the concern, which I believe made you drop by here to find out do we sync or not right?

Without any further ado, let’s begin with-

9 Sweet Moments Of Tokyo Revengers Season 2, Ranked Least to Best

Starting our list with-

9th Yuzuha displaying her lock screen

The series introduces Yuzuha, who is a passionate elder sister who would travel miles to save her younger brother. The sibling duo Hakkai and Yuzuha even loves hanging out together. Their life at home and under their big brother Taiju Shiba was not happy at all. Therefore they tried level to be there for each, well, at least Yuzuha succeed in doing so.

But this is something we learn much later in the narrative. Therefore when we watch Yuzuha having Hakkai’s image on her lock screen, she appears as an obsessive sister, and we kind of understand what Takemichi felt at that moment. However, as Tokyo Revengers Season 2 grows intense, we come to understand Yuzuha’s perspective as well.

On that note, we simply can’t ignore, Hakkai having Mitsuyas’ image as his lock screen.

8th Draken, Mikey, and Emma helping out the love birds

The moment Emma finds out about the breakup situation, she takes responsibility for patching up the mess between Takemichi and Hinata then and there. She appears in front of Hinata as a blessing in disguise. Without any further delay, she calls up, her Love of life Draken to learn about Takemichi’s current position.

Unfortunately, Draken and Mikey both were very much unaware of the secret fight that was taking place in the Church at that time. However, Mikey’s instinct takes them to the precise location. After handling the whole Black Dragon conquest, Mikey takes Takemichi to Hinata and they resolve. What makes me cherish the moment is we see, Emma being all teary and happy for Hinata and Takemichi.

Alongside we can see Mikey giving a big smile. Yes, Draken was calculating the depth of the situation and understanding how much Takemichi resembles Shiinichiro which was a profound observation for sure.

7th The NEW YEAR celebration

Hinata gives Takemichi a pleasant opportunity to resolve what he did on New Year’s Eve, which is breaking up with Hinata. He took Hina to the Shrine and everyone was magically present over there to celebrate a new beginning. It was a pleasure to the eyes.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Source Liden Films
Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Source Liden Films

For the first time, we watch the Mitsuya siblings and Shiba siblings hanging out together, it was very nice. Then we watch all the significant faces from TOMAN turning up one by one all at the same time in the Shrine. Takemichi wanted to spend the New Year with Hinata alone but his whole date situation was jumbled up with the presence of every important member of TOMAN.

They enjoy their time pulling Takemichi’s leg making the montage quite a funny one. I felt pretty positive and happy actually.

6th Mitsuya being a big brother to Yuzuha and Hakkai

Taiju might be the biological big brother of Hakkai and Yuzuha, however, the emotional well-being was taken care of by Takashi Mitsuya. He was always there supporting the siblings along with his own ones. He fed them nice foods, and he taught them a nice perspective on life. He ensured their safety and protection per his knowledge and capacity. No wonder Hakkai kept Taka’s photo as his lock screen.

5th Black Dragon falls

Taiju is an insane individual who lacks sympathy and empathy. The 9th generation of Black Dragon was defeated by none other than TOMAN. But because of, Taiju’s leadership, the gang rose once again. He reinvented the gang and transformed the legacy into a team of soldiers instead. Therefore at a comprehensive level, the Black Dragon appeared dangerous, corrupted, and unbeatable.

But Mikey’s renowned kick defeated Taiju with just a blow. Additionally, Draken was self-sufficient to outthrow all the 100 members of Black Dragon. The scene was brilliant. I totally get what Takemichi, Chifuyu, Mitsuya, and others felt watching all the 100 notorious gang members falling in the face of defeat.

4th The Twin Dragon

The sweet tale of Twin Dragon was delivered to the audience in Tokyo Revengers Season 2. Mitusya and Draken knew each other for a very long time and they are the twin dragons of TOMAN. Mitsuya’s painting of the Dragon fascinated Draken so much that he claimed the illustration by paying for the same with his barbecue beef. Mitsuya on the other hand was charmed by Draken’s demeanor which made him become a delinquent following Ken’s footsteps.

Now the story behind Twin Tattoo is definitely sweet. Mitsuya and Draken have a similar Dragon Tattoo crafted in their head, however, the sides are different. But since Draken paid for the illustration with his barbeque beef, back when he met Mitsuya for the first time, he asks Mitsuya to grow back his hair to hide the tattoo entirely.

Of course, there is more to the story which I really enjoyed.

3rd Every time Chifuyu shows up for Takemichi

Now Chifuyu was not a significant character until Valhalla made its notorious appearance in the debut season. But this time, Chifuyu was a friend, comrade, and brother to our Cry Baby Hero who even appears dominantly in the opening of the Tokyo Revengers Season 2 ‘White Noise’.

He knew everything about Hanagaki’s secret agenda, and Takemichi’s power to travel through time. Therefore Chifuyu gave his 100% to make Takemichi a victor in every initiative he took which I simply found amazing. It was the brotherhood that Takemichi desperately needed in his life. It was unconditionally a sweet relationship that needs a shout-out.

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2nd Hinata falling for Takemichi

I absolutely wanted to find out what made Hinata fall for Hanagaki Takemichi so hard and deeply. After a very subtle glimpse over the fact that Hinata likes Takemichi shown in season 1, that area was kept under a shadow and was very much unclear. But Tokyo Revengers Season 2 answers my question in a pronounced way.

Hinata has not changed a bit. She is a kind pretty soul who is empathetic and simply cannot stand bullying. However, standing up for the weaker might be risky sometimes too. This righteous girl being pushed by her nature, without thinking defends the kitten.

However, things do not go as predicted by this young lady, the bully turns rough toward Hina instead. But Takemichi comes to the rescue, wearing a red cape. His hair was not dyed yellow then. He rushes off to save Hina from the bullies but gets beaten up himself.

The act of valor impresses Hina so much that she falls instantly for our Cry baby hero. She approaches Takemichi with her unconditional feelings much later in middle school.

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1st Mikey teaching Takemichi bike

Mikey finally finds the missing pieces of the twin Bobber and builds a similarly configured motorcycle together with Draken to gift the same to Takemichi. It was saved for Shinichiro, and he decides to gift it to Takemichi because if the beast sits ideally, the worth of the bike will experience depreciation. Besides, Mikey loves Takemichi because Hanagaki resembles Shinichiro a lot.

Therefore without wasting any time further, he prepares the bike and willingly teaches the boy how to ride the same as well. Draken and Mikey say it looks odd that their leader of the 1st division does not own a bike, therefore it’s a requirement. Besides, it’s their way of making up for the loss which they caused Takemichi in season 1 in his home itself.

TOTT’s Take On Sweet Moments From Tokyo Revengers Season 2

Even though I rated the sweet moments of Tokyo Revengers Season 2, by beginning our countdown from least to best, each of the instances is precious to me. If I rewatch Tokyo Revengers Season 2 once again after some years, I know I will smile, giggle, and will feel enthralled, exactly the same amount, that I experienced watching the show for the very first time.

I loved every bit of Tokyo Revengers Season 2 genuinely. Well, this is my take on the sweet moments from Tokyo Revenger S2, now, it’s time to learn your thoughts on the moments captured here and discussed. Do you feel the same, or do we vary? Whatever the case might be, you are invited to share your thoughts and opinions on Tokyo Revengers Season 2 in the comment section below.

But, this is all for today. Hope to meet you all very soon in our next publication.

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