Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Review, Was The Christmas Showdown Arc Worth Talking About? *SPOILERS* Coming Ahead


Tokyo Revengers Season 2 was released on January 8th, 2023. This season is completely based on the Christmas Showdown Arc that takes place after the Valhalla Arc, where Tetta Kisaki joins TOMAN, and Takemichi is made the captain of the 1st division, as Baji’s successor.

I was intrigued by the first episode of Tokyo Revengers Season 2, henceforth I finished the entire series in one day to review the same for you. As I was watching the content, something kept bothering me, which is, why no one talked about the show. I am loyal to Tokyo Revengers, however, unfortunately, it took me time to come to this point.

So, without any further ado, let us begin the review of Tokyo Revengers Season 2-

Things You Might Like About Tokyo Revengers Season 2

The Characters

As I mentioned in my review of Tokyo Revengers Season 2 EP 1, we are introduced to Hakkai Shiba; the narrative then takes off from this introducee. Well, can’t forget Yuzuha in the plot too. In episode 2 the audience stumbles across Black Dragon, the much-talked-about bike gang in Season 1. Actually, the dominant reason behind forming TOMAN in the first place.

The leader of BD is Taiju Shiba who enters the season and also happens to be the oldest brother to Hakkai Shiba and Yuzuha Shiba. As a leader, he has a marvelous team of soldiers who are loyal to this insanely strong persona. Taiju is physically strong and loves beating innocents who unknowingly enter BD’s turf.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Source Crunchyroll & Liden Films
Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Source Crunchyroll & Liden Films

He finds it necessary to beat his siblings as well, to teach them ways of life. Both Hakkai and Yuzuha hate their eldest sibling and wish in secret to end their torturous life as soon as possible. Taiju was a scary character in this season, who shakes up the other important characters confidently.

His lackeys Koko and Inupi are also physically strong and reliable characters who are deeply rooted in BD and are loyal to Taiju. However, when Taiju loses himself to Mickey, Koko, and Inupi begin co-leading BD and join TOMAN as Takemichi’s subordinate.

So, in this series, we also meet Mr. Tachibana. Well, his order to Takemichi for breaking up with her daughter was understandable. However, at the same time, we see how Mrs. Tachibana supports the two, isn’t it? Nevertheless, I appreciate how, Hina protested and stood strong with her point against her father, letting him understand the value of love, she holds for Takemichi.

We watched another dynamic of brotherhood in Tokyo Revengers Season 2, it was Mitsuya’s and Hakkai’s relationship that needs admiration. They bonded over family principles and one can connect with them effortlessly. As for Yuzuha, she found the elder brother in Mitsuya and cherished his presence. When they visited the shrine on New Year, the Shiba siblings and Mitsuya siblings appeared as a whole family which was kind of wholesome.

Manjiro Sano’s notorious title, ‘Invisible Mickey’ was kept intact in this season too. His renowned kick defeated Taiju and this gigantic stature with just one blow was stunning. I simply didn’t see that coming and it was awesome.

Now, Christmas showdown ARC showed us the deep dark soul within Mickey. I just love Mickey, therefore when he turned into a murderous maniac it kind of upset me. His eyes were the same, however, his soul lost the warmth he has for the people he loves. This character development we did not expect from the leader of TOMAN. His rage devoured the entire gang mercilessly.

It was unfortunate to watch very less of Draken though. However, when Koko finds out that their entire BD was manhandled by Draken alone was a spectacular moment for all the TOMAN associates. He is the 2nd in command after Mickey for some significant reason, nah?

Takemichi has evolved a lot as well which is likely for every Shonen protagonist. His brain is going through a lot, and his constant struggle to save Hina along with all the important humans in this life is a brutal challenge that life keeps throwing at him. But just like all the time, this man is not a quitter, his persistence towards never giving up is what has made people around him like him so very much.

Even Taiju admits the same. We also, see, how Mickey changes when Takemichi leaves TOMAN for good. His cordial personality unwillingly attracts people around him. They befriend the Cry Baby hero and want him in their life for eternity. The moment Takemichi admits his confidence to Chifuyu was a delight to watch. I bet many of you went teary too. They became best of friends.

Overall all the characters of the season were multilayered, they are profound, deep, and quite intriguing to a point. You will understand the villains and the heroes and relate accordingly.

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The Story

The Christmas ARC talks mostly about the Shiba siblings and their internal family struggles. The sequences which unfold with the progression of Tokyo Revengers Season 2 add serious layers to the show. As the season advances we get more involved to find out what happens next.

Yes, Takemichi gets beaten up a lot in this season, but this invites a positive consequence. Such as Mickey banishing Kisaki from TOMAN. I clapped. Now, the Christmas showdown ARC showed us the deep dark soul within Mickey. He is a very sensitive character who I personally assume, feels lonely.

His shocking decision to eliminate all the prominent members of TOMAN, whom he loves dearly is solid evidence in support of my argument. Even he quits on himself. However, we also realize his profound love for Takemichi in this very instance. Since Takemichi always reminded him about Shinichiro, murdering him was not easy for Manjiro Sano.

In this season we also learn how Hina fell in love with Takemichi and the story was undeniably touchy. Further, we finally come to know, Hina knows Kisaki for a very long time which was surprising yet not surprising, don’t you think?

I enjoyed the season more than the previous one. The narrative is well-built proving every second is important. The story showed the importance of friendship, love, family issues, truce, betrayal, and a lot more. Watching the anime will effortlessly entertain you.

The Music

The music was the same as the previous season, so I enjoyed the bits when the BGM played.

The Direction

The direction by Koichi Hatsumi of Tokyo Revengers Season 2 was engrossing, highly engaging, impressively informative, and essentially relatable. Yes, even though you are not associated with a delinquent, or a delinquent yourself the minute situations which are depicted in the anime were expressively relatable.

The Ending

The ending gave us a chance to wait for the next season to appear anytime soon. The invasion of the Tenjiku arc and Kisaki joining the same throws light on the eventful season 3. I am happy about Takemichi and I am in full support of his decision to protect TOMAN and the members, to change the not-so-happy timeline. Special thanks to Chifuyu who understood our Cry baby completely.

Things You Might Not Like About Tokyo Revengers Season 2

See, I liked Tokyo Revengers Season 2, therefore, I don’t have a single instance, about which I would like to complain. But since this review is subjective, I am all ears to hear your thoughts and opinions on Tokyo Revengers Season 2.

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TOTT’s Take On Tokyo Revengers Season 2

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 was full of actions, emotions, a lot of drama, and more character development which I loved genuinely. We learn a lot from anime, and Tokyo Revengers is one of those educative shows, which speaks louder than its literal presentation.

I am more than delighted to rate Tokyo Revengers Season 2

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Now, it’s time to hear from you. Do share your call on Tokyo Revengers Season 2 here in the comment section below.

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