Which Superb Moments From SPY X FAMILY EP 13 Was A Dollop Of Entertainment For You?


Hello, my lovely TOTTers, this is Shreyasi. And, by the title, you already know about today’s topic of discussion i.e, the entertaining moments from SPY X FAMILY EP 13. Now, these are the amusing instances that genuinely made my SPY X FAMILY time great.

But what about you? Don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below. Now let us, together find out do we sync or not.

Moments From SPY X FAMILY EP 13 Source-Wit Studio X CloverWorks
Moments From SPY X FAMILY EP 13 Source-Wit Studio X CloverWorks

5 Moments From SPY X FAMILY EP 13 That Made The Episode Entertaining For Me(Ranked From Best To Least)

1st The First Meet

Breathless Anya encounters their future family member in the most smooth yet unexpected manner. Captivated Bond passing through and slowly moving his glance towards the cutie while sharing his prediction was certainly wise. It gave the kid a chance to wonder and rescue Bond.

Yes, she is a curious girl, however, this trait of hers never fails to confirm how brave, smart and intelligent this kid is. Sure the situation was life-threatening; nevertheless, she is one of the main leads so nothing will ever happen to her, rest assured.

2nd Bond And Anya

The indiscreet encounter in the warehouse sure made Bond come to the rescue for Anya. Definitely, her curiosity was a challenge to the situation, but after everything, she is one of the main characters so…

What amused me the most was, Bond, running fast carrying Anya on his top. This unprecedented situation made Anya realize that Bond is like her, holding supernatural powers. And his pace simply excited the kid which even made her outgrow her ambition of winning another Stella that kind of seemed cool and astonishing. She conceptualized becoming Starlight Anya again, which was however suddenly hampered by unfocused and confused Bond.

Nevertheless, Yor saves the day.

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3rd Anya’s Response To The Dogs

Typical Loid never thinks of taking chance with his fake family. Therefore with the help of his association, sets up the entire ‘getting a dog’ situation under control. However, the well-trained military breeds from no angle sustain the expectation of Anya, and Yor as well. The dissatisfied disgusted look on the kid’s face spoke for herself, it was a satisfying and relatable situation, for no one wants a dog showing off its muscles.

4th Anxious Yor

If you can perceive the situation from Yor’s shoes, it genuinely was a worrisome POV that no one must endure. But Tatsuya Endo knows how to transform a stressful mood into a funny one. Hence we have anxious Yor entertaining us with her expression and imagination. Her assumption of possibilities was impractical and hilarious. Sometimes her set of mind makes me wonder how she can be a remarkable assassin.

5th Bond Saving The Lad

The debutant i.e Bond does not falter to impress the audience at all. His predictive skill stupendously saves the day, right? It was a very dependable gesture that won my heart.

Moments From SPY X FAMILY EP 13 Source-Wit Studio X CloverWorks
Moments From SPY X FAMILY EP 13 Source-Wit Studio X CloverWorks

What’s Your Call

So, these are my list of moments from SPY X FAMILY Ep 13. What’s your list of moments on the episode? Episode 13 was actually a very sincere and serious episode that led Loid to commit to his professional needs thoroughly. He remained unspecified about the whereabouts of his daughter and wife, who went through a lot this very day. However, the list chalked down here, held the light-hearted portion of the anime.

Now, don’t forget to share your list of moments from the episode, down in the comment section below.

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