Min Ho And Kitty from XO Kitty, Which moment of this duo did you love the most?


Min Ho And Kitty from XO Kitty gained noticeable recognition with their remarkable on-screen presence. I loved Dae, he has a diamond heart. He is the perfect man who everyone deserves as a partner. But I also liked Min Ho and Kitty together. I felt Min Ho’s elite complex perfectly balanced Kitty’s humble nature. They stole the spotlight of my attention when being together on screen.

Well, I have sorted some of the adorable as well as quirky moments of Min Ho And Kitty from XO Kitty. See if my list matches your moment’s list or not. So let us get going with-

10 Times When Min Ho And Kitty from XO KittyStole The Show; Ranked From Good To Best

10th The Webcam Finding EP 3 ‘TGIF’

He might act very rude and ‘Team anti-Kitty’ all the time, however, his sweet-heart speaks louder than his words. He shows his finding to Dae and then to the rest of the group. What makes this Min Ho & Kitty situation appealing is, he does not understand the appeal of sharing Kitty’s sleep time on the internet. His sassy remark was appealing enough for the moment. You are getting me, right?

9th The Nightmare EP 7 ‘TIL’

Q, quickly realizes that Min Ho had a sex dream about Kitty, and Min Ho’s struggle to hide his emotions by adding a ‘nightmare’ reference to the situation was cute and adorable. Also, to hide feelings about Yuri, Min Ho’s testimony was quite important for Kitty. They were bonding over the point of having sex dreams about the person they disliked for some significant period of time.

8th Min Ho And Kitty In Their Chemistry Lab EP 2 ‘KISS’

Kitty coming and sitting beside Min Ho was predictable and we speculated the exact reaction of Min Ho in this instance. His gasp was unsurprising. However, the brief situation was undeniably sweet and certainly entertaining.

7th Dae’s Ex Pen Pal EP 1 ‘WTF’

He just met Kitty at the opening party, formally as Dae’s best friend and roommate, and instantly disliked the girl the moment she entered their life. He was shocked to find out Kitty, in their dorm room, just like Dae and Q. His witty line was hilarious. He also adds, Kitty hitting on him while they traveled to Korea on their flight. He was not stopping entertaining us for a second here.

6th The Lie EP 9 ‘SNAFU’

We all thought Min Ho was superficial until when we find out, that he feels cheated by Dae and his lie about dating Yuri all summer. He was not happy about the fact at all. We all know why Dae was hiding the reality, but Min Ho being a sensitive soul was surprising to me. To validate his perspective, he even asks, Kitty concerning Dae’s lie, where she confirms that she has forgiven Dae. That of course annoyed Min Ho, and we all can understand why?

Min Ho And Kitty from XO Kitty Source Netflix
Min Ho And Kitty from XO Kitty Source Netflix

5th Poopy Baby EP 5 ‘TBH’

Well, all credit goes to Kitty for making the mashed potatoes not suitable for lactose-intolerant people. Our adorable Min Ho suffers the most in the most important hour of the day when he was about to meet the girl he is seeing. He calls, Kitty to help him, and he shows his significantly vulnerable side of him to the girl he hated a few hours before. It gave a brief insight into what can we expect from this young man in the next few episodes.

4th Chusoek EP 5 ‘TBH’

From this moment we see a shift in the air in Min Ho and Kitty’s relationship. Min-Ho agrees to help the foreigner make her first Chusoek memorable. From shopping to cooking and then presenting the meal to the international students together, renamed the festival Chingusoek. It was nice watching the enemies turn into friends.

3rd Min-Ho Liking Kitty EP 6 ‘BYOB’

Well, the first instance is when he dreams about Kitty. And the second time is when he feels attracted to Kitty even before realizing the female figure is Kitty. And lastly, feeling something is not good, when he watches Dae and Kitty whispering during Yuri’s set. Well, we all have been in his footstep at some point in life, so we felt this man. This womanizer was falling hard for the girl he hated all this time.

2nd Min Ho & Kitty In The Flight EP 10 ‘OTP’

When the camera was focused on Kitty being surprised at finding out about Simon, whoever the person is, I was sure that the person sitting next to her will be our Prince Min Ho. His sharp lovable gaze at our protagonist was speaking louder than his mouth. And his direct confession as soon as he finds out that Kitty is single was quite a smart move.

1st Min Ho Saving Kitty EP 9 ‘SNAFU’

The moment Kitty’s dress caught fire, I was sure to see Min Ho running and saving Kitty, perks of being a K drama fan after all. We have seen a lot of montages where the second lead does such a princely act winning the heart of the audience effortlessly. Dae understand the sincerity of the situation and his reaction was quite valid as well.

TOTT’s Take on Min Ho And Kitty from XO Kitty

Honestly, I am team Dae, and I believe that he is a true gentleman and a perfect human who we all want in our lives. He is handsome, he is superb in academics, he is a good son, a great brother, and a friend indeed. But watching Min Ho and Kitty from XO Kitty will always hold a special place in my heart. Even though I don’t ship them, but still they are great.

So, what are you thought about Min Ho And Kitty from XO Kitty, and does my ranking match your choice of moments? Don’t forget to share your call on the ranking in the comment section below. Also, do like and subscribe to TOTT to grow our Weeb community.

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