The Strong Ladies of TOMAN, Definitely Need a Shout Out, Right?


Every shonen female exhibits distinctive qualities which make them both elegant as well as significantly strong. Likewise, the ladies from Tokyo Revengers are no exception; these personalities are without a question strong ladies of TOMAN. Now how?

These female individuals belong to TOMAN relatively and bear the same determination, faith, dependability, and mental strength as the TOMAN brothers.

On a pronounced note, I am talking about Hinata Tachibana, Emma Sano, and Yuzuha Shiba in this regard. Except for Hina here, both Emma and Yuzuha are siblings to the Tokyo Manji Gang. While Hina is the special lady in our Cry Baby Hero’s life who gives him peace and the mental strength to fight all his physical battles, to save TOMAN without even knowing.

Well, each of them has proven their worth quite a number of times in the show. Let us take some and honor these strong ladies of TOMAN individually. Getting started with-

3 Strong Ladies of TOMAN Whom We Should Appreciate More

Hinata Tachibana

She is the soul of the series since she is the reason Takemichi genuinely got a chance to revive what he lost in his life and make a different future for everyone he knows along with his own. The moment he heard the news of Tachibana’s demise, he was shattered and felt emotionally confused. His incapability to overcome his daily challenges made him escape the life that he had back in the past, which resulted in, breaking up with Hina and leaving behind his friends as well. But the news shockingly changed his whole perspective on life.

Hinata was Takemichi’s only girlfriend and he was serious about her. So, when he gets the chance to return to his past and make his life better this time, he sincerely takes the opportunity. Every time he looks at Hinata, the motive to save and protect her becomes stronger.

The first time when he meets Hinata after returning to his past, Hinata’s face, and the cheerful energy in her tiny body makes Takemichi emotional. Her strong-willed demeanor was exceptional, she wanted to protect her Hanagakikun. The thought of failing to protect Hinata torments our Cry Baby Hero.

She is quite courageous and doesn’t think twice before slapping the leader of TOMAN, the invincible Mikey, even though she felt terrified about her action. She continues defending her step because she was concerned about Takemichi’s daily injuries.

Which is however appreciated by both Mikey and Draken. But I would say, if it was Taiju by any chance, Hinata would have been beaten to death by now, isn’t it? Yes her action was a little reckless but her love is pure.

We also watch the girl standing up for the elderly and common people when required. She elegantly justifies her behavior every time. Also, Hinata Tachibana is a very dependable girlfriend who loves spending time with her boyfriend.

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She even takes responsibility for teaching Hanagaki, for the tests to secure him some good marks. We can say she was the one who instills the idea of dreaming big in our Cry Baby Hero. Without a doubt the girl makes Hanagakikun the happiest, her presence is enough to make him stay in his past and not return to the future because Hinata is not in his future.

The girl is very accepting and very patient as well. We find Hina, always willing to accompany Takemichi and assure him that he is not alone. She wants to understand Takemichi completely and enjoy every small and big thing with him. The girl is ready to devote her time to Takemichi without any regret.

In addition, Hina is a possessive woman as well; when she hears about Emma and Takemichi’s unprecedented situation, she is furious. What makes the sequence funny is when Draken refers to Hina as Takemichi’s wife.

She is a superb girlfriend who is always concerned about Takemichi; she even enjoys spending time with Takemichi and his gang. Just before the infight in TOMAN, it was Hinata who saves Takemichi. Without her, it would have been a total disaster and Draken would have met his untimely demise for sure. So we can see that she is not only an angel for Takemichi, but for TOMAN as well, isn’t she?

Hinata adores how Takemichi is, Hanagakikun is extremely special to her and she loves him for being a crybaby hero. She believes him with all his flaws. Have you noticed, Hina’s body reacts and moves automatically to protect Takemichi whenever Takemichi is in danger? It’s pure love.

She is also a great friend to Emma Sano. Hinata never fails to cheer for Emma and Draken whenever she gets an opportunity.

This teenager enjoyed wearing the neckpiece which Takemichi gifted to her, from which we can assume that she was devoted to this human and kept this gift close to her heart as a memento of their relationship.

Hinata Tachibana one of the strong ladies of TOMAN Source Liden Films
Hinata Tachibana one of the strong ladies of TOMAN Source Liden Films

In fact, to make their relationship special, she finds the exact replica of that very neckpiece to gift to Takemichi, which also Takemichi wore all the time. This strong lady is always ready to put effort into making her relationship with Takemichi unbreakable and utterly special which I appreciated a lot.

In season 2 we come to know how Hinata fell in love with Takemichi, which was a genuine question from my end. We watch Takemichi coming to the rescue of the situation wearing a red cape like Superman. It was undoubtedly brave of him. This hopeful attitude of our Cry Baby hero caught Kisaki’s attention too.

We also learn that Hina was the one who approached Takemichi for making him her boyfriend.

What I completely adored about her, is that she stands up against her father defending Takemichi and his nature when they break up, because she wanted to be with him forever. The girl was in love with Takemichi long before her existence was known to him. The choice to stay with a guy like Takemichi was entirely hers.

Therefore it was obvious for her to not take Takemichi’s rejection. She prays to God for resolving whatever was coming in between her and Takemichi, which was of course heard then and there.

So, after the conclusion of season 2, we can see that Hinata Tachibana is a queen who is cute, very adamant, curious, adorable, and always sees the brighter side of the picture. She is a reliable character who is always ready to help people around her. She is courageous, and brave and always stands up for people who are weaker or old. She sees through people and finds our Cry baby hero totally cool and amazing.

She is definitely a strong lady of TOMAN for me, but what about you? Do let me know in the comment section below.

Emma Sano

Emma Sano, the half-sibling of TOMAN leader Manjiro Sano aka Mikey appears for the first time on screen, on EP 5 Releap. Well, honestly the first appearance was shockingly misleading. She was seducing our Cry baby hero just to get the smallest attention from Draken.

She is obsessed with Mikey’s Kenchin who is another non-quitter and hopelessly romantic in the series. We find Draken introducing the character to Takemichi and Hinata. He even instructs the girl to protect Hinata. To acquire Draken’s heed she reveals that Takemichi has seen her in her underwear, which unfortunately does not work the way she wanted it to work. Instead, Takemichi gets beaten up by Hinata.

Well, it’s obviously disheartening to find that the love of your life is obsessed with fighting and spending time with your brother, isn’t it? Her attempt with Takemichi clarifies that she can go over limits to understand what Draken genuinely feels about her.

Since Emma is the sister to Mikey, she feels disappointed over the dispute supporting Pah-chin’s behavior between Mikey and Draken. Without a doubt, our Cry baby hero is a dependable soul of the show. Also, he resembles the spirit of Shinichiro. Therefore, similar to Mikey, it might also be the case for Emma that she is drawn to this boy for mental support. Just like any other devoted lover, she was more concerned for Draken than Mikey in this situation.

Emma Sano one of the strong ladies of TOMAN Source Liden Films
Emma Sano one of the strong ladies of TOMAN Source Liden Films

Even though Hina found Takemichi and Emma in certain wrong yet misguiding situations s lot of times, Emma and Hina build a beautiful friendship in their next interactions over the days. They help each other with their love life and cheer for each other every time.

The girls even decide to go on a double date on 3rd August (the eventful day for TOMAN) with their favorite people, it was kind of nice. She finds solace when Draken and Mikey patch up things once again.

When Draken gets stabbed due to the infight within TOMAN, we watch Emma thoroughly concerned about what might happen to Draken. Well, we all knew how much of a fighter Takemichi is, but still, Emma along with Draken and Hinata believed in him on the subject of saving Ken Ryuguchi.

Honestly, it was an intense plot point that definitely terrified me, but Takemichi did save the day at last, saving Draken, making Emma, Mikey, and the rest of the TOMAN happy at the end of the 3rd of August.

In season 1 EP 23, the audience finally learns the real identity of Emma which is being the half-sibling of Mikey. Well, in all of her previous screen time, we watch an obsessed lover girl who is ready to travel a lot of distance to receive the love she desires from Draken. But in this episode, we also watch the-little-sister side of this girl, where she is extremely happy to spend some alone time with her brother Mikey, on her birthday as well. It was a wholesome vibe.

In season 2 EP 10, we finally get to see Emma who happens to be the angle Hinata wanted on Christmas day. Thank goodness, Emma meets Hinata and resolves the entire break-up situation between the love birds with just a call. She listens to Hinata and understands the situation’s depth. So, she takes care of the relationship by involving Mikey and Draken. However, this one call also solves a lot of problems, isn’t it? She is always happy for Hinata.

In conclusion, I find Emma to be a nice girl, a hard-core lover, an honest friend, and an adorable little sister. Even though Mikey and Emma do not share their beautiful sibling bond on screen that much, whatever is shown, we see there is deep love, dependability, and cordiality between this brother and sister duo. With just one call, Mikey goes to look for Takemichi which was rejected by Draken though.

She is the princess of TOMAN who is utterly cute, a non-quitter, has a brave persona, and is a positive individual, that TOMAN should appreciate.

Yuzuha Shiba

Yuzuha Shiba is the middle sibling in the Shiba household. She is associated with two notable gangs in the series. When she is first introduced to the audience, she seems to be the love interest of Hakkai Shiba. However, their relationship is clarified in the very next episode and we certainly understand that both Hakkai and Yuzuha love spending time together. They work like a team more precisely with every people other than Taiju. She is an obsessed elder sister as well.

Yuzuha Shiba one of the strong ladies of TOMAN Source Liden Films
Yuzuha Shiba one of the strong ladies of TOMAN Source Liden Films

When their elder brother, Taiju Shiba enters the show, the dynamics which is revealed between Hakkai and Yuzuha appear more solid. She is the Superwomen of Hakkai’s life who is protecting this young kid ever since and she never wanted the people to learn about what was happening inside the Shiba residency.

Yuzuha is a Boss lady who was not afraid to go against her brother Taiju, in order to eliminate the constant pain she was experiencing. I genuinely felt sorry as well as disappointed after knowing Hakkai lied all this time to be brave and self-sufficient, taking all the credit for protecting his sister.

The abuse began in a dominant way after Mrs. Shiba passed away and it went on for quite some time. Yuzuha was all alone, and she was struggling with all the mental and physical abuse from her family all by herself. But she didn’t quit or gave up on life. Instead, she kept on manifesting a life where the abuse will end for good.

Our Hinata and Emma might be a representation of mental strength, cheerfulness, and positive vibes supporting their family in a more normal perspective. But this lady was fighting her own battle while protecting her life and her baby brother’s life all by herself. She was the peace Hakkai had but there was no one to depend for Yuzuha. Yes, there was Mitsuya’s brotherly love and affection, however, his presence was limited outside Shiba’s residency, right?

Well, for me it was disheartening to watch so little of her in season 2 even though she has a dominant individuality; since according to me she was the epitome of bravery and power shown in the series among all the other strong ladies of TOMAN for sure.

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So, this was all from my end in regard to the strong ladies of TOMAN. What do you think about these arguments? They are strong and brave because they know what their precious humans are up to yet they don’t stop them from going on with their actions because they believe in their goals for the future. They handle TOMAN situations in their own unique, elegant, cheerful, dependable, and positive way which definitely requires a shootout.

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