Suzume (2022) Review; Was the hype over this Makoto Shinkai movie worth it?


Suzume is the third feature after Your Name (2016) and Weathering with You (2019) in association with Radwimps and Tanaka. Unfortunately, this is my first Makoto Shinkai movie, so, any reference to the first two, I must have missed them, so, bear with me.

I will watch the two ASAP and get back to you, I promise.

But for now, let us see, how much did I like or dislike the content Suzume. Also, we have to see do we match in this concern or not, right? So without any further ado, let’s begin with-

Things You Might Like About Suzume 2022

The Narrative

The story is about unstable nature, which is of course quite a frequent situation for the land of the Rising Sun. However every time, the loss is massive and it triggers an emotional imbalance in the human realm. Suzume Iwota is a high schooler who lost her mother when she was just 4 years old in the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, so she was taken in by her aunt and they are happy living a simple life.

One day on her way to school, Suzume meets a handsome young man who enquires about nearby ruins and particularly a door. Feeling a connection, Suzume takes her chance and visits the ruins and stumbles in front of the door. Her curious mind pushes her to open the door and in her course of action, she also releases the guardian Keystone of the door.

She quickly leaves and goes to school from there. However, only after some seconds, the natural disaster alert runs all across the rooms alarming the people all around about an earthquake. But it was different for Suzume. She watches red smoke emerging from the spot where she opened the door. Shen instantly understands it might be her fault, therefore she rushes back to the spot and finds out the same handsome man, is struggling hard to close the door, she opened.

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After resolving the situation, and getting injured in the process, the door finally closes for good. Suzume takes the young man to her home to treat his injury, and there enters Daijin a supernatural cat, another significant character in the film. The mischievous cat curses Souta, the handsome young man, where the physical entity of the human vanishes but his soul gets imbibed into the three-legged chair.

The narrative takes a quick start from this juncture. We find Souta as in the three-legged chair along with Suzume chasing Daijin all around to stop it from opening the gates.

Well, this is a superficial view of the narrative. If you pay deeper attention to the story, you will find numerous layers that wrap the narrative beautifully. As the movie advances the layers slowly unfold and reveal, multitudes of human affairs such as taking relationships for granted, or not being grateful for the life we have. Further, if we love someone truly we will automatically gain the power to reach the entity; the universe will open all doors to help us achieve our goal.

I found the story nice, interesting, quite engaging, and certainly profound. Well, there was an instance, I found myself teary. So, yes the movie is multilayered which you should watch.

The Characters

Suzume 2022 Source Toho, CoMix Wave Films Story Inc
Suzume 2022 Source Toho, CoMix Wave Films Story Inc

Suzume Iwato is the protagonist of the movie who is not at all scared of death. She will do whatever it takes to help solve the mayhem which she actually initiated. She believes in herself and is utterly focused on the task she needs to finish for saving humanity. Her not giving up even though she lost Souta on her journey was inspiring.

The slight connection that she felt when she first watched Souta was something significant to her. That made her follow the man around, and take care of the entity without expecting any emotion in return. Sure her angle appeared reckless, but she is a brave soul who traveled across the areas to stop the gates from opening. She took responsibility sincerely and managed every bit of the problem, thrown at her keeping an optimistic mind.

Throughout her journey, she meets a number of characters who are strong, quite interesting, and definitely reliable. The people somewhat mirrored the nature of her intention. Suzume is a very dependable girl, her youthful enthusiastic energy attracted people similar to her nature, therefore, she met a lot of reliable personalities to help her reach her ultimate milestones.

Now, Souta was someone, who instantly grabbed the innocent attention of our heroin. He was definitely handsome, but there was much more behind the beautiful face. He radiated unstoppable courage, independence, and terrific responsibility toward his job as a Closer. Even though he lost his mobility as a human he was not ready to lose any given chance to prevent the supposed mayhem from happening. He tried to respond using his full potential every single time. The personality is definitely heroic and thoroughly dependable.

Also, I loved Daijin. The cat was extremely cute, the way it moved around was simply adorable. Yes, the Neko’s intentions were not gold, but the way it wanted to impress Suzume and be her companion was emotional. The cat was grateful over the fact that Suzume released it and fed it. Therefore Souta was the third person in their relationship. Suzume was very rude to the cat when Souta turned to the Keystone. What seemed upsetting, was the way Daijin reacted, I felt horrible for the little creature at least.

The Direction

The director of Suzume is none other than its creator, that is Makoto Shinkai. The direction is interesting, people will be hooked to the content. Please pardon my simplicity since I am unaware of the directorial avenue of the first two projects and their execution, henceforth, I am talking from a first-hand perspective.

I loved how the movie was directed. The slow yet fast continuation of the plot was nice, and the sudden twist in the end and everything was simply amazing. I loved the movie, and how the supernatural element was portrayed. It was extremely touchy to the soul. Even though it appeared very simple at a comprehensive scale, the narrative holds a deeper concern.

The Music

The music of Suzume was simply breathtaking. The BGM was very applicable to the representation every time. Leaving the title track aside all the other music that is included in the film was beautiful. But can’t deny the fact, that Radwimps’s Suzume was something that made me actually hit the theater to watch the content in the first place.

The Ending

The ending of Suzume was very satisfying. Yes, there are some questions that I need to find some answers. But still, I enjoyed the ending and now I am all set to watch the first two movies that are Your Name and Weathering With You.

Things You Might Not Have Liked About Suzume 2022

Well, there is nothing to talk about in against the movie. The movie is passionate content depicting how natural disasters are fatal to human civilization and how a girl who suffered loss from a similar situation would do anything to protect the people she loves now. The narrative is very deep and certainly worth watching.

TOTT’s Take On Suzume 2022

I liked the movie so I enjoyed the movie. Therefore I am more than happy to rate the film

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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