Never Have I Ever S4 Review; Did the last season amaze you?*SPOILERS*


Never Have I Ever S4 is an American rom-com coming-of-age drama that centers around Devi Vishwakumar. The first season takes off when she was just 15. We watch the teenager mature with time. The Netflix series is broadly based on Mindly Kaling’s childhood when she used to live in Boston, she basically presented her energy, into the show.

The show is produced by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher. Each of the seasons comes with 10 episode that runs for 23 minutes on average. We watch the show from Devi’s perspective and the narration is done by John McEnroe.

Never Have I Ever S4 is the final season of the show, and here we return to the most important question. Did I enjoy the show? To answer you, here we go with-

Things You Might Like About Never Have I Ever S4

The Narrative

The narrative of the Never Have I Ever S4 begins where the last season ends, which is Devi spending the night with Ben. The Season 4 jumps start with a bunch of confusion in the teenage girl’s mind. Well, it was kind of obvious given the fact it was all new to her. Her friends were there to help her out though. However, Ben lacks friends, his only friend is Devid aka Devi.

The loyal audience of Never Have I Ever undoubtedly knows that this show is far beyond being only referred to as a teenage drama. Likewise, the season was packed with several humane affairs like friendship, choosing the correct partners, academics, family issues, professional decisions, etc. The narrative was deep which was developing smoothly showing us a multitude of different observations toward life.

So, this year is the final year for Devi and her friends, Fabiola and Elenor in high school, therefore there was a lot happening that was integral for Devi. The narrative was understandable, impressively relatable, and thoroughly entertaining. Special kudos to the dance performance of the cousin duo, I did not expect to hear Saame from Pushpa in the show.

Also, I kind of appreciated how the Vishwakumar ladies along with Kamala were presented in the series. They grew out of their limitations and embraced life with warm hearts. And as for Elenor and Fab, they chose their career path and were confident with their decision. We watch Paxton getting another chance to continue college which was delightful. Additionally, how sincerely he helps Eric Perkins with swimming was kind. Ben being accepted to Columbia and Devi in Princeton was nice, finally, they got what they deserved. Lastly, I was very happy watching Pati and Nalini meet their companion in their second life journey.

Overall I enjoyed Never Have I Ever S4 and I really hope you do too.

Never Have I Ever S4 Review Source Netflix
Never Have I Ever S4 Review Source Netflix

The Characters

Devi is a very profound character and nothing is easy for this human. She feels a lot and experiences life on a comprehensive scale. However, she is not a quitter, she is the winner. She tackles every challenge thrown at her with confidence, which made her come a very long way. She boasts about being ‘Crazy Devi’ now. Also, she did not freak out about her mother dating, which was missing in the previous seasons. She accepts but never quits, which is definitely motivating and inspiring, isn’t it?

As for the other important characters, they also matured with time. For instance, I appreciated Fabiola choosing her career over friendship but she managed Devi and her tantrums nicely, resolving their issues at the end. The same goes for Elenor; she giving up the role to her mother was nice of her. I liked Paxton a lot in Never Have I Ever S4. His manyfold character grew stronger, even more, this year. As for Ben, he was torn between emotions. However, he finally chooses the life which his heart desires.

The characters were not stagnant, they were constantly evolving from their life experiences which were kind of insightful. We understood, we are in charge and we can make or break our existential identity.

The Ending

The last episode was very nice. The characters got to pick the path in life which they sincerely desired. Again, the TV show exhibited that Universe is listening, hence we all get what we crave the most.

Ben and Devi as a couple and their college years are something, I hoped to watch. Also, are they still great friends, I am talking about Fab Elenor and Devi. These are some answers I plan to get answers.

Nevertheless, I am pleased with the ending of Never Have I Ever S4.

Things You Might Not Like About Never Have I Ever S4

Now, I really did not understand the inclusion of Ethan Morales. This character did not add any value to the show. He was depicted as the distraction of Devi, however, it turns out that this boy is a bad person. Further after the episode “…wrecked my future”, the character seamlessly vanishes from the show. After some time, one might not remember the presence of Ethan Morales. What do you think?

TOTT’s Take on Never Have I Ever S4

I simply enjoyed every bit of Never Have I Ever S4, excluding Ethan Morales, no offense to the actor. As I mentioned earlier, the series was filled with several humane affairs like friendship, choosing the correct partners, academics, family issues, professional decisions, etc. which is a reality of a typical life, right? And honestly, this is a life that people significantly feel safe choosing.

So, I am delighted to rate Never Have I Ever S4

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Tell me now, what’s your thought on Never Have I Ever S4, did you like the series, or not? Whatever your opinion is about this Netflix Original feel free to comment down below.

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