Ponyo(2008)-How The Strong Ladies From The Movie Steals The Show?


Ponyo, similar to all the other Studio Ghibli production once again puts emphasis on women’s empowerment. From the kid to the divine being, every female character that is there in the film ensures to teach the audience that womanhood is powerful and can go to whatever extent they plan to explore.

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Let us see how-


Ponyo from Ponyo(2008)/ Source- Studio Ghibli
Ponyo from Ponyo(2008)/ Source- Studio Ghibli

The kid happens to be the eldest daughter of Fujimoto who is a wizard and Gran Mamare. Tired of staying underwater, she plans to visit the realm that was unknown to the kid. On her very minute up from the ocean, she watches a little boy playing with his toy boat. That fascinates the girl. Also, Sosuke saving the visitor from a trapped situation might have added a bonus point to the sudden and strange desire to not leave the human world.

Ponyo, in due course of the meet, licks Sosuke’s blood and also happens to gulp down the ham. So that makes her look forward to staying in the human realm even more strongly. She gains a human voice and develops a strong desire to turn human so that she could continue her stay in the land. She was focused on her intention, that she went rebel, and rejected every request and order from her father.
Although a kid, she remained determined and did everything that was under her hand to reach the milestone that she wanted to achieve. Which she did.


Lisa from Ponyo(2008)/ Source- Studio Ghibli
Lisa from Ponyo(2008)/ Source- Studio Ghibli

Lisa was a young woman who stayed with her son and husband. She worked as a caretaker for the elderly ladies and took care of her son and the home with grace. She is a very strong human being who never budged a bit to talk honestly or the truth.

She might judge people by their looks but does not teach the same to her son. Also, she is a terrific driver who is neither scared of those deadly turns nor the deadly waves. Additionally, we find the furious wife, calming herself down when her son asks her to remain home for what if Ponyo returns. She understands what Sosuke was going through, so she changes her mind, reads the atmosphere quickly, and hugs her son tight to warm him up.

She showed us what good parenting is. She never rejected what Sosuke repeated himself, telling Ponyo is a fish. She in fact embraced Ponyo when the rebel tumbled upon him, hugging Sosuke. She prepared the kid a yummy dinner and cared for her much like her own daughter. We also find another side of Lisa when she stressed about, the well-being of the old ladies from the center. Well, she was confident about the well-being of her husband though, but she just could not stay relaxed, not thinking about the old ladies from the center.

She is a caring, admiring, loving, motivational, and confident lady whom we enjoyed thoroughly in the movie.

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Gran Mamare

Gran Mamare from Ponyo(2008)/ Source- Studio Ghibli
Gran Mamare from Ponyo(2008)/ Source- Studio Ghibli

Well, she shares very little time on screen but still gave us an impression of how strong this divine character is. She is adored by her family; her husband loves her and her daughter just misses her a lot. Unlike Fujimoto, she trusts her daughter’s decision to leave the water world and settle permanently for the human realm.

Also, the affection Sosuke shows towards her daughter was never criticized or looked down, upon by her. She in fact engages in a sincere conversation with Lisa in regards to the whole migration process. Fujimoto was skeptical about the love Sosuke showed for Ponyo since he is just an innocent kid. But Gran Mamare was certain that it was not flimsy.

Her presence in the movie gave us a strong vibe, and we genuinely appreciated her existence in the plot.

The Old Ladies

The Old ladies from Ponyo(2008)/ Source- Studio Ghibli
The Old ladies from Ponyo(2008)/ Source- Studio Ghibli

They were the congenial part of the movie whose presence truly added warmth and coziness to the plot. The affection they displayed towards Sosuke was genuine. They appreciated the kid and loved him. Also, Toki the old granny who gave us a negative vibe as the movie takes its pace, differs significantly when it comes to saving Sosuke by the end of the movie, isn’t it? She was brave and did not think for a second when she grabbed both Sosuke and Ponyo in her arms.

So, these were our thoughts on how the female souls from the movie Ponyo, steal the show. Now, what do you think? Do you agree with us? If we by any chance missed out on any point do let us know in the comment section below.

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