Mikey And Baji From Tokyo Revengers Showed A Deep-Rooted Fellowship That Needs A Shout-Out


Mikey and Baji from the anime Tokyo Revergers S1 are some examples of amity that we, TOTT find too much underrated. Throughout the Shonen universe, we came across numerous duos that share, loyalty, comradeship, sibling energy, and of course cordiality that inspires us and teaches us the significance of friendship. This is pronounced between Mikey and Baki in season 1.

Baji/ Picture Source- Liden Films

Definitely, Draken and Mikey share a remarkable bond that is prominent in the entire season 1. But as we move with the anime, the not-so-spoken friendship between Mikey and Baji emerges slowly and punches something intense in the hearts of the anime watchers.

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They were neighbors and knew each other much before any of the founders of TOMAN. However, the name Keisuke Baji gains attention pretty late in the series. We get glimpses of this silent hero quite a few times before the actual climax i.e. Bloody Haloween, but he remains under shade and blends in with the other squad leaders.

When Baji leaves Tokyo Manji, we finally come to realize that he is definitely someone important to Mikey, right? The despair-stricken eyes talk a lot even though Mikey remains silent and shocked.

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Season 1 catches some of the important moments between Mikey and Baji that prove and interpret the depth of their confidence.

So, here we are settling with Mikey and Baji’s friendship goals that need a definite shout-out. Let us get going with-

4 Benevolent Moments That Prove Mikey And Baji Are Best Friends Again And Again

Baji Proposed The Initiation Of TOMAN

Baji- Picture Source- Liden Films

6 delinquent middle schoolers on their quest to avenge their friend Kazutora agree to build their own gang proposed by Baji. He even planned the positions beforehand that was gladly accepted by each of the 6 boys. Mikey was the president, where Draken is the vice president, Mitsuya was positioned to command the Escort unit, Pah was the flag bearer, and Kazutora and Baji was assigned to the Attack unit.

He suggested that TOMAN should be the gang where each of the members gets each other’s back, putting their lives on the line to save the other. They together entrusted their lives to Mikey to make an era.

Baji Was More Precious Than Street Hawk

On their way to Yokohama, Mikey’s moped Street Hawk, experienced an unprecedented halt because it ran out of gas. To refuel the ride, Baji goes to fetch gas from the nearest station. However, he gets an uninvited pause when the thugs of Yokohama intervene and beats up the kid just for fun.

His love for Mikey comes out automatically when the goons go for thrashing Street Hawk. Baji in all his capability protects the ride with his back. Thank goodness, Mikey drops by. The depth of their fellowship emerges when Mikey blatantly kicks Street Hawk since it was the reason that brought Baji into such an unpleasant situation.

In fact, we also find Mikey confessing clearly that Baji is very important to him showing his true affection in favor of this comrade and friend.

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He Listens To Baji And Spares Kazutora

Well, a couple of times we come across the moments that showed us how Mikey was close to his big brother. Unfortunately, Shinichiro Sano, Mikey’s big brother gets killed by one of his close friends Kazutora in the presence of Baji. Now, Baji was close to Kazutora in the gang, therefore, could not just leave him with a bloody murder weapon.

The entire scenario breaks Mikey. But he forgives Baji since his hands were genuinely tied in regard to the whole unfateful event with Shinichiro. Also, Kazutora in the hope to surprise Mikey executes a miserable blunder that shatters Mikey’s life entirely.

This might also be the point where Mikey loses a string from Baji and gets closer to Draken. However, he fails to forgive Kazutora completely and holds a grudge till Bloody Halloween.

Since Baji is important to Mikey, he listens to his plead and tries to reason out the actual reason behind Kazutora’s misdeed. He ultimately agrees to not kill the miscreant who took his big brother away from him.

Baji Loves TOMAN And Loves Its Commander Too

Although Mikey is the brand and face of TOMAN, Baji is the hero behind the idea of establishing TOMAN into action. He stuck to his promise of going on the line to protect each other, which made him go on a solo mission to infiltrate Valhalla, just to learn about the hideous plan of Tetta Kisaki.

He was right all along. But Baji’s woeful fate was something that gave Takemichi the opportunity to climb up the ladder. Baji wanted TOMAN and Mikey to be safe, thus he compromises his life, saving Kazutora and Mikey from future conflict and a supposed guilt trip.

He entrusts the future of TOMAN and Mikey to Takemichi, ultimately breathing his last on Chifuyu’s lap.

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TOTT’s Take On Mikey And Baji’s Friendship

The unshakable friendship between Mikey and Baji was something less shown in the series. Yes, in some instances, I felt a profound connection between these two which was obviously stronger than Mikey and Draken’s bond.

We watched Draken carrying sleeping Mikey on his back. Similarly, Baji too carried the sleepy head on his back, walking up the stairs to the shrine which was, of course, tough for a 12-year-old kid.

Mikey and Baji & TOMAN / Picture Source- Liden Films
Mikey and Baji & TOMAN / Picture Source- Liden Films

TOMAN and its founder were precious to this lad, which made him go undercover, fight and die in the end. Each of the founders, Mikey, Draken, Pah, Mitsuya, and Kazutora were very important to him, and that made him go to the extent of committing suicide just to save the situation from going down any more.

His hunch on Kisaki was so strong that he took up measures, like beating up his loyal comrade and vice president Chifuyu too. We were even amazed to find stabbed Baji beating 50 members under Kisaki just to eliminate the evil influence over TOMAN.

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So, Mikey and Baji is certainly underrated and feels much deeper than Mikey and Draken. Well, we can definitely coin the bond between Draken and Mikey to be more like brothers than friends. However, Mikey and Baji were unquestionably best friends supporting, valuing, loving, and ultimately caring about each other.

So, this is all for today, hope we have covered everything significant about Mikey and Baji’s friendship goals. But if by any chance we missed out on any point do let us know in the comment section below.

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