Chifuyu And Takemichi From Tokyo Revengers, Was The Duo, The Soul Of Season 2?


Chifuyu and Takemichi from Tokyo Revengers S2 were the charms of the series. The season opened with family issues, and sibling problems in the Shiba household. However, as the episodes went by, these two men stole every bit of the show. How right? Well for me it was their determination, loyalty, love, unending courage, and dedication to save TOMAN.

The best part of Tokyo Revengers S2 was, Takemichi was not fighting the fight to save Hina, Akkun, Draken, and TOMAN alone, this time. There was Chifuyu as well, who knew the whole story behind the struggle our Cry Baby Hero had the previous time.

On that note, Chifuyu and Takemichi from Tokyo Revengers S2 had some moments which I simply enjoyed. If you are into this brotherhood duo, then please keep on reading and find out do we sync in the ranking situation or not. Without any further ado, let’s begin with-

5 Times Chifuyu and Takemichi from Tokyo Revengers S2 Were A Delightful Duo; Ranked From Least To Best

5th Chifuyu’s Plan To Get Mickey’s Attention

Well, the air during the meeting in Episode 3 ‘Stand Alone’ was grim. The TOMAN leaders finally came to realize that Hakkai was the younger brother to Taiju, the leader of the Black Dragon. Now Taiju beat up Takemichi without knowing his identity. His casual walk on Taiju’s turf provoked Taiju to beat the captain of the 1st division.

The action was not civilized, also, the situation appeared doubtful as to why Hakkai took Takemichi into the area knowing how insane his brother is. The TOMAN leaders were ready to remove Hakkai from the gang which was kind of obvious, isn’t it? However, the plan Chifuyu plots to gain Mickey’s attention and resolve the entire dismissal of Hakkai from happening cleared off the heavy air to some extent.

Both Chifuyu’s Plan A and Plan B were blindly followed by Takemichi. Well, thank goodness, the situation was authoritatively handled by Mitsuya, just when it was going down. I liked the funny sequence a lot.

Chifuyu And Takemichi From Tokyo Revengers Source Liden Films
Chifuyu And Takemichi From Tokyo Revengers Source Liden Films

4th The Christmas Showdown

Chifuyu and Takemichi were all alone facing the fact about Hakkai planning to murder his big brother Taiju because he is all tired of his beatings for simple mistakes and poor parenting, resulting in bloody family affairs every time. It was an everyday situation for the Shiba siblings. So, to help Takemichi in changing the future, Chifuyu follows him around. He is devoted to resolving the problem so much that he even gets ready to consider Kisaki’s help in preventing Hakkai from stabbing Taiju.

Chifuyu was loyal to the 1st division captain of TOMAN which made him hand over Baji’s sash to Takemichi honoring Baji’s memory and the position. Chifuyu’s loyalty to the friendship which he shares with Takemichi was remarkable and Takemichi’s determination to resolve the conflict was mind-blowing and quite inspirational as well.

3rd Takemichi & Chifuyu Are Best Friends

It was in Episode 11, Takemichi finally came to a peaceful situation where he managed to take care of the Shiba household with his brain and brawl effectively. Well, it was finally time to say Good Bye to the past and return to the future and see what was the condition back there.

He was emotional over the fact of returning, so, he declares out loud that Chifuyu is his best friend, without him, he wouldn’t have succeeded this much at all. Chifuyu also says that he is waiting for him in the future. Well, this is just a brief, the montage holds significant value which made my eyes teary as well. Yes, boys can cry too and it was a wholesome moment for me.

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2nd Chifuyu And Takemich Reunites

Our Cry Baby hero after returning from the hostile future was shattered. He was disappointed over the notion that his inefficiency to fight will make him leave TOMAN in the future which will bring out Mikey’s darker side eventually destroying Tokyo Manji completely. Him punching the tire to make him physically strong was not silly at all, even though it seemed very much impractical in the rain. But considering what he experienced in his future was definitely heart-shattering.

However, what makes his return to the past pleasant, was Chifuyu’s sudden visit to his place. Chifuyu was happy to meet Future Takemichi’s untimely visit, he was very happy indeed. Even though Takemichi revealed all the gory situations that happened, Chifuyu was not bothered that much, he was enjoying his time with Takemichi to the fullest.

1st Takemichi Revealing His Secret To Chifuyu

Taiju’s beating was harsh on Takemichi. However, his friends and Chifuyu are always there to support him and cheer for him. On this note, Chifuyu was the only dependable person who shared his trustworthy ears and shoulder for Takemichi to lean and cry. Our Cry Baby reveals his secret and whatever happened in the previous season with Chifuyu.

Honestly, I was entirely sure that Chifuyu would laugh it off and they will move on with their life. However, when Chifuyu believed every word uttered by Takemichi, I was shocked. Our Cry baby hero gained a generous friend and a comrade that very day, which he needed the most in this time travel adventure.


It was a very subtle sequence yet marked a place in my heart. It was when Mikey is about to shoot Chifuyu, the word spoken by Chifuyu was startling.

‘Do you remember Hanagaki Takemichi? One day he will come to you when he finds you he’ll be like he was back then as if he’d traveled through time. Look closely into his eyes. His eyes never lie. Please… Trust him’

Chifuyu’s last words to Mikey

TOTT’s Take On Chifuyu And Takemichi From Tokyo Revengers

So, these were my Chifuyu and Takemichi instances from Tokyo Revengers season 2 that I enjoyed wholeheartedly. Its time to know yours? Did you appreciate the bond that these two shared in S2? Of course, there was a hint of this thriving friendship in the previous season which made it much more direct, profound, and pronounced this time. Do let us know in the comment section what’s your thought on Chifuyu and Takemichi from Tokyo Revengers S2.

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