Yuri and Dae from XO Kitty, How many times did you ship this platonic duo, while watching the show?


Yuri and Dae from XO Kitty are the not talked about pair who grew closer as the series progressed. The trailer surely misleads us, and I happen to dislike Yuri a lot initially. However, I genuinely loved the platonic duo and their chemistry. The doublet evolves beautifully, which I enjoyed, and sometimes even shipped them.

Tell me in the comment section below, did you feel the same as me?

Since I loved Yuri and Dae from XO Kitty a lot, here I have some of the best Yuri and Dae moments from the show which justifies my shipping.

Without any further delay, let us get going with-

5 Best Moments of Yuri and Dae from XO Kitty That I Enjoyed Thoroughly, Ranked From Good to Best

5th Yuri Breaking Up With Dae

Yuri took her sweet time using Dae as her boyfriend to not ruin her family’s image(Korea being conservative) in any way. But when it was necessary to come out proudly and confidently, she did not flinch to release Dae from the contract. The moment she learned about her mother’s betrayal concerning Juliana’s sudden transfer, she chose herself and did, what she wanted to do many moons before. It was very nice of her.

4th Yuri Sitting Beside Dae During The School Trip

Yuri takes the initiative of interchanging her seat with another student, to sit beside Dae. She wanted to know how are things going on between Dae and Kitty. After learning the sad part of Kitty not trusting Dae, she is more than happy to help the couple out and make things nice and cozy between the pair. She considers Dae to be her friend which I was happy to hear.

3rd Dae Giving Yuri Piggyback Ride

It was kind of cute while being very sincere toward the pact they made. Yuri was sad about the idea of losing Juliana. However, the moment Dae finds out Papz shooting the principal’s daughter, his kind soul tries to cheer the lady up. His offering Yuri the piggyback ride was certainly generous.

Yuri and Dae from XO Kitty Source Netflix
Yuri and Dae from XO Kitty Source Netflix
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2nd Chusoek

Very typical of Korean dramas where the rich pretends to be a happy family for the show, likewise Yuri has such a family. To make her Chusoek nice, she attends Dae’s place with gifts for the family. Unfortunately, Yuri did not know about Dae’s mother being dead, which did not change his mood though. She was happy, in addition, she made Dae and his family happy. Given the fact that Dae’s father is Yuri’s family driver, her humble attitude toward the family is worth discussing.

Lastly, Yuri on her way out takes the delivery sent by Kitty for Dae. The situation might throw some negative light on the lady, however, she did not want to share Dae, so it was emotionally profound actually. She was scared to lose Dae and his friendship with Kitty, which she admits in the later part of the show. I am looking forward to seeing more of Yuri and Dae in the upcoming season for sure.

1st Yuri And Dae Dancing

More precisely, Yuri forces Dae to enjoy the party, which makes Dae show off his dancing skill. This genuinely makes the montage a delight to watch. Both of them were happy, in fact, the moment even makes Dae confess his affection and fondness towards Yuri.

TOTT’s Take On Yuri And Dae From XO Kitty

Honestly, I loved watching this pair of friends hanging around, having deep conversations, and depending on each other without any expectation. They were happy together helping each other in their life. I would look forward to seeing more of Yuri and Dae from XO Kitty in the next season.

So, do my ranking matches yours? What are your thoughts on my 5 best moments of Yuri and Dae from XO Kitty? Make sure to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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